Junior School

Key contacts and staff list

Key Contacts

Junior School: 01252 797408
Main School: 01252 792561
After School Club: 01252 797431

Contacting staff:
You are welcome to email us at any time – all email addresses are in the school calendar. If you would prefer to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff, please contact Sam and she will organize it for you.

Staff List

Head of Junior School: Nic Hoskins
Deputy Head/Year 5 Teacher: Rosemary Giraudet
Junior School Administrator: Sam Moulton

Teacher in Charge of Early Years: Caroline Rand
Nursery Teacher: Kim Ramelli
Reception Teachers: Caroline Rand & Claire Kerr
Year 1 Teachers: Olivia Aylott & Esme Lee
Year 2 Teacher: Rachel Greenfield
Year 3 Teacher: Rosemary McMillan
Year 4 Teacher: Sally Heighington
Year 5 Teachers: Clive Esterhuysen & Rosemary Giradet
Year 6 Teachers: Paul Allams & Nick Oram-Tooley
Forest Class Teacher: Lydia Hardcastle
Learning Support: Chris Vardy & Jane Stone