Higher and Careers Education

Specialist support is available to students and parents

As part of our Higher and Careers Education programme, the school is a member of the Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO) and their specialist support is available to students and parents in conjunction with day-to-day support from the school careers coordinator.

Middle School

Year 9 students attend a seven-session careers course focusing on how to use resources and make effective decisions, work-related learning, examining what paid employment can legally be completed and interview techniques.

A careers afternoon is also held just before students make their GCSE choices. The sessions include a short psychometric internet-based questionnaire, GCSE options and career options. Tutors then follow up with two sessions researching the careers suggestions.

Year 10 have a study skills conference to launch their GCSE/IGCSE courses, including time management, types and ways of learning and self-motivation strategies. Building on this is a careers rotation within the extension curriculum that focuses on developing practical skills for the workplace.

In June, students join the Futurewise careers and higher education guidance scheme. This starts with an individual psychometric profile and is followed up with a one-to-one interview with a trained careers advisor from ISCO at the beginning of the autumn term (in Year 11).

Students will then have their own Futurewise web space containing their profile, links to careers and higher education websites, information about career and skills development courses and one-to-one professional help via email or telephone. Parents receive a hard copy of the profile report and their own log in code and web space on Futurewise. Membership benefits apply until the student’s 23rd birthday.

Appointments can be made to meet with an ISCO representative at the Year 11 parents’ evening to discuss both course choices and future careers options. There is also an AS information evening in the autumn term where students and parents can consult staff about AS/A2 choices.

Sixth Form

This is coordinated by the Head and Assistant Head of Sixth Form and involves visits to a Higher Education Conference, university and college open days and occasionally a gap year fair. The main emphasis is on Higher Education and supporting students with their Higher Education applications. Tutors use their close relationships with students to advise them on suitable course and career options.

Students in Years 12 and 13 take part in the ‘Inside Knowledge’ programme (biannually) where students select a few careers of interest (such as law or business management) and attend a workshop delivered by someone who has worked in this area.

Year 12 students also attend a Higher Education day in the summer term to find out about the university applications process (UCAS) and all have individual meetings with ISCO careers representatives to discuss course ideas and how these relate to career aspirations. As part of this, students are encouraged to set up their own work experience during the holidays, with tutors and teachers available to give advice.