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GCSE Results 2018

By August 24, 2018 August 22nd, 2019 middle-school

GCSE Results 2018

Breaking the usual summer stillness, Frensham Heights was buzzing Thursday morning with students and teachers gathering to share GCSE results. Many students had waited until they arrived to find out their results and stood clutching their envelopes excitedly waiting for their friends to arrive. As the morning went on, there were lots of cheers, sighs of relief and big group hugs.

With the new reformed GCSE qualifications now firmly in place in many subjects plus the new number grading, both students and staff were just a bit more nervous than usual this year. But overall results were well above the national average. 50% of students received 9 – 8 (or A* – A) in Biology, Fine Art and Italian and 100% of students received 9 – 4 (or A* – C) in Biology, Chemistry, Italian and Photography. “Yet again, our results reflect the wonderfully broad range of subjects taken by Frensham students,” said headmaster Andrew Fisher. “The variety of choice and the fact that all subjects are treated equally at Frensham means our students can really discover what they’re passionate about.”

“I am so proud of our students,” said Andrew. “Behind the cold statistics, there are individual students who have done themselves very proud.” Several students secured two Grade 9s each, a grade that is awarded to only the very highest performing students. Among them were Lucas who secured two 9s, four A*s and one A and triplets Shona, Ewan and Fergus who, between them, earned twelve A*s and six 9s.

Students Maya and Tom opening their results together. “I did far better than I expected, very surprised at my 9 in music! I’m very excited about Sixth Form, but I can now relax for the rest of the summer.”

Triplets Ewan, Shona and Fergus after opening their results. They were genuinely pleased with each others results, but also very happy to have each outdone the others in at least one subject.

Ellie shares her results with friends. “I am over the moon. I did much better than I thought I would. I am so happy to be able to share this success with my teachers.”

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