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On such a beautiful sunny day, there was a warm atmosphere and a lot of smiling faces at Frensham Heights this GCSE results morning. Students, parents and staff alike were sharing their relief and pride at this year’s strong results.
There were some excellent results overall: 76% of students achieved 9-7 in History, 88% achieved 9-7 in Fine Art, and more than 50% achieved 9-7 in Music, Dance, Geography and Chemistry. ‘I am delighted with the excellent results achieved by this year’s GCSE cohort, said Head Rick Clarke. ‘I speak often about not allowing exam results to define you as a person; they are important in opening doors to the next stage of life, and I am very pleased that all of our Year 11s have achieved results that will help them to progress to the Sixth Form.’ There were some notable successes for some of our students; well done to Tamara and Tara, both of whom achieved seven 9s and 8s.
As with previous years, we saw a wonderfully broad range of strong results across the curriculum. At a school like Frensham, being academic is so much more than simply success in a few chosen subject areas. We champion the creative subjects alongside the more traditionally academic. Letting each student find and follow their true passion. 
We are hugely proud of our students this year – for their hard work when it came to exams, but also for going beyond and gaining the sort of skills employers now say are more important than pure academic success: team work, resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity.

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