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Frensham Sixth Form is a really unique place. It offers the freedom and responsibility of a Sixth Form setting with the vibrancy and opportunities of a whole school community. We hope by having a look at the resources available here that you will start to get a good understanding of how Sixth Form at Frensham is different from our Middle and Senior School. It’s not just more of the same.

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Why Frensham?

Our A Level Booklet

Hannah's Presentation

Find out about our A Level Options

3D Design/Product Design

This course is highly regarded by universities as an excellent foundation for degree study in any design field. However it is particularly useful to those of you considering architecture, engineering, furniture, interior design, theatre design, industrial and product design.

Exam Board: Eduqas


From the largest mammals to microscopic DNA, biologists study how animals and organisms work (including humans), how we have evolved and used this knowledge to try to do things like stopping diseases, improving public health and animal care.

Exam Board: OCR

Business Studies

No matter what a student ends up doing with their life, whether in business, the arts or science, they will eventually have to manage a budget and people. A Level Business helps prepare students to achieve these tasks.

Exam Board: AQA


Chemistry is an exciting subject. It explains many of the things we see  everyday by using clever abstract concepts and wonderful chemical facts.It is a great subject to help you study science and many other subjects at university.

Exam Board: OCR

Computer Science

Students choosing to study A Level Computer Science at Frensham will leave with an understanding of the core academic principles of computer science. Classroom learning is transferred into creating a real-world system through the creation of an independent programming project.

Exam Board: OCR H446


A dance A Level helps to round out a student’s education particularly if they are considering a degree in the humanities and can be applied to a profession in dance, arts and theatre management, creative work in any of the arts, teaching etc. 

Exam Board: AQA

Drama & Theatre Studies

The Drama A Level allows students to explore theatre in many forms. Whether your passion is primarily as actor, designer or critic of live theatre, you will be engaged, inspired and no doubt occasionally exhausted by your involvement in the course!

Exam Board: Edexcel


Economics suits students who are comfortable with abstract concepts. Being able to model the world we live in and assess how changes can affect us all, from the economic shocks of global recession, to natural disasters. We live in a connected world and events thousands of miles away can have an impact on all of us. Economics looks at these effects.

Exam Board: AQA

English Literature

Studying English Literature is all about developing an interest in and enjoyment of literature. It gives opportunities for reading widely and for making creative and informed responses to poetry, prose and drama. As a result, students learn how to think critically and question what they read.

Exam Board: WJEC/Eduqas

Film Studies

Film Studies is a serious option that is recognized by the Russell group of Universities. However, if planning to study film or media at University students should not restrict their options to Russell group as there is a greater range of courses beyond these 24 institutions. 

Exam Board: Eduqas (WJEC)

Fine Art

The A Level Fine Art course is designed to stimulate and challenge participants. They will develop their conceptual and imaginative approach to fine art practice, underpinned by practical making skills relevant to a diverse range of processes, employing a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Exam Board: Eduqas


Geography helps you to make sense of the world around you. It is very much a 21st Century subject enabling comprehension and understanding of a dynamic changing world. It is hands on, relevant and fun. Geography will help you get to grips with some of the big questions which affect our world and understand the social, economic and physical forces and processes which shape and change our world.

Exam Board: AQA (7037)

Graphic Communication

Graphic Communication may be defined as the process by which information and ideas are communicated through the use of images, symbols, colours, shapes, patterns and typography. The course will enable participants to develop conceptual and technical skills using a variety of media and processes, both digital and hand crafted.

Exam Board: Eduqas


We all have an interest in some aspects of the past. You may be interested in the great personalities, the insight into human nature and achievement, or the failures, cruelty and barbarity of which human beings are capable. If you have a sense of exploration and discovery then you will enjoy history.

Exam Board: AQA 7042



Maths and Further Maths are very versatile qualifications. They will naturally lead you into interesting, rewarding and well paid jobs. Students with A Level Maths/Further Maths are better at thinking logically and analytically.

Exam Board: AQA

Further Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics makes you stand out! If you are a very strong mathematician and are passionate about the subject, Further Maths is for you. It is essential for a future degree course in Mathematics and desirable for a career in Economics.

Exam Board: AQA

Mathematical Studies

The specification has been designed to give students an opportunity to study mathematics that can be applied to the real world. The course develops mathematical skills and thinking. Compulsory content focusses on data, personal finance, estimation and critical analysis – topics that all students should have confidence and competence in. It is equivalent to half an A Level.

Exam Board: AQA

Modern Languages

Modern Foreign Languages offer an exciting intellectual challenge as well as skills of practical value. By their study you will not only deepen your understanding of both the history and the cultures of our European neighbours but you will also become someone of real attraction to employers.

Exam Board: Eduqas


Students will deepen their understanding of Western Classical music through the study of set works prescribed by the Exam Board. These include Baroque solo concertos, the operas of Mozart and Romantic piano music. In addition, students will learn about music drawn from two further areas of study of their choice, such as Pop Music, Music for Media, Music for Theatre or Art Music Since 1910.

Exam Board: AQA

Music Technology

Commercial music is an ever-expanding industry and one in which Music Technology plays a fundamental role. This qualification will support students in forming personal and meaningful relationships with Music Technology through the development of skills in sound recording, technology-based composition, listening, analysis and production.

Exam Board: Edexcel


The PE A Level allow students to play to their strengths and gain dynamic skills for further education and a healthy future. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach encouraging the development of a range of methods.  The course aims to provide greater knowledge, insight and understanding of human performances.

Exam Board: AQA (7582)


A demanding academic discipline that requires a highly structured and logical essay style; Philosophy will force critical thinking and discussion on some of the deepest issues impacting on our understanding of the world and your role in it. To successfully study Philosophy, you will require an open and curious mind and be prepared to question just about everything that you thought you knew.

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

If you are prepared to question what you have been taught and everything you believe you know, then this course is ideal for you. Having an open and curious mind will enable you to take an enquiring and empathetic approach to the study of people through the disciplines of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

Exam Board: OCR


This is a course that will particularly appeal to those with a creative side who have a genuine interest in both analogue image making and digital photography within a well-defined structure.  Students will work mainly with digital cameras and workflow, however traditional darkroom facilities allow for extending experimentation opportunities.

Exam Board: Eduqas


A Level Physics is a challenging but worthwhile subject to study. It will equip you with valuable life skills involving problem solving and knowing how the universe is put together. Mathematics is the tool of the subject and ideally should be studied at A Level alongside the Physics course. This combination of subjects will enable students career opportunities in most branches of engineering.

Exam Board: OCR


This A Level is both organic and vibrant: it is a subject that unfolds in real time. If TV programmes such as ‘Mock the Week’ ; ‘Have I Got News For You’; ‘Yes Minister’ as well as the news stimulate you, Politics might be for you. Politics is only offered at A Level. It should appeal to people interested in debate and discussion; argument and analysis. It complements History and other social sciences.

Exam Board: Edexcel


Psychology is the systematic study of the human mind and behaviour. Psychologists seek to produce and test theories to shed light on the processes and causes of human actions. We seek to answer contentious questions regarding human nature and nurture and to understand seemingly unexplainable human actions.

Exam Board: AQA


Sociology is the study of society and seeks to answer complex questions on identity, culture and inequality.  Studying Sociology will give students an understanding of the society in which they live, how this shapes ideas, behaviour and culture and in turn how people interacting together shape their communities. 

Exam Board: AQA

The Edge

An exciting new opportunity for Year 12 Students. In addition to the traditional A Level subjects something new is being offered within the timetable – this means that, like your core subjects, this is mandatory. A selection of courses is being offered which will provide students the chance to expand their skill set or competencies from leadership to commercial awareness; from creativity to team work.


What is an EPQ: 

A 5000-word dissertation on a topic of your choice…or the creation of an artefact/production/performance – with a 2000 word accompanying report (A Level standard)

A journal that reflects your nine-month ‘journey’

Two presentations (plus a brief Morning Talk!)

Some supporting and reflective paperwork (from the Exam Board)