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Frensham Heights students’

resilience and commitment

earns them strong results.

At Frensham, we set our focus beyond exams, but it’s hard not to worry and this year that stress has increased ten-fold and our hearts go out to all the young people and their families who have had an incredibly stressful few weeks.

We are, as always, immensely proud of the dedication and passion which our students and teachers have yet again put into their work this year. There were some excellent results overall, with many results for both individuals and departments reflecting the hard work they have done. Nearly half of our results were at Grade 7 and above, which is an excellent achievement.

Head Rick Clarke said, ‘I am hugely proud of my Year 11 students this year. Prior to the lockdown, they were working very hard in preparation for their exams. The resilience and commitment they showed once we were in lockdown was admirable and, whatever results they have now achieved, we know that they are well placed for the next stages of their education.’

As with previous years, we saw a wonderfully broad range of strong results across the curriculum. At a school like Frensham, being academic is so much more than simply success in a few chosen subject areas. We champion the creative subjects alongside the more traditionally academic and our broad range of subjects allows each student to tailor their own bespoke GCSE curriculum, following their true individual interests and passions.

We support our students in their hard work when it comes to exams, but also to go beyond and gain the sort of skills employers now say are more important than pure academic success: team work, resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity.

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