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Aldridge Theatre


Friday 17th March, 2023


Dear Parents 

Those who were in the audience at the Aldridge Theatre last night will agree that what we witnessed for the final dance show of the year was something that epitomizes what Frensham is all about. From the mesmerizing and inventive opening sequence to the joyous numbers performed by our youngest dancers in the Junior School, to the technical expertise of the exam pieces, the show was a wonderful showcase for the talent that we have in the school. It was an evening of beginnings and endings: many of the performers were our examination students performing for the last time, but we also saw some of the stars of the future in our younger dancers.  

It was also an ending for the driving force behind dance at Frensham for so many years. Although Bob Keane retires at the end of next term, this was his last dance show at Frensham, and he can be proud of an amazing finale to a wonderful career. There will be more formal opportunities next term to say goodbye to Bob, but last night was a chance to say goodbye from all of his dancers, and the tears and applause from performers and audience alike were a wonderful tribute to all that Bob has done. He will be much missed. 

Have a wonderful St Patrick’s weekend! 

Best wishes 



Dear Parents,


Please walk this Sway to your JS Communication this week.

Lots to digest so please do have a good read!

Take care and have a lovely weekend,


Nick O-T




Parent Voice met with the Extended Leadership team on the 22nd February. The minutes are on the parent portal. It was a very positive and productive meeting and we talked through a number of key issues, including:
• PV Constitution changes
• Comms – My School Portal
• Comms – wider issues
• School survey results
• Scholarship and enrichment
• Performing arts
• Food
• The road crossing
• Boarding changes
• Reporting
• Feedback workshop
• Introduction of sniffer dogs
Please follow the link below to read the full minutes:

If you have any questions or further feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Vicki, Emma and Jo


Thursday 23rd March 7pm-8pm - Year 10,11,12 & 13 Parents Horizons Drugs Education Webinar. Click here for more information.


Saxby A in Yr 8 has achieved a Merit in his Grade 1 ABRSM Piano exam.


Timetables for individual music lessons are now available for the remining two weeks of this term.   Please check the day/time on the Parent Portal on your child’s Real Time Timetable.  These timetables are also available for years 7 and above to access on Teams.

Timetables for the first half of the Summer Term will be prepared during the Easter Holidays, so please do check timetables before we come back to school.

As ever, should your child wish to have individual music lessons with us, then please do complete our application form here.  

Finally, should you need any help at all, then click here to contact Sally.


Please put Founders' Day in the diary - all students are expected to be here for our whole school celebration.


Get your diary out, Friends of Frensham are busy organising Junior School Discos for after the Easter break. Click here for more info and to book tickets.


Kerry Guy, our Enterprises Manager, is looking at the possibilities of offering conferences and business networking at Frensham Heights. She would really appreciate your ideas and suggestions on this. Please click here to fill in a quick survey.


Please click here to see what is currently needed. Any donations can be dropped off either in the Junior School office or the Years 4-6 atrium. Thanks in advance for your support.


Splash Active run a swim and mermaid school here at Frensham Heights. Please click here for more info.


SCL will be offering a holiday camp at Frensham Heights as usual over the Easter break. Please click here for more info.


We are very lucky that we have a large number of staff who are very happy to run school trips that enrich our school experience – including over weekends and holidays. We know that trips require a lot of planning and in general residential trips are scheduled a year in advance so that we can organise them and allow you time to plan/save as neede. Below is a live link to our working document that shows our plans so far.  The further ahead the trip – the less details we may have – but hopefully it goes someway to help give the overview.


The Thank a Teacher campaign recognises all staff working in UK schools and colleges; school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, and all support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and cleaners. If you’re feeling shy you can send a card anonymously! Click here to send a thank you. 


Some of our amazing Visiting Music Teachers are offering free 20 minute taster lessons. If your child would like to try any of the following wonderful musical instruments, then why not get in touch with Sally 

  • Clarinet

  • Saxophone

  • Violin

  • Flute

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone


Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link.


Auction 230317.png
FOF Silent Auction is LIVE!

FOF Silent Auction is hotting up!

FOF are currently raising funds to purchase a garden pod for the students to meet in and use during the day. In addition, 10% of all profits will be going to the Eikon Charity who provide a wide range of wellbeing support for young people in Surrey.


We have had some amazing items donated but time is running out to grab yourself something amazing (and help our fundraising).


Among our lots for health and beauty, restaurants, hotels, activities and more we also have some amazing art. Some of these will be on display in the long gallery on Saturday but you can also see them on the auction lot on the website. We are lucky enough to have:

  • An exclusive Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture

  • An original painting by Suzana Hunter

  • A framed copy of one of the original pictures used on the set of George Orwell’s 1984 film

230317 Art.jpg
Please head to or scan the QR code below. Bidding will close 10pm on Saturday 18th March.



Thursday 30th March | 4.30 - 6pm

Come and see for yourself what Esports is all about. This will be a live tournament.

Esports Tournament

Thursday 30th March | 7pm
Aldridge Theatre

Come along for an energetic evening of modern musical entertainment including solo artists and bands.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 14.23.17.png

In celebration of the wonderful talents past and present at Frensham Heights, our Creative Arts Department would like to invite everyone in our Frensham Community to be part of a printed Art Exhibition. Covering Art, Photography, Ceramics, Graphics and DT. There will be a launch event and the exhibition will be up in the Aldridge Theatre until Founders' Day.
Please click here to submit your artwork by 31st March, or email for more info.

Frensham Art Exhibition





This week has been science week with the National theme being Connections. During the week we have had quite a few different activities going n all based in science around the theme of Connections.  Yr 7 and 8 have been building neurons out of sweets for Biology, in chemistry they have been looking at bonding and building molecules out of plasticine/modelling clay and in physics they were taking part in a national experiment and building batteries and investigating how to get the biggest charge.  The junior school had a flash bang display by Rich Jones (one of our chemistry teachers) which they absolutely loved, including some volunteers getting set alight.  Al this culminated in a ted talk style morning taklk presented by the wonderful staff.  We had a series of  5min talks about a wide variety of topics, I bit like the Ted Talk style shows.  It opened with one of our students (Ernest) playing the piano. We learnt from James how and why music is universal and how we can all recognise a love song, healing  song, a dance song and a lullaby even from different cultures. Hannah explored the possible reasons why people commit violent crimes, link different theories to try and see the bigger picture. The connections between us and nature and the oceans, Flic was looking at conservation work with the whale sharks and manta rays, Amanda M was talking to us about the benefits of spending time in nature and the importance of seeking green spaces. Tim explained how we are all only 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon and how social media has decreased these degrees from 6 steps. Lynn got the whole audience involved about connections between the left and right brain and the connections between body and mind and finished with Nick talking to everyone about why teenagers are grumpy, explaining the changes that go on in the brain and the fact that most of the brain gets rewritten during adolescence meaning teenagers are led by their emotions and reward rather than logic/planning and consequences.


Last weekend 28 keen Frensham netballers headed to PGL Lidington for a weekend full of netball and outdoor activities. We haven’t attended this weekend since before COVID and it was exciting to return. We had Three teams competing over the weekend in the Year 8, 9 and 10 tournaments. The level of netball across the weekend was high and all games were highly competitive.


The Year 8 team, which had a number of Year 7 students, played incredibly well all weekend. A number of the games were very close but in all but one game on the first day of competition Frensham came away victorious. The last game of the first day was very tight but the girls narrowly lost. This made the girls very determined on the second day as they really wanted to make at least the semi-finals. The girls fought very hard during their last two league games to secure victories and earn themselves a place in the semi-final. The semi-final was a close game, but the girls played fantastically beating a team they narrowly beat the day before to earn themselves a spot in the final. The girls were very nervous about the final as they had to face the same team that had previously beaten. At half time Frensham were behind by four and we thought it was perhaps a game to far after a very busy, tiring weekend, but how wrong were we! The girls came out after half time and played their best half of netball yet. The girls brought it back level and with 20 seconds to go scored the winning goal to be crowned competition winners. The girls all collected a medal and a team trophy for their efforts. A huge well done to Mia, Mila, Ivy, Sienna and Maria who were our Year 7s that played up brilliant against Year 8 opposition. A Huge well done also to Clara. Two students who really excelled for the team over the weekend was Kathryn and Georgia.


The Year 9 team equally played some fantastic netball over the weekend. Again, some of the games were tight but the girls kept their cool and came away undefeated after the first day. The team played some of the best netball we have seen them play during the first day. The ball moved through the court effortlessly and Frensham quickly became known as a strong team amongst the schools. The girls picked up where they left off at the start of the second day playing some excellent, aesthetically pleasing netball. At the end of the league games Frensham were sat at the top of their league. A slight curve ball came at the semi-final stage when it became known that there was in fact another year 9 league running and we would be facing teams we hadn’t yet played. This didn’t seem to worry the girls and they continued their excellent run winning their semi-final comfortably. As expected the final was the most competitive game yet. The team they faced had the strongest defence we had come up against all weekend and it was more difficult to get the ball into the shooting circle. Despite fighting until the very last whistle the girls lost 12-6. Coming runner across two very competitive leagues was still an excellent achievement and the girls came home with a well-deserved runner up medal. A huge well done to Adria, Molly, Maddie, Maleah, Anabelle, Sophie and Jamie who played brilliantly throughout the weekend. A special mention to Georgia who played up with the Year 9 girls. Two students who really excelled for the team over the weekend were Jemima and Isobel who have formed an excellent partnership in attack.


The Year 10 team had a slightly tougher weekend coming up against some very talented teams containing girls that play netball at club level as well as in school. The girls played well throughout the weekend but sadly just came up short in a few games narrowly losing by a few goals. They did have one excellent win that really lifted the team by the end of the first day. The girls knew they had to win both games on the second day to stand a chance of making the semi-final. The girls fought very hard and played some good netball but sadly couldn’t earn a win in their final two games, but again the score was very tight and on another day the ball would have dropped into the net instead of out making the result very different. A big shout out to Esther, Lulu, Lexi, Thea, Millie, Willow, Phoebe, Heidi, Grace and Matilda for their excellent effort throughout the weekend.


When we weren’t playing netball the girls got to enjoy the outdoor activities. The giant swing was a big favourite for everyone sitting in the swing, but not so much for everyone else having to pull them up to the top. Despite the cold weather a number of the girls braved the climbing wall and other queue and do activities over the weekend. I know axe throwing was a hit with a number of the Year 10 girls. During the first evening the girls took part in quiz type games where one team got a throw a water bomb at an instructor, and another were named quiz winners. The second night provided the most fun with a silent disco followed by a Frensham dance off which was great fun for all involved.


Thank you, girls, for a fun weekend of netball and dancing.

Sian, Jo, Kate and Chrissy.


Charlie Bennett took the Sixth Form Historians to Hampton Court. They are studying Stuart Britain. Hampton Court was used as a place to discuss religious reforms, a place of incarceration for Charles I following the first Civil War and it was remodelled and extended by and lived in by William and Mary. It is always of great value to apply knowledge gained in school to historical sites. It really brings the subject alive. In addition, visiting the Maze, the Real Tennis Courts and Gardens gave an insight into how the Stuarts recreated. Who knew that Charles I was actually one of the greatest tennis playing monarchs?


Years 4,5 and 6 watch a fantastic French play performed by the Onatti theatre company in the Aldridge. The actors combined French and English in a sketch about a skiing accident that had pupils laughing and shouting out in true pantomime style! We also welcomed pupils from Rowledge and St Peter’s primary schools to join in the fun.


Last Saturday, Malika, Marta and Valerie invited MFL GCSE students from Frensham and beyond in to school for Spanish and French GCSE study skills masterclasses. The masterclasses were interactive and informative and we had some wonderful feedback from the parents of the students who came from other schools:

"Thank you so much to everyone who organised and ran the event. It sounded really well structured and so helpful. They both got so much out of the class and said that they'll be able to apply this to their lessons/exams. The resources that they came away with look excellent and really helpful too.

They're so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend the masterclass (and in such a beautiful setting too) so thank you for opening it up to non Frensham Heights students."

"I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you for the masterclass on Saturday. My daughter came out buzzing, excitedly chatting the whole way home about everything she had learnt. Thank you so much for inviting children from other schools to attend and benefit from your fabulous teaching staff. She learnt so much from your wonderful teacher Malika and was delighted with the resources she was given to continue to work from.  She really had a brilliant morning and it was wonderful to hear her so engaged in her learning. Thank you to everyone involved at Frensham Heights and for arranging such a motivational learning event and for extending the opportunity to the wider community too."

"Thank you for organising such a fantastic event last weekend. My daughter came home on a real high and was so happy to have taken part. She took some valuable insights home with her, setting her up well for her GCSE studies. Thank you to everyone involved. The only problem we have now is that she’d love to start at Frensham :)"


A group of our students were treated to an inspiring talk at Charterhouse Sustainability Conference on Tuesday evening. Part of our Science Week offering and our continued drive to educate our students about real world issues, the keynote speaker, Scarlett Benson both informed and inspired. It was reassuring to hear that a sustainable future for all living on our planet is possible, but slightly more daunting to learn that in order for this to happen 1.2 billion hectares of agricultural land needs to be returned to nature, that’s an area the size of Europe! Our students asked some great questions and will continue to discuss ideas in lessons this week.

Scarlett Benson, World Resources Institute, Director of Standards of the Food and Land Use Coalition, leading the Science Based Targets Initiative’s work on Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM) and member of the Steering Committee of the Science Based Targets Network Land Hub, developing nature science-based targets for land to the Charterhouse Sustainability Conference 2023.


Meanwhile, the Worthy Earth Project begins with Year 7 students next term, growing vegetables and learning about sustainable connections to nature, our Eco Heights group are planning an informative display about ethical and sustainable fashion and next Friday our morning talk will be delivered by Holroyd Howe, our caterer’s, sustainability officer. They’ll be discussing the impact on our environment of growing food. Holroyd Howe will have a demo stand about food waste on display at lunchtime. Students can also be invited to join a food sustainability discussion/workshop. If your child is interested in joining this discussion, please ask them to contact either Amanda McCallum or Jack Talman. 

Our charity group have been working on a sustainable clothing project. Continuous clothing collections have allowed us to send clothes to Farnham Help for refugees via the charity called Global Aid Network UK(GAIN), provide a pop up shop to support our local Ukrainian friends for 7 months and generally help those in need locally. The NEW project  - we are teaming up with Cherry Trees charity and have launched a design competition ahead of our family fun day here at Frensham, Self-Expression Safari. Please click here for more information on the design competition and save the date of 1st April for our next workshop. Come along and use existing clothing to make new wanted items and help us develop adaptive clothing in the fashion industry!!


Like Limp Bizkit said in the year 2000 (so my parents tell me) We are rollin rollin rollin.  This week we got both axles fitted and the rear wheels.  This is a big step forwards and our fancy coloured bathtub is now looking like a race winning green machine. 

David, Richie and Sully tested our communications, we still have a few problems to iron out but we are making real progress with the Comms. 

During the workshop mayhem we decided to take a team photo! Remember these faces, we will be running Red Bull soon.  


Team Profile: Elijah 

Name: Elijah 

Likes: Football, go karting, formula one, mountain biking, racing simulators, supercar driving, swimming, sports, creating things 

Dislikes: Mushrooms, pickles, olives! 

Favorite subject: PE and DT 

Why I applied: I am interested in car racing. I went to see the green power car in year 6, learning a bit about it, how it was built and what the plans were for racing. I am really interested in learning more about my role as engineer and being involved in the team.    

Written by Juno (7TJJ) 


Budding games designer, year 10 Student Arlo F has impressed his computer science teacher with his efforts in creating unique computer games using the Unity Games Engine.  So much so that Sarah suggested that Arlo should represent the school by entering the BAFTA Young Games Design Award.  Keen to rise to the challenge, Arlo created a game from scratch called Bird in the Woods.  All the artwork, sound and code used in the game is Arlo’s work and the concept is completely original.  His computer science classmates had lots of fun testing the game out today and it’s creating quite a buzz around the class.

The BAFTA Young Games Design award is an initiative ran by BAFTA that inspires and supports young people to create, develop and present their new game idea to the world.  Prizes include gaming goodies as well as mentoring sessions from industry experts.  We must wait until June to see if Arlo has reached the final so keep an eye on this newsletter for an announcement in a couple of months’ time.

To have a go at playing Arlo’s game, go to his site here:

Next year the plan is to start a club to encourage more students to enter through an ECA that will support students with the process of games design.  For further information about the competition and categories available click on the link: BAFTA Young Game Designers | BAFTA YGD

If there are any parents who have knowledge of the games industry who would like to come and talk to some of our budding games designers, contact Head of Computer Science, Sarah Cull.


U13 Mixed Hockey vs More House

This weeks game was on our home pitch against More House. The team were very excited and wanted to get playing right away. The first half was brilliant from both teams, there were some great passes up and down the pitch as well as some great dribbling from Georgia and Kathryn pushing for their first goal of the game. Frensham’s defence was very strong throughout the game with Nell, Matilda and Jackson at the back closing More House down as soon as they came close to our ‘D’. Unfortunately, towards the end of the first half More House managed to make it through and score their first goal of the game. Frensham worked really hard to try and make it a draw but More House had a very strong defence who were closing us down before we were able to get a shot on goal but it did not stop Frensham trying. After a quick team chat and a change of positions we were on to the second half hoping for a goal. Sully was brilliant upfront, always offering an option to the rest of the team. Johnny showed great dribbling skills moving up the pitch with a lovely pass off to Kathryn and Georgia who played the ball brilliantly through to Sully. It was a great game to watch and the whole team looked like they were really enjoying themselves. The final score of the game was 1-1 to More House. Well done to everyone that played!

U15 Mixed Hockey vs More House

This weeks game was against More House on our home pitch again. The team were ready for another great game and hopefully a win. The game started off strong with both teams putting in 100% and working hard to be the first to score. It was a great competitive game, you could tell both teams wanted a win. Even though it was competitive both teams were supportive of each other and it was great to see such great sportsmanship. Thea, Will and Elliott were very strong at the back and Hayden in goal made some brilliant saves and were making it very difficult for More House to score. Leo, Sophie and Benjy were in the middle and played extremely well moving the ball up the pitch with some brilliant passes between the attack. Luke was upfront and had an exceptional game scoring five of our goals and with Leo following him with another two goals. More House played some brilliant Hockey too and managed to score their first goal of the game. At half time it was 5-1 to Frensham. With some changes to positions we were on to the second half. In the second half I gave the team some personal targets for them to try and meet. In the second half Elliot moved upfront with Leo moving back into defence. Elliot’s positioning on the pitch was brilliant and Leo played some fantastic passes through the midfield straight to Elliot. The second half was coming to an end, but in the last couple of minutes of the game Leo played a brilliant ball through to Elliot. Elliot controlled the ball and hit an amazing shot in to the back of the goal. It was a great game and the team should be very proud of how they conducted themselves. Well done to everyone that played!

U10 Mixed Hockey vs St Ed’s

This weeks match was against St Ed’s, the team were very excited and eager to start. From the start it was clear that this might be a tough match. St Ed’s started off strong and really tested Frenshams skill. St Ed’s started pushing towards our goal trying to score. The team worked really hard to stop the ball from getting into the ‘D’. Edith did some fantastic defending and cleared the ball out brilliantly to Maela and Rudi who were playing midfield and up front. Maela did some brilliant dribbling up the pitch with the help of Rudi and Betty. The team worked really hard to score their goal but unfortunately St’s Eds defence was really strong and managed to break down our attack before entering the ‘D’. St Ed’s managed to score their first two goals of the game and then it was time for a quick half time chat. After a couple of targets for the team we were back on for the second half. Ethan played brilliantly at the back stopping a fantastic shot from the St Ed’s attackers. The team worked really hard throughout the whole game and did not stop trying. It was great to see the team so supportive of each other and everyone played really well. The final score of the game was 4-0 to St Ed’s, Frensham should be very proud of how hard they worked. Well done to everyone that played.

U11 Hockey v St Edmund's

The U11 Hockey team were back in action on Wednesday afternoon, following the disappointment of not being able to attend the Churcher's College tournament due to the snow. St Edmund's were the visitors this week and proved tough opposition. They started the game stronger, playing some nice hockey and took their chances to take a 2-0 lead at half-time. Two goals shortly followed after the break, and it looked as though it wasn't going to be our afternoon. However, the team dug in and started playing hockey the way they have been in recent wins, passing the ball with accuracy and playing quickly from the restarts. George and Kyle both got on the scoresheet to make the score 4-2, but unfortunately, we ran out of time to mount a comeback. Well done to all involved. 

U9 Hockey v Alton 

The U9's returned to hockey following their recent rugby fixtures and were full of enthusiasm and energy going into the game. Alton were the visitors and brought a large squad and we were able to play lots of games. On Rory's pitch there was some impressive hockey with the team picking up two wins and one draw. Amelie put in a brilliant defensive display making a brilliant goal saving tackle in the second game and Clark and Ethan got on the scoresheet. On Lloyd's pitch the team picked up two draws and a loss, with Mack playing well in midfield to link between attack and defence. It’s brilliant to see the progress the teams have made in hockey this term and we look forward to our last game of the season next week to St Edmund’s. Well done all. 

junior hockey.jpg
U15 Basketball v The Royal

It was another really good display from the team with some excellent attacking play from all the players.  We led throughout the game but it was very close up until the last quarter when we pulled away with two excellent 3 pointers from Jack.  We ended up winning the game 23-10 with 7 of the team scoring points.  We really have developed as a team this term and the improvement in all the players is great to see. 

U13 Basketball v St Eds

We played some excellent Basketball in this game showing real dominance when rebounding and we are learning to start to create a more measured attack making sure we find someone who is open to take the shot.  Special mention for Derin’s defensive play which broke up so many St Eds attacks and it was great to see that nearly everyone on the team scored points, with Barney scoring 2 great baskets and Harry B scoring an excellent 3 pointer.  We ended up winning 29-10.

Under 18s Football v More House

A final game for many Frensham Heights students from the first team. The boys started really well and were physical and created a few chances. After More House took the lead Charlie scored a outstanding goal from around 30 yards, curling nicely into the top corner away from the goalkeeper leaving him no chance. Charlie scored a second goal from the penalty spot towards the game. However, more house were a little stronger today winning 6-2. The boys played until the final whistle and could not be faulted for commitment and work rate throughout. Those boys leaving us will be missed greatly.

Under 15s Girls Football V Bedales and St Edmunds

We hosted two teams this week in a great afternoon of girls football. We started out against Beadles and won the game quite comfortably. On a small pitch playing 7 a side its always more difficult to score but we did run out 3-1 winners with goals from Heidi and Lulu. St Edmunds also beat Bedales and when we played St Edmunds we decided to use a full pitch and go 10v10 we made for a great game. With much more space it was great to see the girls have urgency, physicality, and a desire to get the ball moving forward quickly.  Sophia made some great saves in goal, Willow with a fantastic defensive display, Lulu showing speed and desire to win every ball to name just a few highlights from a terrific match. We lost 2-1 in the end after a late penalty to St Edmunds for handball. Well done girls!

Under 12/ 13s Hockey v st Ed’s
Under 14s v More House
Under 13s v More House
Staff & Sixth Formers Badminton Tournament 

Massive upset this week in the Staff/Sixth Formers badminton tournament. Defending champs Lloydy/ youmin lost to Sam and Giles 21-19 in an epic battle. It only feels right Giles …”Head of DT “ won because he did engrave the trophies!! . Alan / Sophie combination seems to be getting stronger every week… champions very soon I feel.

Club Link – Girls Football  

Please see details of great opportunity to get involved with a local club:  click here for more info.  

Fixture Calendar 

A reminder that you can see all fixtures  for the half term on the SOCS sport frensham website, team selection activates on Thursdays the week before matches. Website can be found here.  



We celebrated an early St Patricks day this week. With Irish coddled pork in cider, colcannon mash, Irish flag salad, salmon fish cakes and apple and cinnamon tart.


We had pitta pizzas on the Street food counter this week. As well as this there was battered cod, salt and pepper battered tofu, Vegan Greek salad pots, cauliflower soup, and brownies. Something for everyone.


We tried all things rhubarb this week on the taster table. In the form of smoothies, fool, rhubarb and elderflower cake, salad and of course a crumble.



​Monday 20th March

13.55 Years 7 to 13 Notices (Aldridge Theatre) 

13.00-15.30 - Year 6 Evening Ski Session (Aldershot) 

14.00 - U11 Girls Hockey v Bedales Tournament (Away) 

16.30 - BTEC Performing Arts rehearsal (Studios) 

16.30 - Year 13 A level Drama rehearsal (Aldridge Theatre) 

Tuesday 21st March

10.40 - Year 11 BTEC Business Mock Job Interviews 

14.30 - U15 & U14 Boys Rugby v St Eds (Away) 

14.30 - U15 & U14 Mixed Hockey v St Eds (Home) 

14.30 - Junior School (Year 4 to 6) Teatime Concert (Ballroom) 

16.30 - Year 13 A Level Drama Rehearsal (Aldridge Theatre) 

Wednesday 22nd March

13.30 - U13 Boys Rugby v Boundary Oak Tournament (Away) 

14.30 - U11 & U10 Mixed Hockey v Churcher's College (Home) 

14.30 - U13 Mixed Hockey v KESW (Home) 

15.30 - U12 Mixed Hockey v Alton (Home) 

17.00-18.00 - Year 13 A level Drama Scripted Performance (Aldridge Theatre) 

Thursday 23rd March 

8.30-10.25 - Year 10 Horizons Day - It Happens (Drugs/Substance etc) (Ballroom) (P1&2) 

10.50-12.45 - Year 11 Horizons Day - It Happens (Drugs/Substance etc)  (Ballroom) (P3&4) 

14.15-15.10 - Careers Event (Year 10 to Year 13) (Drawing Room) 

15.30 - U9 Mixed Hockey v St Eds (Home) 

15.50 - U18 Boys Basketball v More House (Home) 

16.30 - U15 Mixed Hockey v Alton (Home) 

17.30-18.30 - Year 13 A level Drama Scripted Performance (Aldridge Theatre) 

19.00-20.00 - Parents Horizons Webinar: Substance Misuse Education 

Friday 24th March

Year 11 and Sixth Form Silver & Gold Practice Expedition 

8.40 - JS Assembly (Aldridge Theatre) 

9.30 - Year 8 to Year 13 Morning Talk: Holroyd Howe (Aldridge Theatre) 

13.10-13.50 - Senior School Lunchtime Acoustic Concert (MRR) 

Saturday 25th March

Year 11 and Sixth Form Silver & Gold Practice Expedition  

Saturday 26th March

Year 11 and Sixth Form Silver & Gold Practice Expedition


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