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Last night we were mesmerised by an outstanding music and dance show. I want to congratulate all the performers- it was a delight from start to finish. It was also a lovely way to get us in the mood for Christmas with some joyful festive season numbers. I met a prospective parent and her daughter who had been recommended to attend and they were bowled over by the energy, joy and talent on display. I was hugely proud to hear this and I want to thank the staff involved who I know worked tirelessly to put everything together. I do hope too that you have purchased your tickets to the main school production of 1984. I know the cast have been working very hard and it promises to be a memorable production.
The students in the senior school had the enormous privilege of hearing a moving Morning Talk yesterday. Josh Coombes is the Hairdresser for the Homeless: in 2015 he started offering haircuts to homeless people, and then he has been harnessing the power of social media to find support and care for those he has been meeting. You might like to watch this YouTube video of what he does: His message to the students, which had a real impact, is that you can all make a difference in the world by starting small. He felt overwhelmed seeing homeless people in London, and he wondered if offering a few free haircuts would help: he could not have predicted the impact this would have. We are hoping that Josh’s message has inspired our students to do something for nothing, and we plan to work further with Josh on ways to make this happen.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Best wishes

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