Parent's Committee

Parent representatives in each year group

Current Parents' Committee

The Parents’ Committee consists of parents representing boarding and day students in every year group, who meet the Head, a governor and members of senior staff at the school once a term to discuss matters of common interest to parents and the school. The minutes of each meeting are published on the parents’ section of SchoolBase. New parents are issued with a copy of the constitution and invited to put their names forward to serve on the Committee.

Geraldine Gwynn
Vicki Nixon
Vice Chair
Rachel McCartney
Year Group
Gemma Matthews
Nursery, Reception & Year 1
Helen Jones
Years 2 & 3
Dan Wheatley
Year 4
Ellie Inskip
Year 5
Emma Tweed
Year 6
Mark Griffiths
Year 7
Sue Saker
Year 8
Sara Acworth
Year 9
Serge Santos
Year 10
Rima Schaller Cotran
Year 11
Lucy Petrie
Sixth Form
Huw Morgan

Parents’ Committee Constitution

Aims: The Committee exists to embody and represent the joint interests and responsibility shared by parents and staff in the education and general welfare of pupils, specifically:

  • To provide a forum for discussion on matters of common interest to parents and the school.
  • To represent the views of parents on matters relating to the education and well-being of pupils.
  • To provide a means of communication between parents in general and the Head and Governors.

Membership: the Committee shall consist of:

  • a maximum of 15 parents, comprising the three officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary (who will be parents but not year representatives), plus one representative for each year from years 4 to 13, one member for Nursery to Reception and one member for years 1 to 3, accepted by the officers from a list of those who have completed the ‘Committee Volunteer Form’
  • parents with boys / girls at the school
  • the Head, Deputy Head, Deputy Head (Academic), Bursar, Senior Teaching Staff, and one Governor
  • a representative of the Friends of Frensham
  • such parents as the Committee may co-opt for specific meetings.


  1. The Committee shall meet each term.
  2. The Committee shall, at its Summer Term meeting, elect its officers to serve for the next academic year.
  3. Such elected officers shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The Head is an officer ex-officio.
  4. Minutes of each meeting shall be made available to all parents as soon as possible following the formal meeting. The Head and Committee Chairman shall approve such minutes before their general circulation.
  5. Any parent wishing to raise an item for possible inclusion on the agenda shall inform their year representative or the Committee secretary prior to the informal meeting.
  6. Year Representatives (Reps) can serve on the Committee for a maximum of 4 years. The first retirements under this clause being the end of the Summer Term 2017. At the end of 4 years (or earlier if the Rep steps down) the year group will be notified of a vacancy. If no other parent from the year group volunteers, the original Rep may continue to represent the year group if they wish to do so, the position being re-notified to the year group on a yearly basis. In the event that more than one parent per year group volunteers for the position, those parents will have the opportunity to decide amongst themselves who will be the Rep. In the event that no decision is able to be made, the Officers of the Committee will choose one of those parents to represent the year group.
  7. The Summer term meeting will be an Open Meeting – open to all parents who have indicated to the Secretary their intention to attend.
  8. The school will authorise and bear the cost of the Committee’s operations.
  9. If parents wish to complain about their Rep, they should write to the Chairman. The Officers will consider the complaint and take appropriate action. A Rep is required to leave the committee if the Officers (including the Head, being an officer ex-officio) unanimously agree that this is the best course of action.
  10. An Officer, except the Head, may be removed form the committee by a Vote of No Confidence at a Formal Meeting. A simple majority of parent members, including the other parent officers, is required to pass such a vote.


The Constitution shall be issued to all parents when they first join the school and to all newly selected members of the Committee.

Changes to the Constitution may only be made with the approval of the Parents’ Committee at a regular meeting.