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Dear Parents

I have decided this week to write to you, rather than create a video, just for a change. I hope that this finds you and your families safe and well.

By now, many of you will have seen that I was interviewed last weekend on Sky News about our PPE provision. If you missed it, the clip is just below. The focus here really is on the wonderful way that the community has responded, so I want to thank all the students and parents who have contributed in different ways to this initiative. Importantly, we have over 300 volunteers now, many of whom are not connected with the school, so it is wonderful that we are able to act as a facilitator in bringing the local community together. We received a heart-warming thank you letter this week from Frimley Park Hospital, signed by a number of doctors and nurses, so it is clear that our efforts are making a real difference. You may be interested to hear that boarding schools across the UK have offered beds to the NHS and other key workers if they need to isolate away from home as they work, and so far over 10 000 beds are being used. We have offered our boarding facilities too, and we are in discussion with a local hospital to help.

You will have seen a survey sent out this week to all parents on the teaching and learning provision. If you have not done so yet, please do fill this in as we really are interested to know what is working well and what can be improved (Yrs 7 – 13) (Junior School). We have sent this to the students too, so do please encourage your children to respond too. You may be aware that we send out weekly videos to all students in the senior school on Teams: on Tuesday they get one from Becks, on Wednesday they get something from Heads of School and on Friday they get one from me. If you have not seen these yet, do please ask your sons/daughters to show them to you. There is also an amusing video posted this week of staff engaging in the spin challenge (below) – my challenge to parents is to see if you can do better than my dismal effort to bowl a cricket ball after spinning around 10 times!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes


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