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We have had a very busy week of entrance assessments for entry to Year 7, 9 and 10. Sian, Emma and I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing all the candidates, discussing their interests and finding out why they want to join Frensham. It is wonderful to hear what has drawn families to Frensham, and to hear about the special skills, interests and talents of those applying. Tomorrow sees our assessment day, with over 100 students in for assessments, activities and team building games. We look forward to seeing them all here.
Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen that I tweeted a link to an interesting article this week in The Times by Matthew Syed in which he argues that retired professional rugby players seem better prepared for life after sport than many other professional sportsmen/women. It is behind a paywall, but the link for those who can read it is here: Syed says ‘Education is not just about equipping young people with knowledge, but that array of softer skills that enable us to thrive in a world of semi-permanent disruption.’ I think he is right with this, and the challenge for us as a school is how best to ensure that our curriculum prepares young people for this world.
Next Friday Natalie and I are hosting our first coffee morning of the term in the Aldridge Theatre. Do pop in for a chat if you are able to.
Best wishes

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