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If you can't come in for a full open morning on site or a private tour, we hope that this collection of videos will give you a strong insight into what makes our school different until you can come for a visit.

a photograph of the Main House at Frensham Heights, viewed through the trees

A Word from Rick and a Tour with Becks 21:30

Hear a few words from Rick Clarke, our Head, who talks about the different kind of education available here at Frensham. You'll then be taken on a tour of our beautiful site by Becks Scullion, our Deputy Head, who will also give you an insight into the pastoral side of things and what makes this school so special.

The front arch of the Flottage classroom area at Frensham Heights
interior of a Science classroom at Frensham Heights

Hear from Laura 7:13

Laura Griffiths, our Deputy Head (Academic), talks about the academic side of studying here at Frensham.

Hear from Brendan 8:24


Brendan Horstead, our Head of Creative Arts, will talk to you about our extensive arts curriculum

A Level student works in the art studio at Frensham Heights

Hear from Sian 5:00

Sian Owens, our Head of Middle School, will talk to you about Years 7 to 9 – day and boarding

laughing students draw sketches in the ceramics studio at Frensham Heights
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