Essential Kit

PE and subject-specific kit

Clothing & Subject-Specific Kit Requirements

PE Kit

PE kit can be bought online at You will need to register initially and you will be able to see the full range of kit on the dedicated Frensham Heights pages.

Below are the kit lists, those that our sports department staff consider essential items are clearly highlighted. For boys and girls from Nursery to Year 2 the purchase of sports kit is optional (if you want to buy kit the recommended items are clearly labelled on SchoolBlazer).

Nursery to Year 3 Girls and Boys

Navy Sweatshirt

Navy Jogging Bottoms

White or Navy Polo Shirt

Navy PE Shorts

White Sports Socks

Please note, Schoolblazer recommends buying the older PE kit for Year 3, we don’t require this for Year 3, we recommend the kit as shown above, but it is your choice if you want to buy big to wear in Year 4 as well.. They will be wearing their PE kit all day in Year 3, so choose something they will be comfortable in.

Girls PE Kit

Navy Polo


Navy Sports Socks

White Sports Socks

Navy Midlayer

Tracksuit Top

Navy Training Pants

Navy Base Layer Leggings

Navy Base Layer

Navy Fleece Beanie

Ear Warmers

Games Bag

Boys PE Kit

Navy Polo


Navy Sports Socks

White Sports Socks

Navy Midlayer

Navy Training Pants

Navy Tracksuit Top

Rugby Shirt

White Cricket Trousers

Navy Fleece Beanie

Games Bag

Netball dresses

We do ask girls who are selected for our netball teams to wear a netball dress. The dress is the Eclipse Dress II in navy/white and can be ordered from Alternatively, you can wait to order one once term has started and the netball trials have taken place.


Boys are asked to bring swimming trunks/shorts (not beach wear) and swimming goggles. Girls are asked to bring a one-piece swimsuit in a plain colour, swimming goggles and a swim hat

Sports bags

As you will see when you log on, Schoolblazer also stock a sports bag but this is due to change in 2018 and new students can therefore bring any sensible sports bag as long as it is clearly named and not too bulky.

Shin pads and mouth guards

Mouth guards and shin pads are also essential items.
Shin pads can be bought from any sports store and should be the correct size for your child.
Mouth guards can be bought before your child starts school but parents will be able to buy a custom-fitted mouth guard from Opro. Our Sports Department will send you more details in September about booking your child in for an appointment to be fitted for these at the beginning of term.


Astros (optional), Football boots, Trainers

Astros (optional), Indoor trainers, Outdoor trainers

Outdoor Education

Children in Nursery to Year 3 get their first taste of the wonder and excitement of outdoor learning through Forest School, which they have as part of the weekly curriculum. Wellington boots are definitely required. Waterproof jackets and trousers are provided.
Children in Years 4 to 6 can take part in Forest Class as an extracurricular activity.
All Junior School students will require a waterproof jacket.

For general one-day OE activities and extracurricular activities (ECAs), the essential list for all Middle School and Sixth Form students is:
1 quick-drying t-shirt
1 pair of quick-drying trousers
1 waterproof jacket
1 pair of waterproof trousers
1 pair of walking boots or sturdy trainers
1 fleece

Students taking part in longer OE activities, including Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, will be given a relevant kit list in advance.


Junior School
School PE kit is preferred. Hair needs to be tied back.

Ballet and Modern Dance Extracurricular Activities
Girls: A plain sleeveless leotard, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair needs to be tied back.
Boys: Shorts, plain T-shirt, leotard and black ballet shoes/black tights with belt.

Year 7-9 students: please bring a separate set of clothes made of soft stretchy fabric with no zips or buttons (eg jogging trousers/leggings and a t-shirt). There are no restrictions on colour. Long hair needs to be tied back.

GCSE students: most suitable are jogging trousers/leggings/a leotard with leggings/footless tights.

ECA students: Girls – a plain, sleeveless leotard, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. Boys – shorts, plain t-shirt, leotard, black ballet shoes/black belt.


Students in Years 7 and 8 need the usual equipment for writing and drawing, plus a ruler and a calculator (we recommend the Casio FX85GTX Class Wiz).

Students in Years 9 to 11 need the items listed above and will also need a pair of compasses and a protractor.

Students in Sixth Form need a calculator (we recommend the Casio FX991 EX Class Wiz) from the start of the course.


All students in Years 7 to 9 are required to have a recommended Frensham device, for further info please contact Louise as below.

Junior School students are not currently able to use laptops in class unless they have a written recommendation in the form of an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Teacher or Occupational Therapist report. Our network is capable of supporting both Microsoft Windows 10 devices and Apple MAC OSX devices. It is your responsibility to make sure these devices are insured.

If you need any advice, please email Louise Moore, IT Manager, at [email protected]


A Level Photography students need to have their own DSLR camera.