We've compiled lots of information here for new parents and current alike. We hope you'll find everything you need to know about day to day life and things you might need. If not, just get in touch or ask a teacher and if we don't know, we'll find out.

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Follow these links for information relevant to all students from Nursery through Sixth Form. 

Contacting staff: you are welcome to call or email us at any time. You can send emails via flagging the member of staff you are contacting or use the format

Frequently asked questions

What clothes can students wear?

While we do not have a school uniform, we do have guidelines for what to wear. We rely on students’ growing maturity and sense to dress in a way that respects individuality but does not set a bad example for the rest of the school. Please also ensure that your child has sensible footwear, including waterproof or walking boots and everyday shoes.

Can students have bicycles on site?

Yes, from Year 7 – please make sure it is insured and in good working order with a strong lock. All students who have a bicycle at school are asked to sign a Bike Contract, which states the basic expectations on safe and considerate use of bicycles in and around school. Apart from those in the Sixth Form, all students need to wear a bicycle helmet.

Can students bring medication to school?

All medications, including over-the-counter medications, must be handed to the Health Centre on arrival for safe keeping.

Do students need a school bag and stationery?

Yes, please make sure the bag is suitable for students to carry their books around our vast site. Please also bring a pencil case, pencils, pens, erasers, colouring pencils, etc. It's a good idea to name all personal items.

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A message from the Director of Support for Learning

If your child has had a previous or current specialist teacher, speech and language therapist or occupational therapist’s report, can you please ensure that we have this information in the Support for Learning Department. Equally, I would be grateful if you could please send in a copy of any Educational Psychologist’s report that you may have for your child.  These reports are vital in informing class and subject teachers of relevant needs.


- Beverley Wrigglesworth 

Director of Support for Learning

A message from the Head of Boarding

Depending on availability, day students in Years 7-9 can flexi-board up to a total number of nights equivalent to two nights per week for that specific term (so 16 nights in a term of eight weeks). The same applies to day students in Years 10–13 but for up to the equivalent of one night a week (so eight nights in a term of eight weeks). The occasional boarding rate is £52 per night.

We also offer a two week boarding experience to day students once in their time at the school. The cost for this is £300.

-Becks Scullion

Head of Boarding

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A message from the Frensham Heights Library

Find amazing people: come to the library. This busy environment has a full-time librarian and is found in a light and airy skylit, recently refurbished gable space of Flottage. The reading club meets here weekly and the rooms are frequently used for teaching. The walls are lined with nearly 14,000 books, magazines and DVD’s, with a strong bias towards Young Adult Fiction. There are also digital resources and ebooks available.

Visitors can sink in to the leather armchairs or sofa or make use of the seating/workspace for 34, including networked workstations. Wifi is available throughout. Students and staff can also make use of the mini café and the enquiry station where anyone can search the web-based library management system.

- Noel Rasmussen





Junior School: 01252 797408 | click to email
Main School: 01252 792561
After School Club: 01252 797431

Head of Junior School: Katherine Bluck

Junior School Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning): Dan Slape

Junior School Administrator: Olivia Hannon





Main School: 01252 792561/

Roberts House: 01252 797490

Head of Sixth Form: Hannah Manton

Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Alison Bundy

Houseparent of Roberts House: Sarah Dedman

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Main School: 01252 792561/


Head of Middle School: Sian Owens

Head of Senior School: Jo Dalziel

Assistant Head of Senior School: Paul Hughes





Main School: 01252 792561/

Hamilton House: 01252 797422

Main House: 01252 797428

Roberts House: 01252 797490

Director of Boarding: Becks Scullion

Housemistress of Hamilton House: Sian Owens

Housemaster of Main House: Will Paskell

Housemaster of Roberts House: Richard Arthur


Frequently asked questions

Who can we contact during the school holidays?

The boarding teams will all be checking their emails periodically over the school holidays so you can email them directly, but if your query needs to be answered more urgently, please copy in our admissions team at as they may be able to help you in the meantime. You can always contact the school office on or call 01252 792561.

When should boarders arrive in September?

You will receive an email from our admissions team detailing your arrival times for the start of term in September. Please don’t hesitate to contact the boarding teams if your child is likely to arrive earlier or later than listed – mainly so that we know when to expect you and make sure there is someone on duty to welcome you.

What if we're arriving from overseas?

For airport transfers to the school, we recommend using:
Sapphire Taxis (01252 717100) – contact Robin or Sue
Orange Taxis (01252 364666)

Should boarders bring their own towels and bedding?

School bedding and towels are provided but your child is welcome to bring their own towels, duvet cover and pillowcase (duvets are single in size). Please make sure that all personal and valuable items, including all clothing, laundry bag and shoes, are clearly named.

What essentials do boarders need to bring?

Please bring:

  • sensible, comfortable clothing,
  • pajamas, dressing gown and slippers,
  • a smart outfit to wear to the Christmas Dinner Dance,
  • a warm, waterproof coat suitable for all winter weather,
  • a named laundry bag,
  • named PE, swimming, Outdoor Ed and dance kit (see our Essential Kit section),
  • any kit you've been asked to bring for camps and venture days,
  • two number padlocks for a cupboard used to store valuables,
  • chargers for phone, tablet, laptop etc
  • a supply of usual toiletries (eg shampoo, soap etc),
  • stationery - pencil case, pencils, pens, erasers, colouring pencils, etc,
  • a school bag suitable for students to carry their books to and from school,
  • a small amount of snacks, which should be stored in a sealed container.

Can boarders decorate their rooms?

Yes, students can decorate their rooms, so they are welcome to bring posters, battery-operated fairy lights, photographs etc. All boarders have their own noticeboard so don’t forget to bring pins and white tac (not blue tac please).

Can boarders keep medication in the boarding houses?

No, all medications, including over-the-counter medications, must be handed to the Health Centre or house staff for safe keeping.

Can boarders do their own laundry?

Yes, each boarding house has its own laundry area as some students prefer to wash their own clothes rather than using the school laundry, but they will need to bring their own washing tablets.

Can boarders have pocket money?

Yes, it is a good idea to leave a sensible amount of cash with house staff to cover your child’s individual requirements during the term. Please check with your child’s housemaster for a guide as to how much. You can also arrange for your child to have a bank account locally – our Accounts Office can help with this if necessary once your child has started in September.

What forms should we have filled in?

If you have not already done so, please can you ensure that you let us have the following completed forms (all of which can be downloaded here):
• The standard weekend arrangement form
• The single consent form
• The taxi form

What is the Boarders' Weekend?

The Boarders’ Weekend is held on the first weekend of term: from Friday evening through to Sunday. We do expect all boarders, current and new, to remain in school for this weekend as it has proved an excellent way to help children settle in, make friends and get used to their surroundings. Please email Becks Scullion if you have any queries (