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As we approach the end of the first week of the Year 9 Knoydart trip, I have been hearing great things about how well it has all gone. Interestingly, I see that they have had better weather in Scotland than we have had in Surrey this week! I am flying up to Knoydart tomorrow with the change-over staff, so next week I will be able to report back first hand on how it is all going.

I was delighted this week to attend the GCSE Arts Exhibition evening. The standard of work on display was amazing and I want to commend all of those students who have worked so hard on this. We now look forward to the A Level Arts Exhibition coming up on Monday 24 June. Last night saw an excellent Year 4 and Year 6 Rock and Pop Gig. I gather it was a great event and I want to congratulate all participants. I was unable to attend as I was at a marketing event at Longacre School, one of our feeder prep schools.

I recently came across a fascinating article about entrepreneurship and its place in schools. The question asked was: should schools be fostering entrepreneurial thinking? This moves beyond simply teaching children to set up their own businesses, and asks schools to think about the skills and knowledge they are delivering through their curriculum to help young people thrive in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. Skills such as team work, resilience, adaptability, communication skills and creativity are the kinds of things that help entrepreneurs achieve success. However, these are excellent habits of mind and will surely help young people achieve success, no matter what they do in life. I strongly believe that we should be looking to integrate opportunities to teach these skills across our curriculum; we do already do a lot of this (for example in our excellent Edge programme for Sixth Form), but we will be looking for ways to embed even further in the younger years too.

Have a good weekend.
Best wishes


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