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Friday 13th May, 2022



Dear Parents,


The week started in great style with an insightful and informative Junior School Town Hall event. It was interesting to hear the key thoughts on parents’ minds and to have some good discussions around several central themes and topics. The rest of the week has seen the Junior School charging full steam ahead and tomorrow sees us host a very busy-looking Open Morning for prospective families.

Next week sees the Year 5’s head out on their residential adventure to JCA in Tewkesbury and it is very exciting to see residentials back on the agenda and access awesome experiential learning away from the Frensham landscape. The week after sees our Year 6 tribe head to St David's in Wales for a residential with adventure company TYF. Coasteering, surfing, mud runs, conservation and self reflection will be some of the highlights that the children will get to explore.  It really is a trip to see the Year 6’s end their time in primary education in style!


I sent out a Key Dates communication to you earlier today to ensure you have all the exciting and key moments of the summer term on your radar. Here's the link again here if you need it:


It is going to be a busy rest of the term, yet one where we can really begin to rekindle the chance for us all to get back together and share in the experiences of the children.


Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Take care.

Nick O-T and the Junior School Staff




We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Silver level Rights Respecting School which means that we are Rights Aware. We are proud of this endorsement as a school that puts the Rights of the Child at it’s heart. As the only school in the area to have achieved this it really does set us apart. 

The Silver award was gained through submitting evidence, both written and photographic to our UNICEF assessor as well as going through an intensive inspection process. Members of staff were interviewed, followed by a random group of students from across the Junior and Senior School. 

We received some fabulous feedback however, the strongest was about our students who were so confident and knowledgeable about their rights. She was blown away by their strong student voice. 

We will be receiving a full report and certificate very soon as well as a big banner – look out for it in Flottage at some point. 

The next step is to achieve Gold which we plan to achieve by summer 2023! 

This is a great achievement for Frensham and the whole community feel proud to have received the Silver Rights Respecting Schools Award. 

SURF TRIP        

The Year 8 to 13 Surf Trip is taking place from 16 to 18 September.  This is for all students currently in Year 7 to 12.  Places are limited and it is usually a very popular trip, therefore they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  To give everyone advance warning, the letter will be sent to parents on Monday 23 May and will contain a link to the form to give permission and make a payment.  Please put this date in your diary and know to expect the letter then.


A small group of Farnham friends are organising a free event for all local Ukrainian refugees and their host families on 3rd July 2022 in the marquee on the Bourne Village Green. This is a great opportunity to get together with fellow nationals, communicate in their own language, meet people in the same situation, share experiences, enjoy some British hospitality and also to say thank you to their hosts who have opened their doors and hearts to visitors from war torn Ukraine. 

It may be that you have sight of these families and I therefore attach the poster invitation for you to kindly distribute accordingly, perhaps in your PTA newsletters? Entrance will be for those who have replied before 13th June and please address any queries you may have by email to Irenie on


FOF are looking to put on many more events as we begin to enjoy a return to a more normal life. 

To help with this we are looking to put together a group that we can contact to help out once in a while, either through WhatsApp and/or email. It's nothing permanent and can range from:

  • helping out at an event

  • taking in collections

  • selling 2nd hand uniform

  • meeting up with new parents 

  • or just having a catch up and a coffee. 

You can dip in and out as you like, but it would be a fun way to become more involved in this great Frensham community. 

If you are interested please email me on


Teacher Ashley Howard is exhibiting his ceramics at the Bircham Gallery, Norfolk in a group exhibition called Colour Fields



16th May at 6:15pm

This is a really good opportunity to come in and hear about Life at Frensham Sixth Form, see relevant facilities, take a tour of Roberts House and meet Sixth Form tutors and current students.

There will be an academic subject fair in September, but this is your chance to find out about the social and pastoral side of our Sixth Form.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 13.41.07.png


13th June at 6:00pm

Please come along to the Creative Arts Studios and see the outstanding work created by our A-Level Arts Students - featuring work from Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Photography.

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 13.57.33.png


20th May and 10th June

If you know someone who would like to find out more about our Nursery, please tell them to book in to one of our upcoming Nursery Play Sessions for children 2yrs+.



10th June at 7pm


FOF Drinks and Nibbles outside the Aldridge theatre. Tickets go on sale next week

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 15.30.13.png




Goodwood Heat 08/05/2022 


On Sunday 8th May our Greenpower team entered the first race of the season at Goodwood Motor Circuit. It was a glorious day; the sun was out, and the team were excited and a bit nervous or their first proper race day.  


The team arrived at the Goodwood track at 7.30am and helped unpack the car and kit from the van and prepared for scrutineering. The car has to pass strict safety measures before being allowed out to practice and we’re glad to say it passed with flying colours! Phew! This was down to all the hard work since January that the team have been putting in every Thursday after school to get the car race-ready, along with preparing the pit to car communications, writing newsletter articles, analysing previous race data, pit stop practices and of course, driving practice on the Astro.  


Olivia, our team leader was pivotal in devising a racing strategy for the day and had to make sure the team knew their duties, where to be and at what time, and ensure the team communicated effectively. Linus, George (GVC), Olivia and Archie got the car out in practice which was an important part of the day. Throughout the practice session, the team were able to polish up on last minute pit stops, get used to the live telemetry data system, check the pit to car communications and make sure they were happy with the smooth running of the car. Thankfully, practice was successful, the team were becoming more confident with the task ahead of them, and excitement grew around the paddock area, not long until their first proper race! 


Race 1. Drivers: George, Leo, Theo.  

George started us off and had to negotiate a number of scratch build and kit cars from the starting line, our modified soft start speed controller meant that some cars overtook us from the off but we quickly caught up with them and overtook the majority. The modified speed controller is used to conserve battery power, something that is key to last the entire race off two 12V Greenpower batteries. After four laps, George pitted and in jumped Leo. Just like George, he drove brilliantly, overtaking many cars and making his way up the leaderboard. Finally, our last driver of race 1, Theo. Team FHS pitted for the last time, Theo jumped in and was away. This was the smoothest pit stop of the day, the team working like a well-oiled machine, you wouldn’t have guessed this was only their first race! Theo had the longest stint in the car and again, climbed the leaderboard to put us in 3rd place overall out of 54 kit cars, a huge achievement by all involved. Unfortunately, the race was red flagged as there was an accident with 3 minutes to go, and didn’t restart, this meant that the gear ratios and calculations we worked on prior to the race were not as accurate as we would have wanted them to be, but that’s racing.  


Race 2. Drivers: Callie, Rafi, Negu.  

During the break, we altered the gearing slightly to increase the speed. This was a bit of a gamble as over gearing a car can lead to taking too much out of the batteries and not finishing the race, we altered the ratios with caution and because of the data Alex had collected from the first race, we were confident of the change. Callie started us off this time, luckily the team managed to get to the front of the grid, with all 87-scratch build and kit cars behind us – superb planning on their part! Callie drove fantastically, getting the car around in the quickest time on her second lap, a personal best for team FHS at Goodwood. She pitted a lap early as the pit lane was quiet, this was a difficult call but the right one, as the next lap the pit lane was chaos! Next in was Rafi, he drove with confidence, a brilliant stint and put us in a really good position with only one more pit stop to go. Next up was Negu, the secret weapon! Negu had the longest spell in the car and did the team proud, team FHS and our brilliant supporters were willing him on lap after lap. Cars around us were slowing down, many cars had to be recovered because of over gearing, poor battery care or mechanical failures. Thankfully, Negu powered around with little sign of slowing down, we were spot on with the gearing changes and this played into our advantage in the final stages of the race. In the last few laps, we went from 5th place kit car to 2nd place kit car and were catching up 1st place quickly. Our last lap took just under 6 minutes to complete, compared to our quickest lap of 5 minutes and 12 seconds. The car in front of us took just over 12 minutes to complete their final lap and their quickest was 5 minutes, that’s what people at Greenpower call ‘falling off a cliff!’ – as far as battery consumption/care is concerned! We were so close to catching them and with another lap we would have. We finished the race in 2nd place in the kit car category, an amazing achievement.  


To decide the overall results, the furthest distance was taken from either race 1 or race 2, whichever was greatest. In race 1 we completed 36 miles, this was cut short by 3 minutes because the race was red flagged, we would have travelled further under normal circumstances. In race 2 we completed 37.16 miles, only 1.42 miles short of the kit car that finished in first place. Now that the team have raced the Goodwood circuit and have a greater understanding of what is involved, we all agree that tweaking our gearing further could give us an advantage in future races. FHS was still putting in very competitive lap times and the batteries still had some spare capacity at the end of the race. An excellent learning curve for all involved, including us staff! Our overall standing, including scratch build cars was 9th out of 87, not too bad considering scratch build cars can use much lighter materials and adapt the aerodynamics considerably.  


The twelve students involved in the day were Alex W, George VC, Archie M, Linus R, Theo H, Rafi G, Callie J, George M, Negu O, Olivia S, Edward S and Leo H. They all deserve a huge amount of credit for the way they approached the day, represented the school and came together as a team, we were thoroughly impressed with them! A big thanks to Neil M, Sarah C and Joanne VC for giving up their Sunday to enable us to race! Our next race day is at the Lotus test track in Hethel, Norfolk on 19th June.  



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Comments from the Greenpower team:  


George VC: ‘I am looking forward to driving in the next race and it was very fun to drive the car and take over other kit cars.’ 


Linus R: ‘I enjoyed helping with the pit stops. I also enjoyed using the TSL timing website to track our live progress.’ 


Edward S: ‘I liked watching the cars come into the pits. I'm looking forward to using a phone in the next race to track the live progress.’ 


Alex W: ‘I enjoyed being able to see the timings and encouraging the team with our car's place. I am looking forward to racing again at Lotus and hopefully getting a podium again.’   


Rafi G: ‘I enjoyed driving the car as it was an exhilarating experience and working as a team was fun. I always felt like I was helping the team whenever I did a job. I liked the pit stops and pushing the car in and out while the power was off.’ 


Olivia S: ‘At first, the day was a bit hectic as we all arrived, but we soon settled into place. I volunteered to not race at Goodwood because we could only have 6 drivers and 7 of us wanted to drive, I helped to organise the team and am looking forward to driving at the Lotus test track in Hethel.’  


Theo H: ‘I really enjoyed the experience at Goodwood. I drove third in the first race and loved the driving. I also liked the atmosphere of the paddock and the pits and the way everyone worked as a team.’  


Negu O: ‘I enjoyed driving in the car, it was very fun. I enjoyed the weather as it wasn't too hot or too cold and the sun was shining. I enjoyed working together as a team. I enjoyed doing the pit-stops and helping the next driver get in, I felt like I was contributing to the team.’ 


Archie M: ‘I found it really fun even though I was injured from a cricket match the day before. I did a practice run in testing and it was awesome and good to drive the Goodwood circuit. The team worked really well together.’ 


George M: ‘I have really enjoyed Greenpower from the very beginning. The whole team has been really supportive and fun. The races have been great and I’m happy with the end result for the first race of the season.’  


Leo H: ‘I enjoyed the teamwork and the celebrations after, I can’t wait to improve on our next race!’  


Callie J: ‘My favourite part of the day was racing the car because it was such an exhilarating experience, racing round a 2.4mile track with loads of other cars around me! Coming into the pitstop was hard but fun at the same time. It was so amazing to see the ranking of our car and we all cheered when our drivers went past.’  


On Monday, the Year 3 & 4 Soft Archery ECA was a great success and a perfect way to start our week of adventure. All the children were challenged to set up their own individual range, consisting of getting the targets assembled, bow and arrows in order, and placed correctly. Within a couple of minutes all children were firing away and developing their skillset.

Year 5 Outdoor Education worked well on the high ropes course completing the gladiator rings, leap of faith and seesaw, whilst Year 6 continued their module in archery, putting their maths knowledge to great use.

In Year 3, Luca, Woody and Remy continued their hard work developing a platform, learning how to use a sawhorse, bow saw and hammers. Georgia and Amelia saved a caterpillar and made a luxurious house out of leaves, whilst the remainder continued their plaster of Paris experience or developed a den.

Nursery built a den and had a little tea party, accompanied by another caterpillar. We shared tea, ate cake and finished with a story of two about the mini beasts around our site.

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Middle and Senior school students were treated to a beautiful flute duet from Joanna D and Tori Edwards at morning talk yesterday.


Year 10 Geographers enjoying being knee-deep in the River Wey, conducting fieldwork as part of their GCSE course.

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We said good luck to our Year 11’s today as they headed off on study leave. It was mocktails and music inside as the weather was not on our side. Students went off with some wise words from their tutors and an exam survival pack. They have been an amazing cohort who have shown great resilience over the past two years. We wish them all the very best of luck in their upcoming exams and look forward to seeing them in their finery for Prom on Monday 27 June. A letter detailing this event will be coming home soon.

An here's a link to "Exam Season Parenting: A Crash Course" to help parents support their children during their exams.

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Main House boarders having fun, playing a spot of volleyball, toasting  marshmallows on the fire and enjoying the lighter evenings.

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Sonny, Oscar, Arlo and Henry recording a rap in our amazing recording studio. 

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Our Year12s &13s had a great afternoon observing a dissection. A big thank you to Emma from @VetPartnersLtd who shared some really interesting information about veterinary science. 



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Under 15s Girls Cricket v St Edmunds

St Ed’s (241 Runs) beat Frensham (226 Runs)

On Tuesday afternoon we welcomed St Ed’s to Frensham as the u14/15 girls had their second cricket fixture of the season. Skippered by Heidi, Frensham lost the toss and were put into bat first. The opening pair of Imogen and Heidi made a productive start scoring lots of quick singles with the odd boundary. 

U10 Cricket v St Hillary's

Monday afternoon was a perfect example why the sports department love the Summer term so much with the sun shining on the field and Astro bursting with activity. Cricket was the order of the day, and we were lucky enough to have four U10 cricket matches happening simultaneously against St Hillary's. This was the first game of the season for the year 5's and it was amazing to have every single pupil in the year involved and giving cricket a go. Despite missing their last Monday cricket session to the bank holiday, they still showed plenty of promise with some great batting, bowling and fielding skills in these pairs cricket fixtures. The games finished in a win, two draws and a loss for the Frensham teams in some well-spirited displays. Well done to all involved. 

Under 15s Cricket V Ditcham Park

Please watch the video match report from head of cricket David Lloyd!

Waverley Athletics Trials 

On Wednesday afternoon Frensham took an athletics team to the Waverley District trials at Charterhouse School. This is an annual event that helps select a team to represent Waverley borough in the Surrey Championships at Kingsmeadow stadium in Kingston on Saturday 11th June.

Boarders Trip 

Last Saturday the boarders were given the opportunity to try their hand at golf with a trip to Topgolf Surrey.  It doesn't matter what your golfing ability is anyone can give it a go and win, except when you're playing against Phil and Rory.

On the 7th/8th May 2022, Isla competed in her second week of the south east regional championships. In her age group, Isla won gold for the 200m and 1500m freestyle. Isla has also been invited to compete in the British Summer Championships in August 2022.




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Monday 16 May

GCSE Exams begin

Year 7 to 9 Assessment Week (Activities in the Afternoon)

Year 10 into Sixth Form Week

Year 12 Life After Frensham Week

16:10 - U12 & U13 Boys’ Cricket v Alton School (Home0

19:00 - Year 10 into Sixth Form Parent and Student Evening


Tuesday 17 May 

Year 10 into Sixth Form Week

Year 12 Life After Frensham Week

14:30 - U14 & U15 Girls’ Cricket v Duke of Kent School (Away)

14:30 - U14 & U15 Boys’ Cricket v St Edmund’s School (Away)

16:30 - U10 & U11 Mixed Cricket v More House School (Home)

17:30 - Year 10 Academic Parents’ Evening on Teams

Wednesday 18 May 

Year 10 into Sixth Form Week

Year 12 Life After Frensham Week 

Year 5 Residential Trip to Croft Farm

15:20 - U9 Mixed Cricket v Bedales School (Home)

15:20 - U10 & U11 Cricket v Bedales School (Home)

Thursday 19 May  

Year 10 into Sixth Form Week

Year 12 Life After Frensham Week

Year 5 Residential Trip to Croft Farm

08:30 - Year 10 and 12 99 Billion Ideas (‘Change Makers for Tomorrow’)

16:30 - U11 & U12 Mixed Swimming v More House School (Away)

Friday 20 May 

Year 12 Life After Frensham Week

Year 10 into Sixth Form Week

Year 7 Eco Day

Year 8 Survival Skills Training Day

Year 9 Water Sports Trip to Thorpe Lakes

Year 10 and 12 Trip to Thorpe Park

Year 5 Residential Trip to Croft Farm

Saturday 21 April 

Year 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Fundraising Bike Ride for Knoydart

Sunday 22 April 

Year 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Year 6 Residential Trip to TYF, Wales


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