Student Absences

It is really important that your child comes to school throughout the term. There may be times when this simply is not possible, or when your child needs to have time off for a medical or dental appointment or for some other personal reason. In this case, please let us know, as outlined below, with as much notice as possible. We would also be grateful if you could let us know about any issues at home that may affect your child’s happiness or wellbeing.

Junior School

If you think your child is unwell, please do keep them at home where they will be most comfortable and more likely to recover quickly. If they have actually been sick or are suffering from an upset stomach, we do ask that they stay at home for 48 hours to prevent any bug being passed to other children. If you are keeping your child at home, please let us know as soon as possible either by telephone or email.

telephone: 01252 797408
email: [email protected]

Other Absences
Any requests for children to be absent from school for non- medical reasons should be sent to Katherine at [email protected]

Middle School & Sixth Form

Please note the following things you should do if your child is ill, late, or has an out-of-school appointment.

  • If your child is ill or has a medical appointment: please let Reception know by telephone (01252 792561) or email ([email protected]). Please also keep Reception updated daily if the illness continues.
  • If your child is late for school: please bring them to Reception as soon as you arrive so they can be signed in.
  • If your child has an out-of-school appointment during the school day: please remind them that they will need to sign in and out at Reception.