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Frensham Heights’ New Head is Hugely Proud of His Students
The sun shone down today as students and staff gathered to receive this year’s A Level results. With nearly a 100% pass rate and some very pleasing results across the board, Head Rick Clarke expressed pride in the hard work of his students and the dedication of the teaching staff who made this all possible. “Behind the impersonal statistics, there are so many different individual success stories”, he said. “Stories of traditionally academic students like Claire who achieved four A* grades and is off to Cambridge to study Maths. Stories of brilliantly talented artists like Ben who with two As and a B has been accepted into an excellent music course at the University of Birmingham.”
With nearly half of all grades A*-B, and a number of successes in a range of departments, the school is pleased that once again students have achieved to their potential in public exams. As with last year, our Extended Project grades were excellent (all grades A*-B), confirming the enormous benefits for students in developing independent learning. Rick’s view, that “as much learning happens outside the classroom as inside the classroom” is borne out by the these excellent results and it is certainly in keeping with the philosophy of the school.
“It is really important that we remind ourselves that no one is defined by their exam results”, Rick stresses. “As important as they are as stepping stones to the next stage, it is the learning along the way that makes the difference. A school like Frensham, with its unique educational approach, is preparing young people for the modern world by instilling values and skills that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.”
We are hugely proud of all our students, with the results reflecting their diverse interests and strengths. Frensham is a community that cherishes each individual and we have no doubt that they will all go on to follow their passions and do great things in their chosen fields.

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