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Friday 24th June, 2022


Dear Parents, 

As we approach the end of term, the events are coming thick and fast. It was lovely to chat to some parents at last week’s coffee morning in the Aldridge Theatre, and it was great to hear from parents whose children are all clearly thriving. This week saw us holding a successful Early Years Sports Day, and we look forward to the Junior School Sports Day on Monday and the Senior School Sports Day on Tuesday of next week. This week also saw the final Dance Concert of the year, this time coordinated and run by two Sixth Formers Luisa and Isabelle. We had students from Year 4 to Year 12 and it was wonderful to see the talent on display. 

Tonight sees our Year 13 Leavers’ Ball, a fitting conclusion for our amazing Year 13s who this week completed their A-Level exams. They have been wonderful ambassadors for the school and we will miss them all as they now leave as Old Frenshamians. Next Monday we hold our Year 11 Prom, another great event and a fitting celebration for a year group who have worked so hard over the last months in preparation for their GCSE exams, which finished this week. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Best wishes 



Dear Parents,

With time flying and so much to do I wanted to take this opportunity to talk through some of the key headlines of the weeks ahead so that you have them on your radar.


JS Sports Day 2022

JS Sports Day is this Monday and you should have received an email from Phil, our Director of Sport, about the day. It starts from 2pm on the Sports Field and you are all invited to come and watch. Your child will have been made aware of what house they are in and also the colour they need to wear. Please do ask them and encourage them to go wild! Sporty clothing of the house colour and face paints are all encouraged!  


Classes and Teachers for 2022-23

On Tuesday of next week I will be sharing with the children (in person at school) and yourselves (by email) who their class teacher will be next year and also the teaching landscape of the Junior School in general.  This is an exciting moment in time and signifies the beginning of the transition towards a new year and a new learning chapter for your child. We have found that in sharing the information with you and your child on the same day this then allows you both time to digest across the evening while also giving a few days space before the Move-Up afternoon on Thursday.


Junior School Move-Up Afternoon – Years R-5

On Thursday 30th June we will be having our Move-Up Afternoon for Years R-5. Your child will spend the afternoon with their new teacher in their new classroom and hopefully with any new faces who may be joining in September. Their time with the teacher will act as a ‘getting to know you’ session with some fun, games, creativity and team-bonding. At 3.30pm the children will be brought by their new teacher to Main House where there will be Afternoon Tea in the Ballroom (and on the lawn if the sun is out) and a chance for you to say hello and also meet any new parents.


Founders' Day 2022 – Saturday 2nd July

This is a standout event of the year at Frensham and is a time when the whole school comes together (after a long time of not being able to, due to the pandemic) to celebrate and really share in that ‘Spirit of Togetherness’ that has sat at the heart of this term.


The expectation and encouragement of the event is that all children and families come and join in and celebrate the creativity, the music, the performance, the dance, the community spirit and the landscape that is Frensham. A detailed programme of the day (including Rick’s end of year speech, a festival vibe outside stage and performances in the theatre to name a few) will be sent out soon. The Junior School children will be involved in a parade and supporting charity stalls across the day and we will need them to be here from 11.30am to 2.30pm as an encouraged minimum. We will be sending a specific Founders' Day communication out to you next week with additional details.


I hope that gives you a good initial insight into what is coming next week and beyond yet please do get in touch with your child’s teacher or myself if you need any further information.

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Nick O-T




If your child is going to be absent due to illness, please contact Reception on 01252 792561 or


This year, the school charity stalls will all be cashless. Instead they will be taking tickets which can be bought in bundles of 10 (£5/bundle)

Here are some examples of charity stall charges to give you an idea of how many you may need to buy:

  • Ice creams - 4-5 tickets

  • Candy floss - 4 tickets

  • Inflatables - 4 tickets

  • Climbing tree - 3 tickets

Tickets will be available for purchase on the day at the Information Stall, but to avoid queuing, you can also purchase them in advance from now until Fri 1st July at 10am. Use the link below to purchase - it is set up for packs of 10, just update the quantity to purchase more than one pack.

Click here to purchase


All pre-purchased tickets will be available for collection at reception from Wed 29th June - Friday 1st July until 5.15pm at Reception. They can also be collected from the Information Tent on Founders' Day.

Externally run stalls will be taking a mixture of cash and card at their discretion. Friends of Frensham Pimms & Sweets stall will be CASH ONLY.


The Friends of Frensham Pimms Tent is back at Founders Day!

We will have a range of drinks on offer at the CASH ONLY FOF Bar on Saturday 2nd July and look forward to seeing you there. As ever it can only work with you wonderful volunteers. If you can spare a bit of time to help out on the day at the bar we would be very grateful. 

Please sign up here: 

Thanks for your continued support,

Friends of Frensham


Here are the Minutes from the recent Parent Voice open meeting with Rick and the SMT. 

Items on the agenda included Communication, Behaviour, Gender in Sport and hot topic: "Would parents value a “DAYBOOK” function? (A tool that could be used to support communication, embed school values and improve behaviour.)" 

Please click here for the minutes.

We hope you enjoy reading them! 

Parent Voice


In November, we’re looking to host a careers fair which will help our students gather information and explore future career opportunities.

At the fair, companies will set up stalls so students can informally approach lots of different employers and talk to them personally. This is a great way for students to experience a wide range of businesses in their local community and for businesses to begin to build their talent pipeline.

We want to encourage our Year 10, Year 11, and Sixth Formers to come along and ask questions (with their parents, too), as well as extending our work in the local community by inviting other schools nearby to attend.


But we need companies who would be willing to set up a stand and spend a day talking to our students.


This all-day event is scheduled for Thursday, 24th November 2022, and we’d be delighted to hear from you, your company, your clients, and a friends’ company. Email Lyall to start the conversation.


Congratulations to these students who have recently completely LAMDA exams:

  • Grade 5 Acting Devising - Distinction: Jasmine K and Alice H

  • Grade 4 Group Acting - Devised - Distinction: Sonny B, Arlo H, Bradford QM and Toby H

  • Grade 3 Acting Devised - Distinction: Callie J and Barnaby D

  • Grade 2 Acting Devised - Distinction: Jasper VH


Surrey County Council offer a wide range of online courses and workshops which can help you with:

  • parenting

  • wellbeing and managing anxiety

  • understanding your child's behaviour

  • getting to grips with maths and phonics

  • healthy eating

  • enjoying learning with your child through activities

  • understanding education in England

  • English as an additional language (EAL).

To enrol for upcoming courses, click this link.

Our Ukrainian Bursary Appeal is still open for anyone who wishes to donate to it. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of some members of our community. This  is allowing us to really provide the extra support that these children may need. If you are interested in helping us please follow this link:

A current parent who has already generously donated made this comment: “Our contribution feels like a drop in the ocean but together with other Frensham families, we hope to make a difference for future students who don't have the choices our children are given. To gift an education and encourage a future of possibilities and opportunities is the least we can do.”


FOF are collecting for a second-hand PE kit sale, please leave any donations in the box in the entrance to Main House Reception.


Parent Voice are seeking two new reps to join their volunteer team to cover Boarding and current Year 10 (so will be in Year 11 from Sept) starting in the Autumn Term.

Becoming a rep is a positive way to get involved at Frensham. 

Parent Voice is made up of volunteers whose role is to provide a point of contact for feedback, to represent wider parent views fairly and without bias, provide help on general issues and develop opportunities to collaborate with parents and staff to support the joint interests of the school community. Click here for more info.

For more information and to put yourself forward, please contact: 

Chair: Vicki Nixon   

Vice Chair: Emma Tweed  

or Secretary: Isobel Hanmer  


SCL holiday camp is running at Frensham again over the summer holidays. There is also a 10% early bird discount included with this flyer.


Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link.



Monday 27 June 2pm - Junior School

Tuesday 28 June 2pm - Middle & Senior School 

Both Sports Days are on the Sports Field and spectators are welcome.

DSCF9571 copy.jpg


2nd July 

Founders Day is back on site! Please save the date. More info will be sent out before the big day, but here's a general day plan:

10am - OF Netball Tournament & Creative Arts Exhibition opens

11:15am - Rick's Review of the Year & Guest Speaker in the Aldridge Theatre

12:15pm - Music starts on Main Stage

3pm - Performing Arts Programme starts in the Aldridge Theatre

4:15pm - Afternoon Tea

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 11.39.04.png


5th July 

7pm in the Aldridge






Lotus Heat 19/06/2022 


Last Sunday 19th June, our Greenpower team raced at the wonderful Lotus test track in Hethel, Norfolk. It was an early start with those travelling by minibus waking up at 3:45 am, fortunately a lot of us got some sleep on the bus! When we got there, we set up all our equipment and got ready for practice laps. Leo, Rafi and Theo participated in those and were able to give the rest of the team some feedback on what to look out for, especially the tight corners. After the practice laps were complete, we had some waiting time before the first race and made sure the car was prepped and ready to go, the race batteries were placed into the car, and we were set to go!  


George was the first racer and did very well negotiating the cars and the new track environment. Archie was the second driver and did very well maintaining our place in the top three. GVC (George VC!) was the last driver and did very well until disaster struck! When GVC was going round one of the tricky hairpins, a car pulled in front of him, he made the right decision and avoided a crash by swerving onto the grass off the track. Unfortunately, the drive chain came off from the impact of coming off the circuit, causing the car to have no drive. GVC had to be rescued by a recovery vehicle but fortunately we were able to put the chain back on and get the car prepped for race two. We finished 3rd in the first race, an amazing achievement considering we had a mechanical issue 10 minutes before the end of the race! 


After race one, we had lunch and had time to prepare for the second race. Leo was our first driver. He did very well and took us to 2nd. Then I raced, keeping up with the other cars and overtaking quite a few that were beginning to slow down, due to poor battery management and some cars that overgeared. Olivia finished off the race and got us to 2nd place, we managed to overtake two cars that were in front of us on the final lap but couldn’t quite catch the car in first place!  


After that we packed away all of our kit before the awards ceremony. We achieved another second place and received another trophy and medals.  


Our next race is at the Castle Coombe circuit in Wiltshire, it is on September 11th, so we have a little break before it. The team will work on how we can improve for the next races, look at driving styles, pit changes and consider hanging the gearing to see if we can increase the speed but being very careful not to over -ear and run the batteries completely flat!   


Well done FHS Greenpower team! 


Written by Callie 7SVC 

Parent feedback on the event

"Greenpower has given my son a new enthusiasm with DT and what is possible. Giles and Neil have really encouraged the pupils to lead this whole project by themselves, with a small level of guidance. Alex said after the 2nd race that he wanted to volunteer with the future groups when they need to set up going to races, as he feels he still wants to help future students enjoy the whole experience and understand how fun it all will be at the races.
Seeing the students receiving their medals at the first 2 races, and see the pride they have representing Giles, Neil and Frensham is great. It’s also good to see a mixture of girls and boys taking part in a genre that was once male orientated, and would encourage all students to try and enrol in future ventures. As a parent it is so good to attend to support the students, and show your pride in them all and the fantastic teaching support they receive."

"What an amazing day. It was great to see the Greenpower team working so well together. From getting the car prepared to managing driver changes in the pit lane, they did themselves proud. Their hard work and perseverance paid off too, clinching second place in their category on the final lap of the race. I’m very much looking forward to attending another race day."


Please watch this video on the Year 8 Village to get a better understanding of the initiative - the benefits and challenges of giving children the unique opportunity to manage themselves, their time and their resources. Most of the students embraced the experience, creating games and activities to fill the time, learning to slow down in a tech-free world and appreciate the people and environment around them.


Years 7 and 8 mountain bikers took on the bumps and jumps of Edenbrook country park on Wednesday.


Nicky, Rudi, Rafi, Emil, Nick, Patrick, Tom and Adrian spent the afternoon honing their skills on the purpose-built track. It was great to see all the boys progress from a gentle start to eventually ripping round the course with much more confidence. It was a very successful trip, with all boys wanting to go again soon.


The Year 12 A-Level Photography group experienced sunset on summer solstice at the Devil's Jumps. We are looking forward to seeing some great images!


They were all very confident with using the sewing machines and as you can see produced an excellent bag each. It was an enjoyable couple of hours where we listened to ABBA music and had a great time.


A massive well done to Theo and Wataru this lunch time, at running club! Running 5 K in the heat was a real achievement. 

Join us on Tuesdays at 13:05 if you fancy a challenge! Meet by the rabbit!



Nursery and Reception Sports Day 

We hosted our first sports day of the year on Wednesday for our Early Years Nursery and Reception students. Its was a great start to sports day season and all the boys and girls did a great job and had lots of fun. Students took part in all the events are really showcased the fundamental skills they have been learning this year! Well done to all of the students and thank you again to all of the parents who came to support! 

Sports Days Reminder 

A reminder of sports days this year take place next week. Both days start promptly at 2:00pm so please ensure if you are coming to watch you arrive in plenty of time to get settled. Please also bring any camping chairs, picnic blankets and refreshments for the afternoon. 

Year 1-6 Junior School Sports Day – Monday 27th June – 2:00pm Start 

Senior School Sports Day – Tuesday 28th June – 2:00pm Start

Junior School Details: 

Please stick to the parent zones throughout the event: 

sports day

Events for any last-minute practice over the weekend: 

Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 17.09.22.png
Senior School Details: 

Full Programme and Timings: 

Senior School Sports Day Programme

Please stick to the parent zone throughout the event and please have a go at the drop in games. These are for all teachers, parents, students, and siblings. Just a bit of fun to try throughout the afternoon!  

Senior School Sports Day
Junior School Swimming Gala

Following the successes in the Farnham swim gala a couple of weeks ago the year 4 to 6 swim team were back in action away to Duke of Kent on Monday evening. Swimmers from each group took part in individual freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and fly races and then competed as a team in medley and freestyle relays. Everyone has shown great improvements in their swimming technique throughout the season and swam well. Ava, Elijah, Erina all won individual events and the U11 team won both their medley and freestyle relay. The scores were tight at the end with Duke of Kent scoring 90 points and Frensham scoring 70 points. Well done to everyone that took part in a thoroughly enjoyable fixture.  

U9 Cricket v Duke of Kent  

It was brilliant to see the whole of year 4 out for two cricket fixtures against Duke of Kent school on Thursday afternoon. Everyone was extremely excited about the camp sleepover happening after the game and they took this enthusiasm into the fixture. In the first game Duke of Kent won the toss and batted first, they started quickly putting runs on the board and gave our fielders lots to chase. Frensham continued to show an improvement in bowling technique, in particular the smoothness of their overarm action. The opposition finished their innings with 170 giving us a big total to chase. Albie and Amos responded brilliantly with several boundaries when they came out to bat and scored 13 runs off the partnership. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep the run rate up and finished on 123 runs. In the second game Duke of Kent batted first and scored 138. Frensham showed some alert fielding to get the ball to the stumps quickly and Noah was given bowler of the game. In our innings we scored 106 after facing some strong bowling. Unfortunately, Frensham came away with two losses but played the game with brilliant spirit and everyone had fun. Well done to all. 

Sporting Achievement 

Congratulations to Oscar and Felix who were competing at the weekend in Germany on the MTB circuit. Success for both boys has seen them qualify for the European Championships taking place next week. Well done and good luck for the next race! 

Sporting Achievement 

Harry in Year 7 plays for the Farnham Utd U12 Scorpions football team won the Surrey League as unbeaten champions (one of only two teams to go unbeaten in the entire league), winners of the Waverley Cup, and runners up (out of 32 teams) in the Petersfield Juniors Tournament. Harry's teammates awarded him the 'Player's Player Cup' at his club's annual awards ceremony.




Monday 27 June

14:00-15:30  -  Year 1-6 Sports Day 

18:30  -  Year 11 Celebration Evening (Main House Quad) 


Tuesday 28 June 

10:30  -  Year 11 Silver Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition to New Forest (returning Thursday 6pm) 

14:00  -  Years 7-10 Sports Day 

17:30  -  Year 10 Tutor Parent Evening on Teams 

Wednesday 29 June 

Year 7 Eco Day on site 

16:15  -  U14 & U15 Boys Cricket v Bedales School (Home) 


Thursday 30 June  

09:30  -  Morning Talk:  Explorer Talk (Aldridge Theatre) 

13:30  -  U12 & U13 Ditcham Park Rounders Tournament (Away) 

14:00  -  Junior School Move Up Day (Parent Tea 15.30) 

14:30  -  U12 & U13 Boys Cricket v More House School (Home) 

16:30  -  Staff v Students Hockey Match (Astroturf) 

Saturday 2 July 

Founders' Day

Sunday 3 July 

10:30  -  Year 12 & 13 Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition to Wales (returning 19.30 Thursday 7 July) 

15:00 - 16:30  -  Afternoon Tea Scrubbers and Outreach 


You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We also have several Twitter accounts around the school where you can find resources and school info:

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