Our Staff

Our current teaching and support staff

Members of Staff: 2020 - 2021

Rick Clarke, BA(Hons), PGCE

PA to the Head
Lindsey Boyce

Chief Operations Officer (Interim) 
James Bell, MEd., DELTA, FRSA, BA(Hons), DipPolGovt

PA to the COO & Clerk to Governors
Susie Birdsall, BA(Hons)

Deputy Head
Becks Scullion, BSc(Hons), PGCE

PA to the Deputy Head
Helen Evans, BA

Deputy Head (Academic)
Laura Griffiths, BA(Hons), MA, PGCE, QTS, NPQSL 

PA to the Deputy Head (Academic)
Liz Bownass-Clark

Head of Junior School
Katherine Bluck, MA(Cantab), PGCE, QTS

PA to Head of Junior School
Sam Moulton

To email any of the staff below, please use the format [email protected]

Assistant Heads

Assistant Head (Academic)
Peter Fotheringham
Assistant Head (Student Development)
Andy Spink, BSc, QTS

Heads of School

Sixth Form: Hannah Manton, BSc, PGCE
Senior School: Joanne Dalziel, BSc, PGCE
Middle School: Sian Owens, BSc, QTS

Exams Office

Exams Officer: Tina Harrison, BA(Combhon), Prince2 Foundation and Practioner
Liz Bownass-Clark – Assistant Exams Officer

Art & Design

Head of Department: Brendan Horstead, BA, PGCE
Stefi Cottle-Bailey, BA
Sarah Farr – TiC Photography
Ashley Howard, MA
Michele Rickett, BA, PGCE
Giles Rudd, BSc (Hons) DT, QTS – TiC Design & Technology
Sonia Percival – Art Technician
Robert Russell – Art Technician
Neil Martin – DT Technician


Head of Department: Robert Keane
Lynn Goodburne, BPhil, DipLCDD, QTS


Head of Department: Amanda Liddle, BA
Clare Esterhuysen, MA, PGCE

Economics & Business Studies

Head of Department: John Scullion
Peter Fotheringham, MBA, MA, MSc, BA(Hons), FRSA
Becks Scullion, BSc, PGCE


Head of Department: Samantha Stuart, BA, PGCE
Alison Bundy, BEd(Hons)
Deirdre Gannon, BA (Hons), Dip Ed (Hons)
Lindsay Morrison, BA(Hons), LLB(Hons), LLM, DipLP, CertTESOL, DipTLLS
Zoe Richardson, BA(Oxon), MA(Oxon), PGCE


Head of Department: Nicola O’Donnell, BA, MEd, PGCE
Karen McBride, BSc, PGCE
Amanda McCallum, BSc, PGCE
Will Paskell, BSc, PGCE


Head of Department: Matthew Burns, BA, PGCE
Charlie Bennett, BA, MA, PGCE-M Level
Sophia Colley, MA, PGCE
Amanda McCallum, BSc, PGCE

Information Technology

Head of Department: James Clarke, BSc, PGCE
Tim Tester, BA, PGCE


Head of Department: Katharine Goden, BSc Maths with French, PGCE
Paul Hughes, BEng, PGCE
Sarah Parker, BA(Hons), PGCE
Daniel Pullen, BSc, PGCE
David Stevenson, BA, PGCE
Tamzyn Swallow, BSc

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Department: Malika Power, Licence d’Anglais, Maitrise d’Anglais, PGCE
Richard Arthur, BA, PGCE
Kate Godeseth, BA, PGCE
Stephanie Oliver, BA, PGCE
Kerry Phipps, MA, PGCE, CELTA
Valerie Taylor-Meysonnet, BA, PGCE – TiC EAL


Head of Department: James Casselton, BA, PGCE
Joshua Edwards, BMus, QTS

Outdoor Education

Head of Department: Linn Kathenes, BSc, PGCE

PE & Games

Director of Sport: Phil Stanway, BA(Hons), PGCE
Rory Burwood, BSc (Hons), PGCE
Joanne Dalziel, BSc, PGCE
David Lloyd, ECB Level 2, UKCC Level 1 Hockey
Sian Owens, BSc, QTS
Andy Spink, BSc, QTS

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

Head of Department: Flic Bains, BA(Hons)
Laura Griffiths, BA(Hons), MA, PGCE, QTS, NPQSL
Karen McBride, BSc, PGCE


Kate Godeseth, BA, PGCE

Psychology & Sociology

Head of Department: Hannah Manton, BSc, PGCE
Andrew Moore


Head of Department: Nick Boon-Arnell, BSc, PGCE
Charlotte Douglass, BA, PGCE
Andrew Ellison, BSc, QTS
Lindsay Harris, BSc, PGCE, BEd Hons
Richard Jones, BSc, MA, PGCE
Kevin Joy, BEd (Science)
Jeff Loomis, PhD, QTS
Janette Wiggs – Senior Science Technician
Kerry Howard – Science Technician

Support for Learning

Director of Support for Learning: Beverley Wrigglesworth, OCR Level 5 Cert SpLD, OCR Level 7 Dip SpLD
Jocelyn Mayo, BA(Hons) OCR Cert(spLD)
Lindsay Morrison, BA(Hons), LLB(Hons), LLM, DipLP, CertTESOL, DipTLLS
Hannah Murphy, BA(Hons), PGCE
Sarah Parker, BA(Hons), PGCE
Chris Vardy, BEd(Hons) Dip. SpLD – Head of Support for Learning (Junior School)
Lisa Neave – Support for Learning Administrative Assistant


Noel Rasmussen

Graduate Gap Students

Lewis Hall, BSc (Hons)
Abbie Watkinson, BSc (Hons)
Matthew Brown

Junior School

Head of Junior School
Katherine Bluck, MA(Cantab), PGCE, QTS

Class Teachers Year 6
Paul Allams, BSc, PGCE
Nick Oram-Tooley, BA, QTS

Class Teachers Year 5
Rosemary Giraudet, BEd(Hons) – Curriculum Coordinator
Meghan Guy, BA(Hons), SEND

Class Teacher Year 4
Sally Heighington, BEd
Jade LeFevre, BA(Hons)

Class Teacher Year 3
Rachel Greenfield, BA, PGCE

Class Teacher Year 2
Clive Esterhuysen, BA(Hons), QTS

Class Teachers Year 1
Olivia Aylott, BEd
Esme Lee, BEd

Teacher in Charge of Early Years and Reception Teacher
Honesty Walker, BA Hons, PGCE, QTS, MA Ed

Nursery Teacher
Kim Ramelli, BA (Hons), PGCE

Forest Class Teacher
Lydia Hardcastle, LLB, PGCE

Art Teacher
Natalie Clarke, BA(Hons), PGCE

Junior School Support Staff
Louise Dixon, BSc(Hons)
Kate Greening
Debbie Hunt
Ceri Ince
Liz Waite
Judith Wallace
Annabel Ware, BA, PGCE

Boarding House Staff

All house-staff live on site either in or close to (visiting tutors) the houses in which they work

Director of Boarding  
Becks Scullion, Deputy Head 

Hamilton House (Years 7 to 9)
Housemistress: Sian Owens
Josh Edwards – Deputy Housemaster
Lynn Goodburne – Resident Tutor
Rachel Greenfield – Resident Tutor
Debbie Hunt – House Parent

Main House (Years 10 to 11)
William Paskell
Lewis Hall – Resident Tutor /Graduate Assistant
Colette Hill – House Parent
Brendan Horstead – Resident Tutor
Richard Jones – Resident Tutor
David Lloyd – Deputy Housemaster
Abbie Watkinson – Resident Tutor / Graduate Assistant

Roberts House (Sixth Form)
Richard Arthur 
Amy Barret – Resident Tutor
Matthew Burns – Resident Tutor
Sarah Dedman – House Parent
Lynn Goodburne – Visiting tutor
Linn Kathenes-McGuigan – Resident Tutor
Dan Pullen – Deputy Housemaster

Health Centre
Senior School Nurse:
Carys Willman, RN, BNurs(Hons)
Debbie Huddleson, RN, BA(Hons) AdvDip Nursing – School Nurse
Charlotte Lee, RGN, BSc(Hons) – School Nurse
Sasan Dowlatshahi, MA, MBACP – School Counsellor
Dr. Liz Colyer – Medical Officer (visiting)

Support Staff

Head’s office and support
Lindsey Boyce – Head’s PA
Helen Evans, BA – School Secretary
Emma Judge, BA, MA(Hons) – Director of External Relations
Sarah Windsor, BA – Admissions Registrar
Joanne Van Campen, BA – Marketing & Admissions
Sam Moulton – Junior School Admissions & Secretary
Sally Vivian – Receptionist & Music School Secretary
Jane Porter – Receptionist

Health Centre
Senior School Nurse: Carys Willman, RN, BNurs(Hons) 

Debbie Huddleson, RN, BA(Hons) AdvDip Nursing – School Nurse
Charlotte Lee, RGN, BSc(Hons) – School Nurse
Sasan Dowlatshahi, MA, MBACP – School Counsellor
Dr. Liz Colyer – Medical Officer (visiting)

James Bell, MEd., DELTA, FRSA, BA (Hons), DipPolGovt – COO (Interim)
Susie Birdsall, BA – PA to the COO and Clerk to Governors
Simone Larkins, BA, Grad Dips (Finance & Investment), ACMA, CGMA – Finance Manager
Rachel Goddard, MAAT – Senior Financial Administrator
Julie Cox – Accounts Assistant
Barbara Smale – Accounts Assistant
Jasmine Lee – Accounts Intern
Nicola Riley, BA (Hons), MA, MCIPD – HR Manager
Louise Moore, BEng (Hons) – IT Manager
Ruth Wilde – Resources
Mark Dixon – Resources & IT Support
Liz Bownass-Clark – School Administrator/Assistant Exams Officer
Sean Connor, BA – Theatre Manager
Kerry Guy – Enterprises Manager
Andrew Sheppard – Catering Manager
Kate Flannigan – Asst Manager, Catering
Christine Barrett – Housekeeper
Gordon Duncan – Estate Bursar
Michael Hoy – Head of Maintenance
Kevin Barrett – Plumber
Jim Miller – Carpenter
Nigel Day – Maintenance Assistant
Kevin Halstead – Maintenance Assistant