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Glorious sunshine greeted our first Open Morning of the year last Saturday as we welcomed a large number of visiting families to see our wonderful school.  A significant proportion of them were visiting because of word of mouth, citing positive things they have heard from current families at the school. This is fantastic to hear and I want to thank parents for spreading the good news.  I was also really pleased on Saturday to welcome a number of our current students as helpers; I asked students in my beginning of term talk to volunteer if they wanted to help out on the day, and I was really proud of those who stepped forward as guides or helpers. I was also hugely proud of Seb (Y6), Morley (Y9), Alyssa (Y10), Amaryllis (Y10) and Nic (Y13) who did a great job on the student panel.
No doubt many of you will be aware of the Labour Party’s pronouncements last week about independent schools. Those of you who heard me speak at Founders’ Day last year will know that I was concerned that this might happen. Next week I am attending the annual conference of HMC (Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference) and no doubt there will be much to discuss on this issue. HMC has made it very clear that they absolutely support the desire to improve social mobility by working closely with the state sector and widening access to our schools through transformational bursaries. However, Labour’s plans are an assault on parental choice. In addition, threatening to destroy institutions that are the envy of the world, that cater for a particular need and provide life chances for children seems unwise to say the least.
Here is a link to another article I have had published, this time in a magazine called Absolutely Education. I hope you enjoy reading it, and do feel free to share it with anyone else you think might be interested in reading it:
Have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes


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