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Friday 10th March, 2023


Dear Parents

Thank you very much for the good wishes I have received this week as my family and I plan our exciting move to Somerset. I appreciate that the news of my departure from Frensham may have been surprising, but as you all know, Laura and I have been working closely together for the last four years, and I continue to work with Laura and the Governors to ensure a smooth handover by the end of term. Please see a message from Laura below.

The much anticipated snow finally arrived this week, and inevitably caused challenges for us all. As Becks said, making a decision on school closure is never easy, and we are sorry that it caused inconvenience. I do hope that your children managed to have some fun in the snow, something we see at Frensham as an important rite of passage. Thank you to the residential and catering staff who did a fantastic job of looking after the boarders so well. I had a wonderful time joining in a mass snowball fight with boarders on the astro with a few other staff members; some of the students were delighted that they had a chance to pelt staff with snowballs, but we managed to get in a few good shots too!

Senior School students heard an excellent Morning Talk today from Lyall, Head of Business Studies and Head of Careers, on the world of work during National Careers Week. Our guest speaker was Jamie Pollard-Jones from Challenger Escapes, who spoke about his varied career and his experiences as an entrepreneur. I hope the students were inspired by his story – there were some excellent messages that chimed perfectly with our school values on being true to yourself and having the courage of your convictions.

In just over a week’s time, it is the Friends of Frensham Ball. Thank you to the parents who have been hard at work preparing for what promises to be an excellent evening. Please do get involved in the silent auction by visiting to bid on some of the fantastic items that have been donated. Remember that all funds raised go back to the school for the benefit of all children, and to a very worthy cause in the Eikon Charity.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes



Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope by now you have seen the letter sent by the Chair of Governors on Monday, and I am now very happy to write to you as incoming Acting Head of Frensham from next term. 

I appreciate that the news of Rick’s decision to leave Frensham will have been a surprise to many of you. Rick has been a massive part of school life for more than four years and has seen the school through the very difficult period of the global pandemic. I would like to join all of you in wishing Rick and his family the very best as they prepare their move to Somerset. I am continuing to work closely with Rick to ensure there is a smooth transition during the remainder of this term. 

I thought it might be useful for me to introduce myself to those parents who may not have had direct contact with me, and also to outline some of my experience which I believe will ensure we can, not just maintain Frensham as the school that develops well rounded, confident and happy children, but also grow, develop and thrive in the future.  

I have been working in education for the past 18 years in various teaching and management positions, the last four of which have been at Frensham Heights as Deputy Head (Academic). Prior to this I worked in various business roles, working in PR, communications and marketing in both the financial services and charity sectors.  

Having worked in various types of schools, from state provision in low income areas to a very academically selective independent boys school, I am so happy to be at home at Frensham. It's about balance, opportunity and individual relationships. Frensham provides a broad education, and opportunity for each student to find their spark, their future, whatever their specific talents and challenges. I look forward to sharing examples of that fundamental Frensham tenet with you in the coming months 

The last four years have been challenging and hugely rewarding for me.  My aim now is to ensure that we continue to build on all that we have achieved, continue to listen to you as our parents, and continue to develop an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.  

Frensham is an extraordinary school, with extraordinary students – I've taught many of them - and extraordinary teachers and staff who give absolutely everything to provide the type of education you want for your children. I know that because I want it too. Both my daughter and son attend Frensham and are absolutely thriving. I am passionate about working with governors to continue to uphold and develop all that makes Frensham unique. 

The next few weeks will be a time for me to continue to learn, to work closely with Rick and the governors, and to plan the short and medium term future of the school. I look forward to getting to know every parent here at Frensham in the coming weeks and months. 

Best wishes  






We are looking for some more volunteers for mock interview days. Many thanks for those who replied previously (if you can confirm to Lyall that you’re still available, that would be appreciated).

Last year we ran a brilliant and successful set of mock job interviews with Year 10 as part of a full day of careers’ skills and workshops. This year we're already planning similar, but need to run two sessions – if you like the sound of putting our Year 10 or Year 11 students through their paces in a mock job interview, please get in touch with Lyall ( – he will provide all information you need such as questions, scenarios, etc.

Dates and timing:

Year 11s on Tuesday, 21st March - Six (or more) interviewers required between 10.40am and 12.45pm (lunch can be provided). This is for the students’ coursework for their BTEC in Business qualification.

Year 10 on Monday, 15th May - A dozen or more interviewers required! Between 10.40am and 12.45pm (lunch can be provided). This is part of their careers’ day workshop.


We have a variety of activities happening in the science lessons. Junior school will be following a variety of sessions, including a science show for Year 6. Years 7 and 8 will be doing some fun practicals with a Biology, Chemistry and Physics theme about Connections.  Year 10 are entered into the Biology challenge, please bring a laptop or similar internet enabled device (a phone is not sufficient) to both their Biology lessons next week.


Morning Talk this week will be on a variety of topics all based on the topic of connections

  • Teenagers who would have them? Development of the teenage brain

  • Why people commit violent crimes, connecting the explanations

  • Go to bed! The connection between sleep, happiness, creativity and pretty much everything else…

  • Science vs the meaning of life

  • Connections to the oceans

  • Connections with nature


Please put Founders' Day in the diary - all students are expected to be here for our whole school celebration.


Get your diary out, Friends of Frensham are busy organising Junior School Discos for after the Easter break. Click here for more info and to book tickets.


Kerry Guy, our Enterprises Manager, is looking at the possibilities of offering conferences and business networking at Frensham Heights. She would really appreciate your ideas and suggestions on this. Please click here to fill in a quick survey.


Please click here to see what is currently needed. Any donations can be dropped off either in the Junior School office or the Years 4-6 atrium. Thanks in advance for your support.


SCL will be offering a holiday camp at Frensham Heights as usual over the Easter break. Please click here for more info.


We are very lucky that we have a large number of staff who are very happy to run school trips that enrich our school experience – including over weekends and holidays. We know that trips require a lot of planning and in general residential trips are scheduled a year in advance so that we can organise them and allow you time to plan/save as neede. Below is a live link to our working document that shows our plans so far.  The further ahead the trip – the less details we may have – but hopefully it goes someway to help give the overview.


The Thank a Teacher campaign recognises all staff working in UK schools and colleges; school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, and all support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and cleaners. If you’re feeling shy you can send a card anonymously! Click here to send a thank you. 


Some of our amazing Visiting Music Teachers are offering free 20 minute taster lessons. If your child would like to try any of the following wonderful musical instruments, then why not get in touch with Sally 

  • Clarinet

  • Saxophone

  • Violin

  • Flute

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone


Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link.


Auction 230310.jpg
FOF Silent Auction is LIVE!

Thank you to all of the Frensham Heights community who have helped us put together some fabulous Auction lots. We have some wonderful and generous donations- thank you. Please read on to see what grabs your interest as more lots have been added, including:

  1. Original film poster

  2. More skincare and makeup workshops

  3. An original painting by Suzana Hunter

And more!


Please head to or scan the QR code.

Bidding will close 10pm on Saturday 18th March.

FOF Ball Saturday March 18th

Thanks to everyone for getting the food and pre ordered wines in to us, a bar will also be available on the night. The FOF ball team are busy putting everything in place to make this a fantastic, fun night. There will be a briefing on specific timings, and further details coming out to you next week. In the meantime FOF would like to thank VGT Taxis for generously sponsoring this event. Don’t forget to book your taxis – welcome reception 6:30pm and carriages at 12:30am.

Come and Join the fun

Missed out on ball tickets? We are opening up the event after the dinner, fancy coming to have a dance or try your luck in the casino? Limited tickets are available for an entrance fee of £10, this includes 100 Elvis pounds to use in the casino on the night. So glam up and join us- to buy tickets please head to

to get your ticket.



Monday 13th March | 6pm
Aldridge Theatre | FREE

Our Years 5 & 6 will be entertaining us with a variety of different acts.

Frensham poster.png



Thursday 16th March | 7pm
Aldridge Theatre

Always an amazing performance of skill, creativity and courage. 

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 11.58.47.png

Friday 17th March | 7.30pm
Aldridge Theatre

The Mayor of Waverley, Cllr John Ward, invites you to a charity variety concert in aid of charities Creative Response and the Jigsaw Trust. The performance will feature the Farnham Rock Choir, performers from Frensham Heights, the Taiko Drummers and more.

Tickets are £20 including prosecco or a soft drink.

charity variety concer.png

Thursday 30th March | 4.30 - 6pm

Come and see for yourself what Esports is all about. This will be a live tournament.

Esports Tournament

Thursday 30th March | 7pm
Aldridge Theatre

Come along for an energetic evening of modern musical entertainment including solo artists and bands.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 14.23.17.png

In celebration of the wonderful talents past and present at Frensham Heights, our Creative Arts Department would like to invite everyone in our Frensham Community to be part of a printed Art Exhibition. Covering Art, Photography, Ceramics, Graphics and DT. There will be a launch event and the exhibition will be up in the Aldridge Theatre until Founders' Day.
Please click here to submit your artwork by 31st March, or email for more info.

Frensham Art Exhibition



Last week saw our absolutely spectacular production of Beauty and the Beast. It was a true Frensham experience with students and staff coming together onstage, back stage, in the box, in the orchestra pit and behind the bar to go above and beyond, as always. Audiences at all performances were astounded and amazed yet again by the courage and talent that develops at our school. Huge well done and thank you to everyone involved. 


The boarders and residential staff shared some wonderful photos of our beautiful school in the snow.


This week Year 4 went on their first residential to Henley Fort. The trip was linked to their topic of World War 2. The children were polite, well behaved and a real asset to Frensham Heights!  During our trip the children enjoyed becoming ARP Wardens – putting out fires, experiencing blackouts, dealing with injuries and bombing raids. They also enjoyed some wartime cookery, digging for victory and learning about women in the war. Their final training was to become part of the Homeguard – they learnt to march, throw grenades, set up road blocks and charge. They also slept in Yurts and woke up to a blanket of snow, which increased the excitement and made the trip even more fun! It was an amazing experience for all of the children.


This week the Greenpower team were thrilled to start to find out what we were doing next. This week Harrison and Elijah put the motor in whilst Aragon attached the 4-point seatbelt harness and worked on pumping the tires up to the correct PSI. Frankie put the headrest in and Ava and Maria fitted the steering wheel column. Nearer the end of the session the whole team worked together to put the body panels on as this was quite a time consuming, tricky job.  

Team profile:  

Name: CJ 

Likes: Climbing 

Dislikes: Football 

Favorite subject: ICT 

Why I applied: I thought it would be a great opportunity to practice ICT and DT, I also thought it would be a great and fun, exciting experience.  


We were super excited by the arrival of the duck eggs on Monday and have watched intently through the window of the incubator to see if we may see any hatch. Unfortunately, we were not lucky to catch any hatching in action, but we have had a lovely surprise in the mornings to come into class and see our ducklings – three in total, so far.  They have absolutely captured the children’s, and adults, attention this week.

Watch the livecam here.


This week it’s National Careers Week, so Lyall – our Head of Careers – led the morning talk. He gave an overview of what Careers at Frensham looks like. Careers guidance is the process of helping our students make educational and employment choices with an understanding of how to achieve their end goal and next steps; whether they’re in Year 2 or Year 12 – everyone can look at how their interests can lead to the next steps in life. Lyall discussed skills for life and what we currently provide under the Careers banner such as Tea and Biscuits (the conversational audience with industry experts with Q&A), the Unifrog website, a cyber security day, a palaeontologist visit, university fairs, Morrisby profiling, and careers day workshops including mock interviews.


We were delighted to be joined by guest speaker Jamie Pollard-Jones, the Managing Director of Challenger Escapes, who was originally in the army before setting up a corporate escape room agency supporting clients’ marketing, training and internal communications. He spoke about the risk and reward of launching a business and adapted Katharine Whitehorn’s definition of a “career” to his own version – a more realistic approach…

A really interesting listen, with the key to creating an experience, and how to turn your business idea into your career.

Thanks again to Jamie for coming to talk to us on Friday.


For any careers’ related questions about what we offer at Frensham, please contact Lyall 

We have had great fun in Junior Languages this week! Reception learnt about Henri Matisse and produced their own pieces of art using his famous “cut out” style.

" am interested in a political art, that is to say an art of ambiguity, contradiction, uncompleted gestures and uncertain ending - an art (and a politics) in which optimism is kept in check, and nihilism at bay." Willam Kentridge May 2022

Students were inspired by the work of South African artist William Kentridge, in particular how he animates, draws and redraws the figure, changing ground, scale, and medium. As elusive as it is allusive, Kentridge's art is shaped by apartheid and grounded in the politics of the post-apartheid era, and in science, literature and history, while always maintaining space for contradiction and uncertainty.

He says, "There was an absurdity to the basic logic of apartheid that we grew up with. There was something wrong with the logic, and that false logic then gets carried through to the nth degree-with pencils in people's hair, with the fifty-two different categorisations of what races were. So, the absurd was built in. We understood that the absurd was where we lived."

Students struck and photographed powerful and emotive poses to convey feelings about their positions as young people in our rapidly changing world, using acrylic paint to develop their work.

We hope you enjoy exploring the work as much as they enjoyed making it.


Nursery and Reception kickstarted off the week with epic adventures. We explored body movement in different directions, looking specifically how to safely scale a roped ladder and discussed different views from different heights. Reception also got creative with clay creating woodland creatures or plants. Finnaly we capped the session of with more fun in the leaf piles beofre heading home.

Year 2 had an amazing time setting up a shelter, learning about the different materials, knots and techniques to erect a tarp shelter. 

Within Year 4s lesson, we discussed alternative games we could play in the woods and concluded on an epic game of 40-40. The remainder of time was spent sharing imaginative stories about the Frensham Woods.

Finally Year 5 concluded the week with a wonderfull orienteering lesson. We discussed features on a map, their proximity to other features and how we can use this knowledge to make informed decisions when challenged to find an object hidden by their partners. Due to the constant challenge and energetic nature of this lesson, all children thoroughly loved this type of learning.


Students were introduced to the work of street artists from across the world especially ROA, Shepard Fairey and Banksy.

Contemporary art has long been a vehicle used to highlight various social issues that affect society. On the graffiti covered walls that surround Brick Lane and Shoreditch High Street Station, organisers of the Save the Bees Project are using large-scale murals to draw attention to the future of bees.

Using a limited colour palette students were inspired by street art being used to convey a message and the concept of paste ups which has influenced this work on display.

We hope you enjoy the diverse range of outcomes.


Please see a collection of unnamed lost property. Please email to claim anything that's yours.


Department CPD

Last week Rory headed to a sport in prep schools conference, and I attended the PADSIS Director if Sports gathering. It was great to spend a couple of days speaking to over 200 fellow directors of sports to talk current affairs. There were various seminars on SOCS, Girls Sport, What Co-Educational sport actually means, building a culture of health and fitness as well as updates from NGB’s and some fantastic guests’ speaker. One of which was BBC journalist Betty Glover who spoke passionately about her difficulties in gaining the respect as a female journalist in a male dominated field of sport. Fortunately that landscape is changing at a rapid rate and the opportunities for careers in sport are open to everybody

U14 Hockey v St Edmunds

Frensham U14 hockey welcomed St Eds to the Astro on Tuesday afternoon. They came up against tough opposition, with a couple of tricky forwards but put in a good performance. St Ed's started the game the stronger and took a couple of early chances to find themselves in the lead at half-time. In the second half, Frensham mounted a comeback, goals coming from Charlie, Imogen and Zara following some great attacking moves. Adrian defended resolutely at the back, but unfortunately the opposition came on strong and finished the game 6-3 winners. Well done to all.

U13 Football v Priors Field

The U13 girls football team were back in action on Thursday evening following the disappointment of the girl’s football festival being cancelled due to snow. Matilda, Nell and Jess lead the team through a thorough warm up in the pouring rain and the game was underway. The game was an even affair with possession swinging between the two teams, both of which were trying the play the right way passing their way through the pitch. Chances came for both teams, but Priors field forwards made them count. The opposition keeper also made a couple of excellent saves to keep Frensham out. The scoreline of 4-0 didn’t reflect the game, with Frensham putting in a really positive and hardworking performance. It's brilliant to see the progress these girls are making and their enthusiasm for the game. Well done all. 

U13 Football v Gordon's and St Nicholas

This were our first matches this year and the girls were all really excited for them. They started both games with amazing energy and determination. Our defenders Kathryn and Maria were excellent in the tackle and also really started to pass the ball well. Matilda and Nell out wide showed real quality on the ball and Georgia up front was a constant threat going forward.  Both Gordon’s and St Nicholas had a few attacks and Clara pulled off a couple of great saves in goal.  Jess, our captain for the day, was tenacious throughout and drove us forward continually winning lots of tackles and setting up attacks.  We beat Gordon’s 2-0 with goals from Matilda and Nell and we drew against a very strong St Nicholas team 1-1 with the goal coming from Georgia. A great first outing for the girls. 

Under 14s Netball Tournament 

The U14's had a great warm up for their forthcoming tour in a versatility tournament at Tormead this week.

I was proud of each and every girl, who played in every position, some of which had never played out of position before. Each game was 6 minutes each way with a change of position at half time. The girls battled for every ball and goal, and truly displayed some excellent game play on court. The girls won one, lost two games closely (by one goal) and had a difficult game against the subsequent winners. The girls represented the school superbly and clearly enjoyed the experience. A definite for one for next year. Now for Liddington this weekend.

U15 Mixed Hockey vs St Ed's 

This week’s game was against St Ed's on our home pitch. The team were ready for another fixture and we're hoping for a win. St Ed's had first push back and from the offset you could see it was going to be a tough but competitive game. Both teams worked hard and both teams playing extremely well. There were some great passes between our midfields and forwards. Henry was in goal this week and had a fantastic game. Henry saved some incredible goals stopping St Ed's scoring early. Thea was brilliant in defence always breaking down their play early, not letting them get to far up the pitch. Towards the end of the first half St Ed's managed to score their first goal. After a quick team chat we were on to the second half. The whole team worked hard for the whole game, trying to stop St Ed's from scoring another goal. Jack was very strong at the back breaking down their attack. Lexie was also great in midfield helping push the ball up the pitch. Towards the end of the game St Ed's managed to score another two goals in the final minutes. It was a great game and very competitive. Final score was 3-0 to St Ed's. Well done to everyone that played! 

U15s Football v Priors Field 

A wonderful game of football considering the brutal weather this game was played in. The girls started really well and were on the front foot straight from the start. Showing good physicality and a desire to get the ball moving forward quickly. Heidi scored the first two goals of eth game. The second of which was a fantastic left foot volley from the penalty spot after a long throw in from Jemima. The girls were strong in defence and on the occasion the opposition did get past Jamie was unstoppable in goal with a string of fine saves. Lulu made it 3-0 with a great from distance before Priors field scored the final goal of the first half to make it 3-1. A classic game of two halves came into play as Priors field became more physical in the game and made it hard for us to get out from the back. Despite some fantastic saves from Lexie in goal during the second half a narrow 5-3 defeat was the end score line. A great game to witness and the girls did a fantastic job against a tough opposition. 

Staff v Sixth Formers Badminton Tournament 

This weeks badminton champions were Youmin / Lloydy. Beating a highly competitive pair of Sam B and Alicia T 21 - 15 in the final.  

Under 18s Hockey V More House 
Club Link – Girls Football  

Please see details of great opportunity to get involved with a local club:  click here for more info.  

Fixture Calendar 

A reminder that you can see all fixtures  for the half term on the SOCS sport frensham website, team selection activates on Thursdays the week before matches. Website can be found here.  



We had a taste tour of Turkey this Thursday, with some delicious lamb wraps, chickpea falafels, tofu skewers and honey and date cake.


South American style beef in tortilla boats this week, something for those not wanting the traditional Friday fish option.


Leeks were on offer on the tasting table this week. We had soup, au gratin, mash, risotto, and a tart.



Sunday 12th March

PGL Liddington Netball Tour (Arrival time approx. 5pm)

​Monday 13th March

Science Week "Connections" Commences (Monday 13th to Friday 17th March) 

13.55 - Year 7&8 Notices (Ballroom) 

13.55 - Years 9 to 11 Notices (Theatre) 

16.15 - U13 & U12 Mixed Hockey v More House (Home) 

18.00 – 20.00 - Frensham’s Got Talent Malawi Fundraiser (Aldridge Theatre) - moved from 8th March

Tuesday 14th March

9.30 - Years 3 & Year 5 Trip to Chichester Planetarium 

14.30 - U15 & U14 Mixed Hockey v More House (Home) 

14.30 - U15 & U14 Boys Rugby v Boundary Oak (Home) 

14.30 - U15 Girls Football v Bedales/St Eds (Home) 

15.50 - U15 & U14 Boys Basketball v The Royal (Home) 

16.30 - Year 6 Maths Masterclass at Halstead Prep 

19.30 - GCSE & A Level Trip to Charterhouse Sustainability Conference 

16.30-18.30 - Spring Dance Concert Rehearsal 

Wednesday 15th March

Year 12 & 13 A-Level History Trip to Hampton Court 

14.30 - U11 & U10 Mixed Hockey v St Eds (Home) 

14.30 - U13 & U12 Mixed Hockey v St Eds (Home) 

14.30 - U13 & U12 Girls Football v Ditcham (Home) 

15.50 - U13 & U12 Boys Basketball v St Eds (Home) 

17.30-20.30 - Year 8 Academic Parents Evening (on Teams) 

Thursday 16th March 

Trinity Graded Music Exams (Music School) 

9.00 Departure - Year 1 & Year 2 Science Trip to Look Out Discovery Centre 

13.30 - Year 13 Geography Field study session - Alice Holt 

14.30 - U16 Boys Rugby v Mayville (Home) 

15.30 - U9 Mixed Hockey v Alton (Home) 

19.00 - Spring Dance Concert 

Friday 17th March

Year 9 HPV immunisations (Billiard Room) 

9.30 - Year 8 to Year 13 Morning Talk: Science Week / Nick BA (Aldridge Theatre) 

Bar Opens 18.50 - Mayors Charity Event Concert (Aldridge Theatre) (Curtains up at 19.30) 

Saturday 18th March

From 18.30 - FOF Ball and Auction event (Ballroom) 

18.00-22.30 - Boarders trip to cinema 


You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We also have several Twitter accounts around the school where you can find resources and school info:

Main School account - @FrenshamHeights

Rick - @rickclarke72

Business/Economics - @getontheeconbus

Careers - @FrenshamCareers

Creative Arts - @ArtsFrensham

Charity, Outreach and Community - @FrenshamCharity

Design & Technology - @FrenshamDT

Junior School - @FrenshamJuniors

Geography - @FrenshamGeog

Maths - @Frensham_Maths

Modern Foreign Languages - @Frensham_MFL

Music - @FHMusicSchool

Outdoor Ed - @Frensham_OE

PE & Sport - @Frensham_PE

PRE -  @FrenshamPRE


Science = @FrenshamScience

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