Curriculum Plus

A look at our extra-curricular activities, scholarships, sport and outdoor education

Curriculum Plus

Our Curriculum Plus covers extra-curricular and scholarships at Frensham Heights as well as the many other elements which fall outside our usual curriculum including Sports and Outdoor Education.

Scholarship and Enrichment
We offer Honorary Scholarships in Academic, Music, Art, Dance, Drama and Sport. These do not have monetary value but they recognise and celebrate excellence. Scholars have access to a bespoke enrichment programme, with events and trips organised throughout the school year.

All students have one lesson of enrichment per week, covering communication skills, critical thinking, careers and computer skills. All students also take part in Physical Education/Games, which includes an element of Outdoor Education.

Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)
Our rich and diverse selection of ECAs ensures that every student enjoys a huge range of artistic, musical, dramatic, sports, academic or dance-related groups – trying new things and expanding horizons.

Both residential and day trips are an important part of school life. Some are part of the curriculum and usually fairly local, but there are also many opportunities to travel further afield. Recent trips include the annual senior school surf trip to Polzeath, skiing in the French Alps for Year 5 and above, cricket/netball tours to Barbados and a visit to our partner school in Malawi.

Students of all ages raise money for, and awareness of, various charities. We want them to be directly involved in the mechanics of fundraising. We also encourage our students to offer practical support to good causes. This in turn leads them to consider the change they want to make in the world. Each year the students choose the charity that will benefit from our collective fundraising activities.


Sport and Outdoor Education
Our belief in, and commitment to, activities outside the classroom leads to further success within it – which is why Frensham has always respected the importance of Sport and insisted on equal status for Outdoor Education.

Our PE and Games programme is broad and exciting, even for our youngest students. PE is compulsory and taught across the school by dedicated teachers. The syllabus includes traditional games such as cricket, tennis, rounders, football, hockey, swimming, athletics and netball. We also offer more alternative sports including karate, gymnastics and parkour. We aim to provide sport for all regardless of ability and motivate students to be active and healthy long into adulthood. We arrange sporting fixtures with other schools from U7s to U18s.

The aim is to make sport fun so the emphasis is on having a go and building skills through games play, structured practices and, for those who enjoy them, competitive matches.

Outdoor Education
Our Outdoor Education programme involves a degree of calculated risk, not just for the sake of it but to develop confidence, teamwork and responsibility. The adventures on offer are carefully chosen, meticulously prepared and age appropriate. What makes Outdoor Education so special is that with real adventure the unexpected will always happen and it is in dealing with this that students discover their true strengths and exceed their personal limits.

For Junior School students, the Outdoor Education programme begins with Forest Classes, where even the youngest can enjoy the freedom to explore, to investigate, to experience and to take small but significant risks that help them grow into curious and self-aware adults. Year 7 or 8 students might find themselves on a night walk where they hold their nerve as they hear unfamiliar animal noises in the dark. Those in Years 9 to 11 might go rock climbing, fell walking or take on the challenges of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Whatever the adventure, our aim is to ensure students enjoy the freedom to explore, to investigate, to experience and to take small but significant risks that help them grow into curious and self-aware adults.