Friday 4th March, 2022


Dear Parents 

What does ‘normal’ Frensham look and feel like? After two years of disruption to our normal routines, I ask this question because to me, this last week is starting to feel like normal Frensham, the school we all know and love. The reason for this is that we are now having more and more of the events we used to have, and it feels fantastic! 

The Music Department has been busy recently. Lunchtime concerts for Junior and Senior School students in recent weeks, with full audiences including parents, have been fantastic events. This Wednesday saw the return of our teatime concert for Years 4, 5 and 6. It was great to see so many parents in the ballroom and the children did a wonderful job of demonstrating one of our core school values, which is courage to try. They all showed real bravery in performing, some for the very first time. 

On Thursday, we welcomed two speakers to the Aldridge Theatre for our first in-person Morning Talk for senior school students in two years. It really was a moving moment to see students and staff back in the theatre for this event and were treated to an enlightening and stimulating talk on the Regency period by Dr Kim Simpson and her colleague Clio O’Sullivan. They both work for the wonderful Chawton House in Hampshire, and they spoke with real passion about the Regency period, Jane Austen and other women writers, and they also included a demonstration of how to bow and how to curtsey! This weekend a senior school netball tour to Manchester sets off, another sign of things returning to normal. We were devastated to have to cancel the tour to Jersey, and we wish the students all the best for this replacement trip. 

Finally, with the horror unfolding in Ukraine, I wanted to pay tribute to some of our students who rallied together to organise a protest today in the front quad in support of those suffering in this conflict. It was a moving moment, and a great example of another of our values, the spirit of togetherness. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Best wishes 



Dear parents,

For a difficult time for so many in the world this week, it has been important in a school like Frensham to support our children to talk about their worries. I am sure that many of the adults in the community have had some sleepless nights over the crisis that the whole world is watching unfold. Our wonderful children have had time this week with their teachers to discuss their concerns and we always encourage them to share their worries and to lighten their load. You will see in below that there has been a student lead protest which the Year 6 were given the opportunity to join. At Frensham we want children to have a voice and even our younger learners want to have theirs heard. Lynn and the charity team will also be looking for donations which will hopefully make it to the families who have been displaced during the crisis. We want to make sure our children feel they can make a difference. 


On a more positive note, we had a very successful Teatime concert on Wednesday for Y4-6 and although I was unable to attend it is so great to get back to hosting events onsite for families. Well done to all the performers. 


Lastly it was World Book day yesterday and the children and staff brought alive characters for the day. Books are such an incredible escapism for both children and grown ups. We all have stories that stay with us. My favourite children’s book was The Silver Sword by Ian Serrailler. It is a story about the plight of a group of children during war time to find their parents and survive. All those years ago, the hope that runs through the book was something that really spoke to my brother and I and that story is sadly particularly relevant now. I truly hope that the children in the current crisis still have some hope in what must be a very dark time. It puts everything into perspective and makes me realise how incredibly lucky and privileged I am. 


Take care of each other,





Next week, our 7SVC tutor group will be collecting and sorting donations for Farnham Help for Refugees – Please bring in any donations you can spare. They will be collecting clothing, toiletries, electronics and camping equipment. Please find a list here of items they can accept.

Please drop off from 7am – 9am on Wed 9th, Thur 10th  and Fri 11th March - the school’s silver van will be in the main car park for donations.


We are looking forward to the dance concert on Wednesday, March 16 at 7 pm.

Please came and join the party. Book your place below.


14th - 18th March

British Science Week is coming to Frensham Heights!

Keep an eye on the Whole School Teams page for more information.

science week

After counting the process from the successful toy sale last Friday and adding in some left-over money from ice cream sales last year, we were able to pay an incredible £185 into the charity account. This money will be used to support Malawi Schools Trust and Happy Space – both charities close to Frensham’s heart.


Parent Voice are delighted to welcome new reps Jo Bushill Yr1 and Nina Maidlow Yr3 to the group. Here's a list of current Parent Voice members:

2021/22 Parents' Committee

  • Chair: Vicki Nixon

  • Vice-Chair: Emma Tweed

  • Secretary: Isobel Hanmer

  • Nursery & Reception: Claire Karitzis

  • Year 1: Jo Bushill

  • Year 2: Gemma Mathews

  • Year 3: Nina Maidlow

  • Year 4: Helen Jones

  • Year 5: Dan Wheatley

  • Year 6: Ellie Inskip

  • Year 7: Helen Davison

  • Year 8: Mark Griffiths

  • Year 9: Sandra Laird

  • Year 10: Sara Acworth

  • Year 11: Mark Havard

  • Sixth Form: Kay Mawer

  • Boarding: Lucy Cripps


I am pleased to say that there will now be a Malawi Information Evening on March 29th at school in the Ballroom. Students and parents who are interested in the trip, or who have already signed up for the trip next year, are invited to join us for drinks and canapes at 7pm. It will be a chance to come and hear about the trip from the Frensham point of view. I am also hoping that some of the students who came on the last trip will be able to share their experiences during the evening.

The trip is open to those students who will be in Year 11 and above in September this year.

Please have a think about joining the team – it is a trip that stands out for everyone who goes on it. In addition, it is good for a personal statement when the time comes.

Any issues, please email me – sallyheighington@frensham.org



Here at Frensham, we’re all about giving our students the opportunities to challenge themselves and gain valuable experience. And in our values, we’re also keen to be a valuable part of our wider community. So why not give them something just a little bit better than the normal? 

In the summer term we’re planning to host an event providing our Year 9s with a look at the world of work. The Year 9s will be form small teams and be asked to pitch a product or service that either has environment or the benefit of society at its heart.

What’s happening

A competition that’s loosely based around Dragon’s Den, with hints of X-Factor. In our school, teams will create their idea, put together a presentation – maybe even create a prototype – and pitch it to a panel of judges. They can work on it at break, lunch, after school, at home, and with some dedicated time in tutor sessions. We’re inviting other local schools to take part; with each school putting forward their winners to compete on a grand final hosted in our Aldridge Theatre.

But how’s this different?

This is where you come in. We’d like to offer a mentor/sounding board to each group and have expert judges on hand for the finals. When students come up with their idea, we’d love you to offer feedback, guidance, and advice on their plans. The commitment from you can be minimal, the impact and excitement you’ll be helping to support will be immense and tangible.

And the grand final?

If you’re able to give up some time (I’m sure we’ll get you a tea and coffee!) to watch the pitches and help judge a winner – then get in touch. You may even be able to put this against your company’s CSR policy.

In short?

If you’re interested in helping, or simply want to find out more before you can put your name down, then please email Lyall, our Head of Careers. You don’t specifically have to be a parent of a participant – we’d happily receive interest from all parents able to offer their time.



Wednesday 16th March

Join us for another celebration of dance.

DSCF6645-2 copy.jpg


22nd March

A wonderful array of musical theatre numbers that have been directed and choreographed by Frensham Sixth Formers for a committed group of Year 7-12 to perform for you.

Night at West End_edited.jpg


30th April

An inspiring local community event bringing together a diverse array of speakers to share ideas and stories.

Tickets are on sale now!

Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 10.09.09.png



Regency Day

Thursday saw our Senior School Regency Cross Faculty day in celebration of the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.

Students were treated to a wonder of Regency revels to celebrate World Book Day in the Senior School in a cross- faculty celebration. The day was kicked off with a superbly informative, humorous and educational guide to life in England. From manners to morning call etiquette, students were treated to some rather surprising conduct codes, they practiced their curtseys and bows and left fully equipped to triumph at their next Regency social event. Dr Kim Simpson and Clio O’Sullivan, resident experts at Chawton House in the heart of Jane Austen territory, delivered their morning talk with a passion and we can’t wait to liaise with them more on their education programme for the region.

In drama, students replaced their phones for a different type of communication: coded fan flirting! They became experts using just movements to indicate some of the following:

  • Touching right cheek – yes

  • Touching left cheek – no

  • Twirling in left hand – we are watched

  • Twirling in right hand – I love another

  • Fanning slowly – I am married

  • Fanning quickly – I am engaged

  • Open and shut – you are cruel

  • Open wide – wait for me

  • Presented shut – do you love me?

  • With handle to lip – Kiss me

  • In right hand in front of face – Follow me

  • Drawing across the cheek – I love you

  • Placing on left ear – I wish to get rid of you

PE offered up a chance to try out croquet on the front lawn whilst Geography explored the climate phenomena when Britain experienced a ‘little ice age’ that saw the Thames freeze over at least 23 times, with the last one occurring in the Regency period (1814.) Frost fairs were part of the culture and students got to dig deeper into the weather patterns and research this cross between a Christmas market, trade fair, circus and boisterous party! Over in Science, they focused their attention on two Regency heavy weights: Michael Faraday and Edward Jenner, the founder of vaccinations. Music snuck in an exploration of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 which though technically was composed three years before the Prince Regent took over, was certainly a fine testament to the extraordinary creativity of the time. Dance turned the ballroom into its original function testing out some fancy footwork of formal dance whilst Art created some beautiful Regency styled group portraits.

English, of course, were in seventh heaven, needing little excuse to don their best bonnets and bows! The walled garden became the backdrop looking at Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett’s most tense exchanges in Pride and Prejudice. It also became the platform to look at the art of the Regency picnic based on the infamous Box Hill scene in Emma. They also explored the intricacies of Austen’s use of free indirect speech and acerbic narrative voice. Austen’s contemporary, Mary Shelley’s masterpiece Frankenstein, was also examined under the Regency microscope. Support for Learning looked at the art of letter writing and calligraphy.

Lunch was a festoon of Regency fare boasting a choice that included: Wellington’s white soup, Mrs Bennett’s Beef and potato fricassee, Longbourne lentil cottage pie, Pemberley Potatoes, Rev Collins Cauliflower, Beau Brummell’s beef ragu, Josephine’s Jackets with beans and cheese and finishing off with Lady Hamilton’s trifles with whipped syllabub and Miss Dashwood’s marmalade sponge. Faculties working together certainly provided a World Book Day that made its mark in Frensham’s history!

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Peaceful Protest

We are incredibly proud of our students who came together to really embrace Frensham’s values of Spirit of Togetherness & Courage to Try by standing with the citizens of Ukraine, as well as those in Russia & around the world who are protesting against the situation which is unfolding in Ukraine. Students from Year 6 to 13 made signs with protest slogans expressing their desire for peace, and sang protest songs including Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon & Yoko Ono, and Where is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas. A huge thank you to Sofia, Carla, Barnaby, Matilda, Olivia, Nell, Polly & Negu for all of their hard work & leadership in organising the protest – you’ve really embodied Frensham’s aim of providing a supportive community of positive changemakers. Thank you also to everyone who came along to show their support, despite the cold!

If you would like to support the humanitarian appeal, please go to Disaster Emergency Committee

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Our Junior School enjoyed a World Book Day themed day yesterday with costume parade, reading time throughout the school and quizzes.

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This morning, for the first time in two years, we welcomed three of our local senior schools to the Aldridge theatre for the AMSP Maths Feast. Each school brought two teams of their finest Year 10 students to battle it out against eight of our Year 10 mathematicians. The Feast comprised of four rounds of Maths challenges which tested all aspects of their Maths knowledge, including some demanding number facts, a sprinkling of Pythagoras’ Theorem and even a little Emma Raducanu knowledge thrown in for fun! Our students worked tirelessly and had a great morning. A massive thank you to the students for taking part; you did Frensham proud!

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Year 12 politics students went up to the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court this week. The students loved it and it was great to see the seats of power with all of their idiosyncrasies.



Years One to Three had lots of fun on Shrove Tuesday morning racing and flipping in the courtyard. Concentration and fun with some very vocal support!

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After raising over £100 with the toy sale last week, we are going to hold another one on Friday 18th March after school in the N to 3 hall.

We have many books, toys and games suitable for this age range and we hope that you can support our two school charities, Malawi Schools Trust and Happy Space.

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We have been fortunate enough to have experienced two wonderful Musical Performances during the last ten days. 

The first being the Lunchtime Informal Acoustic Concert, held in our wonderful Music School Recital Room – some incredible performances by our incredible students.

It was also very exciting to welcome so many of you to our second event: The Junior School Teatime Concert – again fantastic performances from each and every one of those involved, we feel very proud, and no doubt you do too!

We really can’t convey our thanks enough for everyone’s support for what we hope will be the first of many events to come!

Just a few photographs of the Teatime Concert here: 

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This week Archie and Olivia worked hard collecting everyone's preferences for hoodies and coming to the colour agreed by most people. Linus worked really well on the wheel covers for advanced aerodynamics, meanwhile Edward, Alex, George VC and Theo started on attaching the front-end steering assembly that they plan to finish next week. George M and Leo started to prototype a bespoke chain guard from card to protect the driver that we eventually manufacture from a more substantial material. Finally, Rafi and Negu continued with helmet communications and testing, there’s quite a lot to do to get the helmets and communications working before the race days, they will train the team up on how to use the communications once we’re ready and at that stage.  

Here is a Quote from Theo, our lead engineer: “I love Greenpower, it is so much fun to see our hard work paying off!” 

Written by Callie Jones 7SVC 



Linn K treated the Main House boarders to a pancake making session for Shrove Tuesday.



Year 4 enjoyed their first practical lesson about circuits this week in Science. They were given loose wires, a battery pack, a light bulb, a buzzer and a motor and their challenge was to create a circuit to make each of their items work. The children were delighted with the results! They then worked through challenge cards showing pictures of different circuits, the children had to predict if the circuit in the picture would work, they then tested their prediction using the equipment they had.


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Year 9 have been working together on some amazing collaborative pieces.

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Last week Nursery kicked off with an amazing game of grandma’s footsteps on the front lawn and then talked about different types of weather at Frensham Heights and how this makes them feel. This week Nursery were able to spot deer tracks in mud, within our Forest School Site. We followed them all the way from one side the to other and then lost them.

Year 2 set out to raise awareness for the range of animals in forest school. They did this in several ways; either creating a poster, creating a drama piece, or writing a song. We discussed what their animals eats, where they sleep, and how we can better support them in their habitat.

This week Year 3 made mini worlds based upon an ancient story about of Frensham heights. It was amazing to watch them apply their imagination and creativity through using different materials and ideas.

Over the last 2 weeks, Year 4 have supported our ecosystem by completing a litter pick. In total we filled 2 big bags of litter from around our site, gathering a range of rubbish from all over our site, whilst collecting 18 disposable face masks. Excellent work!

This week Year 5&6 completed their first lesson of high ropes; The Crate Stack. This was thoroughly enjoyable and was nice to see all the children getting involved and supporting one another.

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U15 Hockey Vs Duke of Kent


Another great performance by the U15 squad against a strong Duke of Kent side with a final score of 4-3 seeing victory for the home team.

Great play by all: super saves by Millie in goal; robust defence by Becca, Jolyon and Sophia at the back; skilful play Felix, Eliza and Toby in midfield; and strong attacks from Luke, Jake and Eva up- front.

U14/15 Mixed Hockey vs Duke of Kent

Frensham 3 Duke of Kent 2

On Tuesday, we welcomed Duke of Kent to Frensham once again. This game was an 8 a side match and both teams played with great spirit. For the first half of the game Duke of Kent looked to be in control. Their quick accurate passing seemed too fast for our Frensham midfielders and defenders as Duke of Kent took an early 1-0 lead, but credit to Frensham for hanging in there in what was a tightly contested first half against a stronger Duke of Kent side than last time.

Mixed U11 Hockey vs More House


Frensham 3 More House 1

In an 8 a-side game against a solid More House team, it proved to be a game of cat and mouse between the two sides.

U18s Mixed Hockey v Bedales
U18s Mixed Hockey v King Ed's
U12/13 Mixed Hockey v The Royal

On 26/27th February 2022, Isla competed in the final weekend of the Surrey County Championships. In her age category, Isla won gold for the 200m backstroke and 1500m freestyle and silver in the 200m breaststroke, 100m freestyle and 400m freestyle. Isla came second overall for her age group, winning five gold and five silver individual medals.



Tasting Table

We had a fennel tasting table this week with lots of different ways to sample it. Including, a salad, dauphinoise, slaw, roasted and a cake!

Street food

Chicken fajitas proved very popular on this week’s Street food counter. As well as this there was battered cod, tofu Rogan josh, cauliflower cheese soup and delicious salads to choose from.

World Book Day

We celebrated World book day this week in Jane Austen style, with Regency white soup, Mrs Bennett’s beef fricassee, Lady Hamilton’s trifle and Mrs Dashwood’s marmalade sponge and music to set the mood.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Monday 7 March

Year 12 Geography Trip to Brick Lane

08:30:  Year 10 Horizons Drop Down Morning

14:15:  Year 11 Horizons Drop Down Afternoon

14:30: U10 Hockey v More House School (Home)


Tuesday 8 March 

09:00:  Taiko Drumming Workshop (Aldridge Theatre)

14:00:  U14 Netball Tournament at Tormead School

14:30:  U14 & U15 Mixed Hockey v St Edmund’s School (Home)

16:00:  Junior Cross Country Competition at St Catherine’s School

17:30:  Year 7 Academic Parents’ Evening on Teams


Wednesday 9 March 

U11 Hockey Festival at Edgeborough School (Time TBC)

09:00:  Taiko Drumming Workshop (Aldridge Theatre)

09:30:  Junior School Open Morning

13:10:  Afternoon Acoustic Informal Concert

14:00:  U13 Rugby Boundary Oak Tournament (Away)

18:45:  Taiko Drumming Performance (Aldridge Theatre)


Thursday 10 March  

Year 10 and 11 Business Studies Trip to Cadbury World

14:30:  U12 & U13 Basketball v The Royal School (Away)

15:30:  U9 Hockey v Duke of Kent School (Home)

16:30:  Year 9 to 11 Student Progress Meeting (Staff Room)

19:00:  Sixth Form Social Events Night

Friday 11 March 

GCSE History Trip to Canterbury


Saturday 12 March 

GCSE History Trip to Canterbury

VLM Training and Inspection


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