Other Useful Information

For new parents and students

A message from the Director of Learning Support

If your child has had a previous or current specialist teacher, speech and language therapist or occupational therapist’s report, can you please ensure that we have this information in the Learning Support Department. Equally, I would be grateful if you could please send in a copy of any Educational Psychologist’s report that you may have for your child.  These reports are vital in informing class and subject teachers of relevant needs.

Beverley Wrigglesworth, Director of Learning Support

A message from the Frensham Heights Library

Find amazing people: come to the library. This busy environment has a full-time librarian and is found in a light and airy skylit, recently refurbished gable space of Flottage. The reading club meets here weekly and the rooms are frequently used for teaching. The walls are lined with over 7,000 books and magazines, with a strong bias towards Young Adult Fiction.

Visitors can sink into the leather sofa or armchairs or make use of the seating/workspace for 34, including seven networked workstations/PCs. Wifi is available throughout. Students and staff can also make use of the mini café and the enquiry station where anyone can search the web-based library management system. 

Noel Rasmussen, Librarian 

A message from the Head of Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)

The full list of ECAs for the Autumn term will be shared with all students at the beginning of term. Students will then have an opportunity to try out some of the ECAs they are interested in before the online sign-up date (which will be advertised to all students in advance). 

Most ECAs are free of charge, most run for a term at a time, some are restricted to particular age groups and some are seasonal so are offered only during specific terms. Students in Years 7 to 9 are expected to choose at least three ECAs to take part in, while older students are expected to choose at least two. Many do more but please can you reinforce to your child that if they sign up to an ECA, they are expected to attend!

Alex Allan, outgoing Head of Extracurricular Activities

A message from the Head of Boarding

Depending on availability, day students in Years 7-9 can board up to a total number of nights equivalent to two nights per week for that specific term (so 16 nights in a term of eight weeks). The same applies to day students in Years 10–13 but for up to the equivalent of one night a week (so eight nights in a term of eight weeks). The occasional boarding rate is £45 per night.

We also offer a two week boarding experience to day students once in their time at the school. The cost for this is £250.

Becks Scullion, Head of Boarding