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‘But that’s just not the Frensham way,’ is a phrase I have heard a few times in my time here so far. When pushed, not everyone has been able to explain exactly what this means, but they have settled on the idea that something just doesn’t feel right. All schools develop their own culture, their own unique way of operating, and when new initiatives are introduced, a useful way to assess their potential success is to ask if it fits with ethos. This is certainly something we do at Frensham all the time when we are looking at new ways of doing things, but it is also a useful lens through which to view things that we currently do. One of these is our Scholarship and Enrichment programme, an area a number of parents have been asking about.
Bob Keane, our new Head of Scholarship and Enrichment, has been engaged in a change management exercise this term. He took over an area of the school that we all felt did not quite feel ‘right’ – it certainly did not seem to fit the Frensham way. He has been doing lots of consultation this term, listening and learning, and we will be communicating our vision for enrichment and scholarship at Frensham very soon. Watch this space…
I am afraid I need to use my platform this week to ask for your cooperation, and it is to do with motor vehicles on site. Please be mindful when you are dropping off and picking up from school by car. If you are dropping off and not intending to leave your vehicle, the drop off zone next to Flottage is designed for that. Please be careful and considerate when using the Aldridge Theatre car park. Our younger students, Nursery to Year 6, exit cars in that area and navigate their way to the pathways to get to lessons. When you do stop in the car park please find a place to park off the main through routes so traffic can continue to flow, and please turn your engine off. Idling engines are a significant contributor to air pollution. Many thanks: hopefully we can contribute to a safer, less polluted drop off from which we can all benefit.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes


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