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Friday 4th November, 2022


Dear Parents 

I hope that all the students have enjoyed being back at school after a good half-term break. It is a really busy and exciting second half of term, with numerous events and activities for the whole community. The first of these is the Friends of Frensham Bonfire Night this Sunday – there is further information on the event elsewhere in the newsletter, but my plea to parents is to ask for further support for Friends of Frensham in manning the stalls. Do please click on the link in the information below to sign up – your help will be much appreciated! 

This morning in the senior school saw a wonderful Morning Talk in the Aldridge Theatre from our own staff and students. We heard an excellent guitar solo from Liam in Year 9, and then Jack Talman spoke about the history of the United Nations and the role it plays in world affairs. This was followed by some of our students who are part of a Model United Nations (MUN) ECA. The MUN has been running for a number of years in schools across the world, and it provides students with an opportunity to learn about the workings of the UN (for further information, click here: The students spoke to the school about the Commonwealth, representing some countries questioning the relevance of Commonwealth membership in a post-colonial world, a fascinating topic.


The talk ended with a moving and personal reflection by our wonderful Head of PRE and Head of the Human Perspectives Faculty, Flic Bains, on Black History Month, Britain’s colonial past and her own sense of identity. It was a brave and challenging talk, and I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did. 


I look forward to seeing many of you at the Bonfire night on Sunday. 

Best wishes 



Dear Parents​

Please walk this SWAY to the weekly newsletter from Nick O-T!

Have a lovely weekend and take care

Nick O-T




We hope you are looking forward to the Friends of Frensham Fireworks event on Sunday 6th November. 

Rough schedule is stalls opening from 5:30 pm, students performing from 6 pm, bonfire from 6:45pm and fireworks from 7pm. Please make sure you bring your food tickets with you on the evening, this is required to get your colour coded tickets to pass over for your food order. 

We have a range of activities on the night as well as the bonfire and fireworks. There will be: 

  • students performing

  • a scarecrow competition-please bring your creations along with you

  • professional coffee van

Pocket money stalls:

  • games

  • face painting

  • tuck shop

The fireworks are a truly wonderful Frensham School community event and we are so thankful for you all helping to make this happen and supporting us. Many thanks to those who have already signed up to help out (either before, during, or cleaning up after) but don’t worry, it’s not too late if you haven’t had chance to sign up yet - please click on the link below if you would like to help. Stalls are closed during the fireworks so you won’t miss out. 

Drink stall (4 people per time slot)
Food stall (Serving only- 9 people per time slot)
Face painting stall (2 people per time slot- stencils on hand) 
Thank you for your continued support to Friends of Frensham- see you Sunday.


We walked together in the local countryside on the last day of half-term to raise awareness and support for  Cancer Research UK. If you haven't yet sponsored your child, please click here to help us reach our goal of £1500.


The Waterloo coach will be leaving Waterloo earlier than usual this Sunday. The coach will leave at 16.30 so that the students will be back in time for the fireworks (traffic permitting).


We are collecting donations again for Farnham Help for Refugees who are working with Global Aid Network

The school van will be open and in the bottom left corner of the Main Car Park on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th from 7 am – 9am for you to drop off any items on the flyer that you have and no longer have a use for. Click for donations flyer. Thank you in advance.


Some of our amazing Visiting Music Teachers are offering free 20 minute taster lessons. If your child would like to try any of the following wonderful musical instruments, then why not get in touch with Sally 

  • Clarinet

  • Saxophone

  • Violin

  • Flute

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone


Elevate Education will be continuing their free parent support series on Tuesday 8th November at 6pm, with their webinar focusing on helping your child prepare for exams. Please feel free to sign yourself up to attend by clicking the link below. Elevate Education works with our students, delivering high impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how you can help better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school. I​n this webinar Elevate will be showing parents how to:

  • Create a road map to maximize success in your child's exams

  • Structure their final week before exams

  • Stay on track & avoid cramming or stressing the night before 

Click here to register for free


Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link.


Scarecrow Competition



7pm in Aldridge Theatre


We are involved in creating new/recycled clothing to suit the desires of young people who would like to share their ideas and/or be models. This project has come from a desire to revolutionise the garments for anyone that needs their clothing adapted for some reason and how we can increase our inclusivity across the fashion industry by taking in the needs of everyone in society rather than the average person.

If you have any ideas to share or would like to listen to get more information please do come along as we are meeting to join together like- minded people and develop this further. Click to email Lynn Goodburne for more info.

Dates for the diary.png




MFL students had a wonderful, sunny trip to Granada over the half-term break. Among other activities, they learned to cook some Spanish delicacies and enjoyed a walking tour to the Alhambra.  


41cm - That’s all!!! 

On Sunday 9th October the Frensham Heights Greenpower Racing team competed in the International Final at Goodwood Motor Circuit, the pinnacle of the race season and a huge achievement to qualify from earlier race heats. There are approximately 1000 kit cars in circulation in the UK and the top 50 cars were invited to the finals to battle it out.  

Throughout the season, the team have designed, developed and constructed an electric racing car and competed at the following race events:  

  • Goodwood Heat: 2nd place Kit Car 

  • Lotus Test Track Heat: 2nd place Kit Car 

  • Castle Combe Race Circuit Heat: 1st place Kit Car  

  • Dunsfold (Top Gear Test Track) Heat: 1st place Kit Car 


The day started off with scrutineering, very similar to a car MOT, to check all regulations were being adhered to and the car was safe to race, thankfully we passed this with flying colours, credit to the students that constructed the car! The team once again checked the car for race preparation and sent out 3 drivers for practice. The car drove very smoothly throughout the practice session and gave us some essential race data, including potential gear ratios to be used for race 1 and 2 which was dependent on the weather conditions.   

  • Race 1:  Team FHS raced superbly and finished in 1st place covering just over 38 miles. All 3 drivers pushed the car to its limits and overtook lots of other kit cars on the remaining 2 to 3 laps, proving the gearing decisions vs battery consumption were spot on.  

  • Race 2:  Again, a similar story, Team FHS gradually picked up positions and moved up the leaderboard in the final stages of the race to secure 2nd place in their category, finishing just behind another team. The drivers covered just over 38 miles again and they knew it would be extremely close for the final podium positions. 

The final winners were decided by overall race distance from either race 1 or race 2, whichever is the furthest after 90 minutes, The Greenpower Education Trust timing team used a formula based on lap times, circuit length and other factors to decide this. The team drove amazingly, completed excellent pit stops and really gelled together for the final races.  Overall team FHS finished in 2nd place, in the kit car category, a phenomenal result and one they should be very very proud of. After working out the race distance calculations, they were pipped to 1st place by 41cm over an hour and a half of racing, that is literally the difference of taking one of the corners on the inside racing line or not! So very close! For the full TSL timing information, visit: 


A very big thank you and well done to the team:     

  • Rafi Yr 8: Communications 

  • Theo Yr 8: Principal Engineer 

  • Leopold Yr 9: Engineer 

  • Callie Yr 8: Media 

  • Archie Yr 10: Engineer  

  • George Yr 10: Engineer  

  • Negu Yr 8: Communications 

  • Linus Yr 8: Engineer 

  • Olivia Yr 8: Team Leader  

  • Edward Yr 8: Engineer 

  • George Yr 8: Engineer 

  • Alex Yr 8: Data Analysist 


The above students will now take the car apart after a race debrief session and prepare it ready for the new Year 7s in January. Giles will be attending a Year 7 notices in January and advertising the project so they can apply to be part of the 2023 team.  


Finally, a massive thank you to Neil Martin (DT Technician and teacher) and the Frensham staff that have given up their time/weekends to help run the Frensham Greenpower project – without their superb support, the project wouldn’t have happened. A big thank you to the Friends of Frensham and others who have helped financially to get the project up and running, again, without your input the project wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. And lastly, thank you to the Greenpower parents, grandparents and friends. You’ve been full of encouragement, enthusiasm, humour and support, you’ve supported the school and your children amazingly and for this we are really grateful! 


Giles and the Greenpower Team 😊


The Drama department were pleased to run a trip this week for 44 of our exam students to see Frantic Assembly’s Othello at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre. Students were intrigued to see this Shakespeare text reimagined for the 21st century and firmly rooted in a society we recognise, set in a pub with a track-suited cast in a “ world of broken glass and broken promises, of poisonous manipulation and explosive violence”

We are delighted that our students were not only engaged and inspired by what they saw, but also impeccably behaved, to the point that the coach driver expressed a wish that all his groups were as well-behaved as ours!



As you can see, your donations before half term have made a difference at the Foodbank. When Sally went down in half term, all our donations were weighed before they were dated and put on the warehouse shelves.

With Christmas on the horizon, many families will be wondering how they can make Christmas special. From now to the end of the month we will be collecting the following:

  • Savoury snacks

  • Chutneys or pickle

  • Tinned ham

  • Selection boxes/biscuits

Collection points as usual – Liv’s office or the 4-6 atrium.


Last night, eighty Year 11 and 12 students attended a card and casino games evening in the ballroom. The teachers were croupiers and the games included Poker, 21s, Black Jack, Yahtzee, Roulette, Snap, Cheat, Uno and Rapid Roulette. It was a fun and entertaining evening and maths skills were tested. The students embraced the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a social event where they had opportunities to form new friendships and celebrate old ones. 


Year 9 Geographers braved the elements on Tuesday to explore four different areas of Brighton to conduct human fieldwork. Despite the wind and the rain and thanks to use of Teams forms (no soggy booklets!) students compared the quality of the environment in each area and who it best served. We finished the day getting an overview of our study area on the i360. Thankfully the torrential rain eased up just long enough for us to appreciate the views!

Data will be analysed in lessons this week as part of a mini project.


Following on from the careers spotlight in cybersecurity session, a year 12 team of budding cybersecurity detectives have entered the prestigious CyberCenturion competition.    The competition is designed to excite, educate and motivate students to pursue careers in cybersecurity and the students compete against the clock in 3 online rounds where they are challenged to emulate real life cyber issues by finding and resolving security vulnerabilities.


In round 1 the students successfully found and resolved an incredible 18 out of the 20 vulnerabilities they were tasked to find and have been working hard to prepare themselves for round 2 which takes place on the 4th November.  The students taking part are George Saker, Dylan Scott, Bertie Deane and Ivan Peretiatko and have been lucky enough to be mentored by a security expert at the London Stock Exchange as well as Frensham Heights parent Tim Page who has kindly given up his time to help the students prepare for the competition.

In Reception, we have had lots of pumpkin fun with designing our own pumpkin faces, scooping out the seeds and having a go at carving out our designed face.  Spookytastic! 

Creative lollypop design homework from half-term.


Thank you to I-Rock and an OF called James Needs for a super day of music.

A group of our Year 6’s who enjoy playing in bands worked for the day alongside children from other schools in our Aldridge Theatre. The teachers styled their bands, chose a song and rehearsed their band!

Each band performed their piece to parents and each other at the end of a head day of work and FUN!

We’ve had some really positive feedback from parents at parent evening. The children loved being part of a band and being able to put on a performance at the end of it.


Great costumes and an electric vibe!

Thank you for coming along and having a good time together whilst raising funds for our School Charity this year, Cancer Research UK.

halloween disco


U10 Netball Match v Alton School

Straight into our first match after half term. The students still had the same excitement and enthusiasm that they did lasts half term which was great to see. This week we were playing against Alton School at home which is always a great match. It took the team a little time to get back into the flow of things but after to the first two quarters the team started the gel together again and showed some lovely netball. Unfortunately, it was a loss this week with the final score being 6-1 to Alton. However, the students worked really hard right up until the very end. Well done to everyone that played and well done Eva who got player of the match.   

U11 Netball Match v Alton School  

The U11 team were also playing Alton School this week and were also at home. For some of this team this was their first netball match at school. Once everyone had settled with the excitement of their first match back they started to play some lovely netball. There was some lovely play up and down the court with some great passes between the team. It was great to see the team working together and supporting each other throughout the game. The students worked really hard during the whole match and scored some lovely goals. The final score was 11-6 to Alton. Well done to everyone that played and well done to Aneela who got player of the match.    

U13A Victory at the St Edmunds 9 a side Tournament  

The team had an amazing afternoon of football in the St Edmunds tournament.  We played St Eds in our first group game where we passed the ball incredibly well on a very tight pitch.  We created numerous chances and ended up converting two good goals from Alfie and Ben and won the game 2-0. 

The second game was against Mayville and they were a very physically strong team but we stood up to them and still passed the ball incredibly well. We also had to defend really well which we did with excellent defending by Nelly, Harry, Will Elijah and Matilda.  Also they were always backed up well by Alfie in goal who yet again commanded his box incredibly well. Our midfield engine continued to press them throughout the game with Richie leading the way with his pace and tenacity. We ended up drawing the game 0-0. 


In our last group game against King Eds we needed to win by several goals if we were to progress to the semi finals. The team started well but struggled to score, however they stuck to our passing game and we eventually scored a great team goal through Alfie. We then played amazing football in the last 6 mins of the game scoring 4 more goals through Harry C (who’s work rate throughout the tournament was incredible), Matilda (with a very calm finish and a great celebration) and 2 more from Alfie giving him a great hatrick.  The 5-0 win saw us progress to the semi finals where we met More House. 

We dominated this game from start to finish but just couldn’t find the back of the net. So the dreaded penalties were needed to divide the teams!!  We scored all our penalties from Harry C, Harry B and Alfie. Then we went to sudden death and Ben scored his and Alfie made a great save meaning Elijah needed to score his penalty to send us to the final and he calmly stroked it home to great celebrations.  


The final was against Mayville who we’d played in the group stage. They scored early on and looked to have won the final until 30 seconds from time Harry B went up front and scored an amazing equaliser. Penalties were needed again and both the Harry’s scored theirs and our amazing keeper Alfie pulled off a great save. This left Alfie needing to score his penalty to win the tournament and very calmly he stroked it home to all 10 players diving on him in celebration. A great team performance against 11 other teams in this tournament.  I was incredibly impressed with their teamwork throughout the afternoon. 


Under 12/13s Netball V Weydon  

We knew we were going to have some tough matches this week against some strong Weydon Teams. From the outset, it was obvious that the U12's were going to struggle from the starting whistle. They found it difficult to get the ball up the court against a strong Weydon defence. They worked hard throughout though and overturned some good balls with some amazing flying intercepts by Maria who was Player of the Match. Another game next week will mean further practice and with so much potential we know that the future of this team is bright.

The U13 game was a competitive one and such an exciting one to watch. After the first two quarters, the game was goal for goal and it was clear it could go either way. Weydon were very skilled and quick to the ball but the Frensham side reacted well and with some fast thinking. To match the strength of Weydon, we had to play out of position at times and Clara should get a special mention for being amazing at GD, having never played this position before.  The final score was 19-18 to Frensham and players of the match were Georgia for being just completely awesome and Kathryn for her strong and tenacious defence. A truly fantastic performance and a testament to their resilience and determination.


Live Local Football Opportunity  

Local club Farnham Town FC who play in the combined counties Premier division have very kindly provided us with plenty of free family tickets for their home match in Farnham on Saturday 12th November, 3PM kick off. If you are interested it attending, please collect free tickets from reception! 


Under 15 Football v St Edmunds  

The U15 football team returned from the half-term break refreshed and picked up a win in their game with St Edmund's on Tuesday afternoon. The team took an early lead with a fortunate own goal and were in control of the game from that moment on, working hard for each other all other the pitch and putting together sequences of passes to create several dangerous attacks. Nills and Freddie both took their chances well and we went in up at half-time. The visitors staged a brief fightback in the second half pulling a couple of goals back in quick succession, but Frensham dug in again and the goals followed thanks to Arlo and an own goal. Well done to all involved, we look forward to the next game under the lights of the Astro on Monday evening. 

u15 football.jpg

Under 11 Football v St Edmunds  

The U11 football team played in a reverse fixture with St Eds on Wednesday afternoon, following a close encounter at the start of October at St Edmunds School. The opposition brought two teams to make a triangular competition and so Frensham played two games. In the first game, it was an incredibly well contested match and both teams enjoyed an equal share of possession. Frensham are showing great improvements in their positional sense on the pitch and are working hard to move the ball around the opposition rather than moving with the ball every time they attack. This led to several dangerous attacks which we weren't able to take advantage off. Frensham finished the game the stronger of the two and this ultimately paid off with Otto picking up the ball and firing a shot low into the corner to win the game 1-0. In the second game the team were on a high and continue to play in the same vein and found themselves 3-0 up with Otto scoring a hattrick. St Ed's found it difficult to come back from this and the game ended in a 3-0 victory. Next up we are travelling to Churcher's college for a football tournament on Wednesday afternoon. 

Under 9 Football v St Edmunds  

The U9 picked up a well-deserved draw on Thursday afternoon in a well-spirited contest with St Eds. The team have made huge strides in their football over the course of the first half term and they carried this on in yesterday's fixture. The game was end to end and the defence worked incredibly hard to keep out the opposition attackers, tackling anyone that moved including a goal saving tackle from Aubrey late in the second half. The midfielders were all over the pitch, regaining possession in defence and starting several dangerous attacks. St Eds took the lead following a good run and finish from their forward, but Frensham didn't let their heads drop and Clark latched on to a through ball and fired the ball hard and low to score the equaliser. Frensham finished the game strong with a host of shots on goal, but the opposition did incredibly well to keep the ball out and the game finished in a draw. Well done to everyone involved in a thoroughly enjoyable game.



Theme Day  

We were off to the Caribbean this week, with some delicious dishes.

Chicken stew with coconut rice and peas, Jerk sweet potato and black bean curry and ginger and pineapple sago pudding were just a few.

Tasting Table  

Our tasting table this week had a variety of parsnip recipes to try. Soup, roasted, pureed and in a cake.

theme day.jpg
tasting table.jpg


Sunday 6 Nov

18.00 - FOF Fireworks Night

Monday 7 Nov

16.40 - U15 & U14 Football v Alton (Home)

Tuesday 8 Nov

Year 10 Horizons Day (RSE)

Departing 8.45 - Year 4 Ufton Court Trip (return to school by 3.25pm)

14.30 - U14 Football v The Royal (Home)

14.30 - U14 Netball v DOK (Home)


Wednesday 9 Nov

14.30 - U13 & U12 Netball v Mayville (Home)

14.30 - U12 Football v The Royal (Home)

14.30 - U10 Football v St Eds (Home)

13.30 - U11 Netball v Churcher's Tournament (Away) 

13.30 - U11 Football v Churcher's Tournament (Away)

Thursday 10 Nov

14.00 - Year 11 Elevate Education Study Session (Ballroom)

15.30 - U16 Netball v Heath End (Away)

15.30 - U9 Football v St Eds (Home)

16.15 - U16 Football v More House (Home)

18.30 - Year 11 and Year 12 Social Events (Ballroom)


Friday 11 Nov

Dinosaur Man Workshops for Years 2 & 3, Years 6 & 8 (Ballroom)

Departing 8.30 - Year 11 Geography Field trip: Gunwharf Quays

10.50 - Year 7 to Year 13 Morning Talk: Remembrance 

Saturday 12 Nov

Departing 8:30 - Year 10 to Year 13 Model United Nations competition event (RGS)

10.00 - Year 7 to Year 13 Photography Workshop 

14.15 - U18 Football v Eton (Away)


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