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The Front Lawn


Friday 6th May, 2022


Dear Parents 

I am pleased to let you know that our first Ukrainian student joins us shortly, and I am hopeful of some other students joining us soon. You will appreciate, I am sure, that choosing which students can come to Frensham is a very hard task as we know that all students in such difficult circumstances would benefit from an education here. We are working hard to do our best to match applicants to the school to ensure that they thrive. 

Last weekend we played host to our second TEDx Frensham event, and it was an absolute triumph. I want to thank the wonderful group of parent volunteers and staff members who made it all happen. We had a wonderful array of speakers who spoke on the theme of ‘Human Together’. Topics ranged from celebrating autism, dyslexia and those who stutter, to combating youth violence and how to cultivate an interest in schoolchildren for design and architecture. One of the most memorable was a talk delivered by Old Frenshamian Steven Frank, a Holocaust survivor. Steven has spoken to our students before, and his story of surviving the horrors of war perpetrated by an egotistical and ruthless dictator could not have been more relevant with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. I am sorry that more members of our community were not there to hear Steven and our other amazing speakers as I know that all who attended were deeply moved. 

On Saturday 14th of May, we hold our next Open Morning at school. If you know of families who may be interested in attending, please do tell them to register as soon as possible as space is limited. With a highly successful inspection report achieved, interest in the school is high and we would love to welcome as many families as we can next Saturday.  

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Best wishes 




Dear Parents,

The Junior School is now in full flow, the sun is shining and it’s been an exciting week for all. There have been many highlights in the Junior School learning spaces this week that are just too good to not share. Year 5 has been showing their understanding of pollination and plant life-cycles through some excellent art and comic strip work and Year 2 has been researching the rainforest layers and making chameleons. Nursery and Reception children have been visiting new countries in a real inflatable canoe and all I need to say for Year 1 is ‘Tadpoles’!! Year 6 has been exploring the Ancient Greeks and are in the process of writing incredible character descriptions of Hades (God of the Underworld) and Year 3 has been on the seed germination trail and is potentially expecting some interesting results! To cap it all off Year 4 has had an inspirational week considering plastic pollution and creating River Raps.


The theme of plastic pollution also transcended into the Year 4-6 assembly on Tuesday where visiting speaker Danielle challenged the children to think about our use of plastic as human beans. She shared alternative ways that could be used when planning a party (e.g amazing paper pom-poms instead of balloons, steel straws instead of plastic and all-natural bath bombs instead of plastic party bag favours.) The children were particularly taken by a sandwich bag made from mushrooms! Certainly food for thought and inspiration for this generation to engage with. Hopefully one of many impactful future talks across the whole Junior School.


This Monday we have the next Junior Town Hall event. You should have received an email invite to this event earlier in the week (with an attached form to fill in please). Rick and I are keen to build on the success of the last event as the feedback, ideas and questions gleaned from it have proven to be highly supportive across this last term.


I wanted to finish off my communication this week with the exciting news of two new appointments in the Junior School. These appointments see Meghan Guy take up the role of JS Assistant Head of Pastoral and Wellbeing and Jade Lefevre take up the role of JS Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning. These roles will be pivotal in the JSLT (Junior School Leadership Team) and I am very excited by the skills, dynamic thinking and energy that both Meghan and Jade will bring to the team.  They will both be at the Town Hall event for you to meet and chat with on Monday, as well as Honesty (Head of EY) and Kelly (Head of JS Learning Support).


I hope you have all had a lovely week and that you have a great weekend in store.

Take care and have fun,


Nick O-T



Pinhole poster copy.jpg

Yr.9 – 13 Pinhole Photography workshop – come along a make a pinhole camera from a beer can! No experience required!

Email Sarah Farr to reserve your place!


We are really sorry to tell you that Helen Evans, our school secretary, will be leaving Frensham next Friday. Helen has been indispensable over the last 10 years and will be very sadly missed. Please still contact 


This webinar on 12th May will offer revision and exam room strategies to facilitate optimum performance at exam time and would be appropriate for all students, not just those with dyslexia. Click here to find out more and sign up.



11th May at 6pm

Please come along and see the outstanding work created by our GCSE Creative Arts Students - featuring work from Fine Arts, Graphic Communication, Photography and Product Design.

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 14.36.10.png


16th May at 6:15pm

Please come along to hear about Life at Frensham Senior School, see relevant facilities, take a tour of Roberts House and meet Sixth Form tutors and current students.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 13.41.07.png


13th June at 6:00pm

Please come along to the Creative Arts Studios and see the outstanding work created by our A-Level Arts Students - featuring work from Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Photography.

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 13.57.33.png


20th May and 10th June

If you know someone who would like to find out more about our Nursery, please tell them to book in to one of our upcoming Nursery Play Sessions for children 2yrs+.



10th June at 7pm

Save the date - more details to follow

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 15.30.13.png




Year 13 Biologists have been cloning cauliflower as part of their A-Level course. This year we have had some amazing success. All cloned from a single cauliflower head/floret with about 30 new plantlets growing! The students used aseptic techniques and then propagation to ensure no contamination and left them over the Easter to grow. They had over 95% success rate.


Finally we are at the fun stage of printing from the lino cuts. Such a wonderful set of outcomes. Some on rust dyed fabric squares. Lovely work. 



Reflecting back on last week, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the fire pit on offer, sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows, as part of their overnight stay in preparation for their residential trip. On the Friday, they took on Jacob’s ladder and the ‘pizza challenge’ using our recently purchased soft archery equipment.

On Friday afternoon, Year 1 ventured away from their own forest school site and ended up playing a big game of ‘eagles eye’ by the Mushrooms, later using their hawk eyes to spot any new developments as we are now well into spring.

Year 3 kick-started their week back with some amazing art prints using Plaster of Paris, whilst a handful of children learnt how to tie a ‘clove hitch’ and a ‘square lash’ to make a base for a treehouse platform. Amazing work Year 3!

Year 4 got close and personal and were challenged to find the ‘coolest thing’ in the forest, using our powerful microscopes, analysing every detail on their top 5 items, before sharing it with their peers.

Finally, Years 5&6 unexpectedly had to apply a large amount of maths during their outdoor education lesson, taking on more epic soft archery challenges; the Points Challenge and Level Up!


The community TEDx event on Saturday was a wonderful day for everyone who came - speakers, attendees and volunteer team alike. The Aldridge was buzzing with inspiring talks and discussion. Here's a quote from Old Frenshamian Steven Frank who was one of the speakers:

"I kept thinking of Trevor Aldridge and this wonderful theatre legacy in his memory. If only he knew what was in store when we were there at school together all those years ago...
It was one of the most memorable and inspiring days in my life, giving hope to mankind during these troubled and somewhat lawless times. A real tonic."


The summer term is always the best one for boarders ….. such beautiful grounds to live within and lots of time spent exploring them.

And this week, birthday time too …

Please contact Lynn Goodburne with any boarding requests this term.


So off we went to Gostrey Brightwells to share a singing session this week with a guest, Munro (the golden retriever)

Everyone enjoyed meeting him and he behaved well as we shared our voices together. Grand Old Duke of York, Sound of Music, What do we do with a Drunken Sailor, a solo from Amber, rounded off with Sweet Caroline.

It was a delightful afternoon and the children were wonderful at listening and sharing time with our elderly friends.


Breaktimes in the warmer seasons give everyone a chance to have a little down time outside.



National Rowing Success

Last weekend the Pendred family all attended the Junior Sculling Regatta at Dorney Lake. This is a national rowing event for the best rowers in the country, over 500 crews attended over the weekend.

Continue his fine form. Morley, secured Gold in the J16 single event representing his club Tideway Scullers in London.

Henry and Dulcie also won gold in the J14 quad event (with Dulcie coxing) their crew from Guildford Rowing Club.

A outstanding achievement for the trio of Frensham students! Well Done!

Under 18s Cricket Vs More House

Please see David Lloyd’s video match report for the under 18s match. Many of the students leaving soon for exams but it will be great to welcome them back once finished for the returning staff v students contest before we break up for summer!

U11 Cricket v St Edmund's

Frensham 167 - 150 St Edmund's


The U11 cricket team made a winning start to the season beating St Edmund's by 17 runs in a well spirited afternoon of cricket out on the field. The visitors won the toss and elected to bat first and were looking to score runs quickly. 

U15 Girls Cricket v The Royal

Frensham 129 - 151 The Royal


On Tuesday afternoon the U15 girls cricket team played their first game of the season in an incredibly competitive affair against The Royal School. 


Theme Day

We had a Mexican theme day this Thursday, with lots of delicious dishes to try such as chicken/vegan fajitas, prawn and avocado quesadillas and a very popular ‘hot’ chocolate cake

Street Food

Beef brisket burgers were on our street food stand this week, for those not wanting the traditional fish and chips. Also on offer summer bean soup, battered tofu, pea falafel with minted yogurt, honey and mustard chicken and lemon drizzle cake.

Tasting Table

Elderflower was on our tasting table this week, with smoothies, cake, panna cotta and a salad

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Monday 9 May

Year 7 to 9 Revision Week

Spanish GCSE and A Level Speaking Exams

14:30 - U10 Cricket v St Hillary’s School (Home)

19:00 - Junior School Town Hall Event (Aldridge Theatre)


Tuesday 10 May 

Spanish GCSE and French A Level MFL Speaking Exams

08:30 - Year 7 Parents’ Drop in Session re Curriculum (Aldridge Theatre)

09:00 - Nursery to Year 6 Hedgehog Visit and Talks (Ballroom)

13:10 - Afternoon Acoustic Informal Concert

14:30 - U14 & U15 Boys Cricket v Ditcham Park School (Away)

14:30 - U14 & U15 Girls Cricket v St Edmund’s School (Home)

15:00 - Waverley District Athletics Trials at Charterhouse School

15:30 - Year 8 Parents’ Drop in Session re Curriculum (Aldridge Theatre)

19:00 - Main House Leavers’ Party

Wednesday 11 May 

Year 10 Geography Field Work: River Wey

French GCSE Speaking Exams

13:45 - Study Leave Farewell and Applause (Year 7 to 13) Main House Lawn

16:00 - U11 Mixed Cricket v St Catherine’s School (Home)

16:10 - Year 11 Study Leave begins

18:00 - GCSE Creative Arts Exhibition Open Evening

Thursday 12 May  

Year 10 Spanish British Film Institute Study Day

GCSE and A-Level German Speaking Exams

Year 5 Sleepover in Junior School Classrooms

09:30 - Morning Talk: Noel and Jack (Aldridge Theatre)

14:30 - U12 & U13 Boys Cricket v Ditcham Park School (Away)

15:30 - U9 Mixed Cricket v St Edmund’s School (Home)

17:30 - Year 7, 8 and 9 Tutor Parents’ Evening on Teams

Friday 13 May 

Year 10 Horizons Health Day

GCSE and A Level German Speaking Exams

08:30 - Year 5 Activity Morning

16:10 - Year 13 Study Leave begins

18:00 - Year 11 German Class Trip to Zizzi’s

Saturday 14 April 

Open Morning for Prospective Parents and Students

10:00 - Intuitive Painting Workshop (Art Canopy)

10:00 - Photography Workshop: Pinhole Photography

12:00 - Outreach: Farnham Assist Lunch (Hale)

Sunday 15 April 

10:00 - Intuitive Painting Workshop (Art Canopy)


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