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Friday 3rd March, 2023






Please put Founders' Day in the diary - all students are expected to be here for our whole school celebration.


Get your diary out, Friends of Frensham are busy organising Junior School Discos for after the Easter break. Click here for more info and to book tickets.


In our Aldridge theatre café on Fri 10th March, we have 2 guest speakers to inform you about our S.E.S. project, namely Debbie Boulter and Emma Tweed.

A group of interested adults have come together and created Self Expression Safari -  a series of weekend workshops leading towards a family activity day here at Frensham Heights on Sat 10th June. WHY?

1.There is a gap in the fashion industry for items that are fully inclusive and of interest to teenagers and young adults?

2. We want to promote how youngsters can improve their self esteem and feel listened to by opening up how they express themselves by what they choose to wear.

3. Promotion of sustainability in fashion and how we can feel good in pre-loved items of those that we have taken and altered to suit our taste.

Please do come along next Friday to listen to our thoughts and ideas and share your own as you and your children are key to the future of fashion choices!


Do you like to choose what you wear? Is this one of the reasons you chose to come to Frensham Heights?

Can you get involved in our design competition? This one is about you and others in your society, remember back to the morning talk where Rob, Jason and Debbie came to talk to us about the lack of adaptive clothing and introduced you to workshops where we are investigating what we could do to improve fashion and develop diversity and inclusivity at the same time.

Do you remember? I ended up wearing a nappy on stage!!

Take a look at the design competition and if you are free come to our workshop next Saturday 11th March. Click here for more info or sign up at or contact Lynn Goodburne


Unleash your creativity and join us for a day of fashion experimentation in the lead up to our Self-Expression Safari showcase on 10th June 2023. This month we are putting the spotlight on making your own accessories and sensory soothers .


The Aldridge Café will now be open on Friday afternoons for the rest of the term to see if this proves popular with parents. The new café hours are:

Mon to Thurs: 8am to 10am | 3pm to 5.30pm and Fridays 8am to 10am | 3pm to 4.30pm


SCL will be offering a holiday camp at Frensham Heights as usual over the Easter break. Please click here for more info.


We are very lucky that we have a large number of staff who are very happy to run school trips that enrich our school experience – including over weekends and holidays. We know that trips require a lot of planning and in general residential trips are scheduled a year in advance so that we can organise them and allow you time to plan/save as neede. Below is a live link to our working document that shows our plans so far.  The further ahead the trip – the less details we may have – but hopefully it goes someway to help give the overview.


The Thank a Teacher campaign recognises all staff working in UK schools and colleges; school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, and all support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and cleaners. If you’re feeling shy you can send a card anonymously! Click here to send a thank you. 


Some of our amazing Visiting Music Teachers are offering free 20 minute taster lessons. If your child would like to try any of the following wonderful musical instruments, then why not get in touch with Sally 

  • Clarinet

  • Saxophone

  • Violin

  • Flute

  • Trumpet

  • Trombone


Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link.


2nd & 3rd March | 7pm
4th March | 2pm & 7pm
Aldridge Theatre | £10

There are still tickets available for the Saturday evening performance at 7pm. 

beauty beast.png
8th March | 6pm
Aldridge Theatre | FREE

Our Years 5 & 6 will be entertaining us with a variety of different acts.

Frensham poster.png
Saturday 11th March | Aldridge Theatre | FREE
10am - 1pm: Spanish Masterclass
1pm - 2pm: Lunch
2pm - 5pm: French Masterclass

These sessions will provide students with motivational, informative and valuable revision techniques for GCSE French and/or Spanish.  The masterclasses are targeted at AQA and Edexcel GCSE students.


Thursday 16th March | 7pm
Aldridge Theatre

Always an amazing performance of skill, creativity and courage. 

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 11.58.47.png

Friday 17th March | 7pm
Aldridge Theatre

The Mayor of Waverley, Cllr John Ward, invites you to a charity variety concert in aid of charities Creative Response and the Jigsaw Trust. The performance will feature the Farnham Rock Choir, performers from Frensham Heights, the Taiko Drummers and more.

Tickets are £20 including prosecco or a soft drink.

charity variety concer.png

Thursday 30th March | 4.30 - 6pm

Come and see for yourself what Esports is all about. This will be a live tournament.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 16.04.52.png

Thursday 30th March | 7pm
Aldridge Theatre

Come along for an energetic evening of modern musical entertainment including solo artists and bands.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 14.23.17.png

In celebration of the wonderful talents past and present at Frensham Heights, our Creative Arts Department would like to invite everyone in our Frensham Community to be part of a printed Art Exhibition. Covering Art, Photography, Ceramics, Graphics and DT. There will be a launch event and the exhibition will be up in the Aldridge Theatre until Founders' Day.
Please click here to submit your artwork by 31st March, or email for more info.

Frensham Art Exhibition



Please see a collection of unnamed lost property. Please email to claim anything that's yours.


This week saw the start of of a new initiative for our school - working with Worthy Earth, a collection of small-scale vegetable gardens based in Hampshire and Oxfordshire, our Year 7 students will learn to use agro-ecological processes to create  a flourishing kitchen garden. 

On Tuesday, Harrison, Lawrence and Cody from Worthy Earth gave a very well-received assembly introducing the project to our students and talk about their vision of creating a network of gardens and equipping future generations with the knowledge to care for the land and grow their own food. Today the students took the 10 minute walk to see the site of their future garden. The project will kick of properly after the Easter holidays.


This term Year 4 have been learning about World War 2 as an immersive Topic which has been taught in many different subjects. Year 4 showcased everything they have learnt so far about this topic in their fun, interactive assembly last week to the parents and in an assembly this week to N-3. They are looking forward to going on their first residential based on World War Two next week.


Last week, German students from Year 6, 7 and 8 celebrated the start of the German Karneval season with a fabulous party at break time. They wore spectacular masks which they had made over half-term, tried an array of delicious German foods and enjoyed the party atmosphere! 


17 GCSE and A-Level computer science student have just returned from a truly magical 4-day trip to Disneyland Paris.  Whilst there, the students attended the Computing Live! conference and listened to inspirations speakers talk about how they use computer science and programming as part of their jobs.  The aim of the trip was to engage students in the potential technology related careers they could pursue as well as to get them thinking about the impact computer science has at Disneyland – such as how the drone show is programmed as part of the finale, the queue waiting times prediction software and the QR scanners used to scan the tickets to name a few.


The feedback was extremely positive with students feeling energized and engaged from listening to the speakers at the conference and they were given time to explore the park and have some fun experiencing the magic of Disneyland.


Our Junior School children and teachers took part in a World Book Day parade and have been read to in small groups around the school. Older years have read with younger years and the teachers and support staff have shared their favourite books. The children looked incredible and the joy on their faces says it all.


Some of our Junior School children were so excited to see a helicopter land and take off on our sports field. The pilot had obviously asked for permission beforehand!


The Maths department had 59 participants from Years 9/10/11 taking part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge on 1st February. This national competition comprises 60 minutes of mathematical reasoning and precision of thought.

Our students achieved an impressive set of results, with 21 certificate winners :

10 at Bronze Level

10 at Silver Level

1 at Gold Level

Two high-scoring students also qualified for the follow on round of the competition.

Best in Year 11: William A

Best in Year 10:  Millie S

Best in Year 9, Gold Certificate winner and Best in School: James K 

All the students who took part were invited to a celebratory cake and certificate presentation event this week.


Nursery and Reception kicked this week off with a lovely forest school lesson. We came across a leaf mountain and developed our understanding of sharing, taking turns, safety when jumping alongside our classmates. They thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the lesson. Who knew leave could be so much fun!

Year 1 were inspired to make a fire and cook this week. We learnt how to assemble a fire for cooking, and discussed the ingredients for pancakes and understanding the basics behind knowing when food is cooked ready to eat. Yummy!

Year 2 continued their project on transportation, but this time of children. Using the ropes system from a couple of weeks ago we were able to design a zip wire for the children to ‘zip down’ but also learnt about a pully mechanism so each child could be hoisted up by their peers before being released. Ingenious!

Year 3 rounded continued building their bridge, this time using pre-existing logs of the bridge as a marker for measurement, using a bow saw, sawhorse and PPE to cut them to size. In addition, another group from year 3 took to creating woodland midnight creatures using clay and natural resources.

Year 4 capped off the week with an amazing game of ‘Eagle Eye’ followed by developing their imaginative stories and delivering them to the rest of the class.


Not only was it Funky Friday and Fish Friday in the Early Years today, it was also Fabulous Fire Brigade Friday. Year 1 couldn’t resist and came along to join the ride too. We were super excited for our visit and were definitely not disappointed. We were joined by Red Watch from Farnham Fire Station, and after a talk in the classroom about what the fire brigade does and a demonstration of equipment including their breathing apparatus, we went to see the fire engine up close. We got to sit in the back, inspect all the equipment, and best of all use the hose to topple over a cone, which everyone was particularly good at, bar the teachers!


Our Newswise club, brought the Frensham newsrooms to life reporting the highlights of the week at the Junior school.

Children have had the opportunity to understand how reporters and editors work through the ‘News Wise ‘ club. This session they reported the Performance of the Beauty and The Beast, the year 5 Hockey match and the World Book day Parade.


This week the team were very excited to get started, David, Harrison and Elijah started on the rear axel mounts and putting the seat in whilst Ava, Edward, Frankie and Maria worked on the front steering mounts. As the workshop was filled with the sounds of clanking spanners (we even managed not lose the 10mm socket... Joke for the petrol heads out there) Richie, Sully and CJ got grips with the in-helmet communication system, meticulously testing, and where needed repairing the headsets to ensure crystal clear comms!  

As we settle into roles a team profile will be introduced, since I have been writing the Greenpower newsletter for a few weeks now, I thought we would start with me: Juno!  


Name: Juno 

Likes : Crochet and being creative 

Dislikes: The cold  

Favorite Subject: English and History 

Why I applied: I applied so I could be part of an awesome experience and be a team player.


Under 9 Tag Rugby v Sherfield

On Friday afternoon the U9 rugby team played in their second game of the season against Sherfield School. For many of the team it was their first experience of a rugby fixture, and it was amazing to see their positive attitude and approach to the game. The opposition had some talented players who started the game fast, and they quickly turned this into try's. Frensham didn't let this affect them though and got stuck in, showing a growing understanding of attacking play. We started to run attacking lines with the ball and quickly found gaps to score, Crofton and Mack amongst the scorers. The game swung from end to end but the visitors came out on top in a thoroughly enjoyable game. I was really impressed with everyone's attitude, and all showed great signs of improvement as the game went on and they became more confident. We look forward to the next one against Ditcham next Thursday. 

Under 18 Basketball v The Royal 

We had a great game against the Royal. It was very tight throughout and they had a couple of tall talented players. We dealt with this really well and matches their rebounding to ensure we got plenty of ball. All the players played at a great intensity throughout. Curtis topped scored again, but many others chipped in with important baskets and we won the game 23-21. 

Under 11/10 Hockey v More House

Year 6 played against More House with determination this week. The strong force upfront meant that Frensham had majority possession and kept the pressure on More House, paired with a diligent defence that kept them at bay when they made it into our half. The team managed to score some very impressive goals, finishing with a score of 7-2 to Frensham.   

This week's year 5 match was against More House. More House had first push back and Frensham were ready for another match and hopefully another win. The team put on a great performance again with some lovely passing up and down the pitch. The improvement in their hockey has been fantastic to see and to see them grow as a team. In the first half we managed to score two goals which put us in the lead. After the second half More House managed to score their first goal of the game which put pressure on the team as they were so eager for a win. The defence worked hard to not let the ball past them in the second half as they did not want them to score another goal. After some great dribbling from one end of the pitch to the other Frensham managed to score another three goals in the final half which took the score to 5-1. It was a great game for the U10’s. Well done to everyone that played and on to the next game. 

Under 15s Basketball v St Edmund’s and Bedales  

We had a triangular tournament against St Eds and Bedales A and B. All the lads got to play loads of Basketball with everyone scoring points during the afternoon. We started by playing Bedales A and had a great game which went right down to the last buzzer when OK scored a basket and was fouled. He then needed to convert the free throw to draw the match. And sure enough he did. 19-19. We then played Bedales B and won convincingly scoring lots of baskets which gave all the lads confidence. 33-11. We then played the best basketball I’ve seen is play in our last game against St Eds, who were a very accomplished team and had beaten both Bedales teams. All the boys raised their games with Adnan, OJ and Lewis setting an incredible pace to the game. Miller and Harry both grabbed loads of rebounds and we won the game 25-15 which meant we won the tournament. 

Under 15s Hockey v Ditcham

This week's match was against Ditcham on our home pitch. From the push back you could tell it was going to be an even and tough match. Ditcham had first push back and straight away started attacking our goal and applying pressure to our defence. The team had work hard to gain possession back and to try and keep it whilst attacking their goal. Frensham showed some great positioning on the pitch which opened their game up and allowed them to get close to the oppositions goal. It was great to see the team working really hard and being supportive of one another and their eagerness to win this game. It was a great game to watch as both teams were eager for the win. Frensham managed to score the first goal of the game which came from Leo which was followed by a goal from Ditcham. It was now half time with the score being 2-1 after a lovely goal from Jermima. After a quick team chat, we were on to the second half of the game. Ditcham changed up their positioning which led them to another goal with the score now being 2-2. Frensham were eager to have a win this week, but it was a tough match for all. It was great to see the whole team working hard until the last second of the game. A couple more goals were scored by both teams, both from Leo. This took the final score to 4-4. It was a great game to watch with some lovely hockey played by all. Well done to everyone that played and well done to Luke T and Leo who got player of the match! 

Under 11/10 Hockey v Boundary Oak 

On Wednesday afternoon the U11 hockey team made the very long trip down south to Gosport to play Boundary Oak. Despite this, the team stepped off the bus looking fresh and full of enthusiasm and started the game the stronger of the sides. This set the tone for the rest of game and Frensham enjoyed long spells of possession, moving the ball well between us to create several dangerous opportunities. The goals shortly followed with George R and Lila amongst the scorers with a couple of well taken goals. It's great to see the progress the team are making, and we are looking forward to attending the Churcher's U11 hockey tournament next Wednesday at Churcher's senior school. Well done to all on an enjoyable afternoon of hockey and a great performance.   

This week's match was away against Boundary Oak School. Once we arrived, we did a team warm up and then got straight into the match. Frensham had the first push back of the game. Straight away Frensham started attacking their goal and applied pressure to their defence. The team worked well together and had possession most of the game. Everyone was getting stuck in and eager for the ball which led to our first goal scored by Sophia with the help of Maela. Once our first goal was scored the team were very excited and were eager for more. Frensham improved their passing and spacing which meant it was easier to pass the ball up the pitch. Following our first goal Rudy managed to score another four goals for the team which took the final score to 5-0. Everyone played extremely well and should be very proud of themselves. It is great to see their hockey coming along. Well done to everyone that played and well done to Rudy for getting player of the match!

Under 13s Basketball v Dunhurst and St Edmund’s

We had a great afternoon of basketball playing a tournament against Dunhurst A and B and St Eds. We played the strongest team first in St Eds who had beaten us the previous week. We really raised our game with some great passing and moving and this week some excellent shooting. Alfie Harper, Yash and Derin were unstoppable all afternoon scoring lots of baskets and dominating the rebounds. We won this game 21-8. We then played the two Dunhurst teams back to back and our quick passing by Ben, Alfie Caudrey and Will Evans was too fast for them and we won both games 24-6 and 15-9. This meant we won the tournament which is a great achievement in just their second outing. 

Under 13s Rugby V Mayville 

The boys have had some awful luck this season with brutal weather and cancelled games which meant todays game was their first opportunity for a contact match. They were keen to get going and put into practice the skills they have been learning in lessons. They didn’t disappoint in all departments of the game, they were physical, showed great tackling technique, they carried the ball well, showed excellent discipline, supported their team mates and had a great time. We played to games of 8v8 against two Mayville teams. Highlights included Harry C and his fantastic strength with running the ball and scored four try’s. Negu and his agility, this boy is simply impossible to tackle! Jacob often first into the breakdown, Raffi with his speed running with the ball and quick offloads, Jackson putting his body on the line in tackles on the wing, David realising he is incredible strong, Edward with some fast hands and quick offloads and Fraser who showed good tackle technique to make some big hits. A great day, well done boys!  

Staff v Sixth Formers Badminton Tournament 

In the” first ever “ badminton tournament Millie and Lloydy came out winners versus four very strong doubles team from the 6th form. 

It’s a tournament that will be running ever Tuesday from 5 30 - 6 30… hopefully a 6th form doubles team can win these impressive trophies at least once… but doubtful. 

Under 13s Hockey v Sherfield
Under 18s Hockey v King Edward’s Witley
Wednesday 8th March - #Letgirlsplay  

Wednesday the 8th March is the biggest ever girls football session hosted by England Football. Frensham Girls will be flying the Frensham flag as our Under 10s, Under 11s and Under 13s girls teams all have tournaments on this day.  

The under 15s wont be missing out and have a tournament on Thursday! 

Club Link – Girls Football  

Please see details of great opportunity to get involved with a local club:  click here for more info.  

Fixture Calendar 

A reminder that you can see all fixtures  for the half term on the SOCS sport frensham website, team selection activates on Thursdays the week before matches. Website can be found here.  



We had a belated St David’s day lunch on Thursday this week. Of course we had Leek and potato soup, Welsh cakes, Bara brith and a super tasty Caerphilly tart.


Andrew had a little session with the year 2s this week about how much food we produce, how much we throw away and where it goes. They are now food detectives and will be watching everyone very carefully at lunchtime! 


Chicken shawarma was the dish of the day on our street. food counter this week


We celebrated the humble cabbage this week. Students could try it in soup, mixed cabbage slaw, curried and even cabbage pancakes!



Sunday 5th March

10.00 – 18.00 - Malawi Team Building Day (Billiard & Ballroom) 

​Monday 6th March

12.50 - Year 7 English Enrichment with Sam Toroni 

13.55  - Year 7 to Year 13 School Notices (Theatre) 

15.30 – 17.30 - Frensham’s Got Talent (Rehearsals) (Aldridge Theatre) 

16.20 - U13 Girls Football v Gordons & St Nicholas (Home) 

Tuesday 7th March

9.30 - University of Surrey Spring Fair 

10.30 Departure - Year 4 Residential to Henley 

13.30 - U15 Boys Rugby v Boundary Oak Tournament (Away) 

14.00 - U14 Girls Netball v Tormead Versatility Tournament (Away) 

14.30 - U15 & U14 Mixed Hockey v St Eds (Home) 

17.30 - 20.30 - Year 7 Academic Parents Evening (on Teams) 


Wednesday 8th March

Year 4 Residential to Henley (Arrival time approx. 3pm) 

13.30 - U11 Mixed Hockey v Churcher's Tournament (Away) 

14.30 - U10 Mixed Hockey v Yateley Manor (Home) 

14.00 - U10 to U13 Girls Football - St Eds Girls Football Festival (Neutral venues see teamsheet) 

15.50 - U13 & U12 Boys Basketball v Ditcham and More House (Home) 

18.00 – 20.00 - Malawi Fundraiser: Frensham's Got Talent (Aldridge Theatre) 

Thursday 9th March 

9.45 – 17.30 - Year 10 & Year 12 Oxbridge Masterclass Trip 

14.30 - U18 Mixed Hockey v More House (Home) 

15.30 - U9 Mixed Rugby v Ditcham (Home) 

15.50 - U18 Girls Basketball v Bedales (Home) 

16.45 - U15 & U13 Girls Football v Priorsfield (Home) 

17.30 – 19.00 - Year 9 Art Exhibition - Opening Event  (Theatre Foyer) 

18.30 – 21.30 - Sixth Form Social Event (Roberts House) 

Friday 10th March

PGL Liddington Netball Tour (Departing Lunchtime) 

8.40 - JS Assembly (Aldridge Theatre) 

9.30 - Year 8 to Year 13 Morning Talk: Careers / Dapper & Suave (Aldridge Theatre) 

9.30 - Year 7 English Enrichment with Sam Toroni 

14.00 – 16.00 - Year 4 to Year 6 French Play: Parlez Vous Francais (Aldridge Theatre) 

Saturday 11th March

PGL Liddington Netball Tour

10.00 – 13.00 - GCSE Photography Workshop 

10.00 – 16.00 - SES Workshop 3 (Music School) 

13.30 – 16.30 - Yr11 Marketing and Academic event - MFL Masterclass 

Sunday 12th March

PGL Liddington Netball Tour (Arrival time approx. 5pm) 


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