Frensham Heights School


Friday 21st January, 2022



Dear parents,  

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to the Junior staff for all their hard work this week for inspection. It is always a challenge to be under the microscope and they have worked their socks off to make sure the inspectors get to understand why Frensham is special and celebrate our wonderful school.  

The children have been their brilliant selves and been honest and articulate as always. They are the most important part of Frensham and they have been great. It was lovely seeing Year 2 out on a minibeast hunt, Reception practising their Maths skills with hidden amounts of objects and some tents being erected in Year 5! What an eclectic week it has been and shown Frensham off for the broad curriculum and range of opportunities that our children get here.  

With Covid guidelines changing again, we are continuing to follow guidance and keep your children as safe as we can. If you have any concerns or need support, please get in touch with anyone in the team, we are one big Frensham family.

Take care




Drop Off/Pick Up Reminder

As we settle into the new term, can we just remind you to please keep to the usual drop off and pick up procedures to avoid any unnecessary risks. In the drop off zone - please choose the left or right lane and drive as far down as you can before dropping your child. Please don't drop them in the middle lane. If you are using the Main Car Park, please don't stop and drop off on the road by the astro or park horizontally in parking spaces or in the driving area. Please park in a parking space before letting them out.

And finally, we know it's pretty cold, but please switch off your engines when waiting to avoid the obvious environmental and health risks.

Thank you!!

School Surveys

There's still time to fill in the surveys that Rick sent out last week. We'd really appreciate your views on Transport and Boarding. Please click below to complete the surveys.

Malawi 2023 Calling

On Thursday 27th January we are holding a Malawi 2023 meeting in the Ballroom and hopefully on-line for those students who have already signed up for the trip and any who are still undecided. Remember, you need to be in Year 11 or above in September 2022 to take part.

I am going to be talking about the trip itself from a Frensham point of view. Hopefully there will be a couple of students who will also speak of their trip there in 2019.

Please do join us at 7pm for a glass of wine and more detailed information.


Frensham Science Fair logo

Science Fair 2022 - March 28th-30th 2022
Open to students in Years 7, 8 and 9
A science fair is an opportunity to investigate a science topic or question of your own choosing and then to present your findings for everyone to see.  It is a physical presentation and is set up in room or hall along with everyone else’s.  Judges give prizes for the best presentations.

Find out more and sign up below.

Rowledge Community Choir

Rowledge Community Choir is urgently looking for basses  We meet on Tuesdays during term time at 7.30pm in the Music Recital Room.




For those of you who couldn't come to the Music and Dance Concert last term due to covid restrictions, please click below to watch the recording. Thank you again to all the families who gave up their tickets to make sure that each performer could have someone in the live audience.



Thursday 3 February 7pm

Friday 4 February 7pm

Saturday 5 February 4pm

Tickets will be available soon

Frensham Midsummer Night's Dream poster


A wonderful array of musical theatre numbers that have been directed and choreographed by Frensham Sixth Formers for a committed group of Year 7-12 to perform for you.


Tues 22nd March at 7pm

Tickets will be available soon

Frensham Heights Night at the West End




This week Year 4 had the challenge of trying to find out which material is best for soundproofing. The children chose a selection of materials, wrapped it around a rattle and then used a decibel monitor to read how loud the amplitude of the sound was.


At Frensham we offer EPQ as an additional qualification which starts late Jan / early Feb for those in Year 12 who wish to take up an independent learning challenge.  It is an 11 month course, which ends in the January of their Year 13 year (and before mocks start!). Students are asked to produce s 5000 word dissertation on a topic of their choice or produce an artefact.  All projects have a heavy skills and research bias and are based on a topic of personal interest.  A significant part of this project is completing a journal which shows evidence of developing personal skills such as use of Office applications to a more professional standard, presentations, project management, critical analysis, research, reading, note taking and referencing. The journal also helps to develop confidence in using a more sophisticated level of academic language in their writing.


This year, students who started the course in February of Year 12, have just submitted their final portfolio of evidence.  Their journeys started in a period of lockdown and have been heavily impacted by various challenges, such as:  periods of remote working, not being able to present to a live audience, limited visits and external opportunities.  However, despite all of this they have completed the course with aplomb.  I am incredibly proud of their resilience and passion.  Each year I am bowled over by the enthusiasm they have for their subject and the range of reasons why they want to undertake such a project…. and this year is no different. So, to Tilda, Jodie, Jaan, Amara, Jess, Alex, Fifi, Izzy, Kira and Chloe - I salute you!  You have done it!   I am incredibly proud of you, and you need to know you are great ambassadors of the project; each one of you had a unique experience and each one of you got something different out of the process of completing it.


For those students who are currently in Year 12, please look out for the communications via Teams as to when we will start our course… so…..what will you do? 

With best wishes