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Malawi Summer 2019

Leaving Frensham behind on July 1st, we set off on our trip to Malawi. The all – important donation bags from everyone at Frensham jostled with personal luggage as we made our way to Heathrow. Everyone was excited to be on the way, having had weeks of preparation and waiting. The campsite in Mikuyu was amazing. Our hosts had cleared an area and screened it off for our privacy. We pitched our tents and settled into camp life for a few days. The new school we have forged links with has basically nothing compared to All Saints, our regular school. However, within minutes, the whole place came alive with our students painting, varnishing, building and sanding. It did not take long for our Mikuyu friends to join in. The language of smiles and laughter rang out as everyone worked on the transformation. A couple of days later, we left with promises to return and knowledge that our work had made a difference. In Mtunthama, we helped in the orphanage and taught in both the primary and secondary schools. The Frensham group were great and a pleasure to be with. Their 100% commitment to the trip was visible for all to see and they can be sure that they have made friends in Africa. The Malawi trip is unlike any other Frensham trip; it is a team effort from start to finish. Yes, it is hard work but the differences which can be made are immense. Our thoughts now turn to 2021 – the next trip. Who will be joining us?!

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