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Frensham Heights is a distinctive school founded on an ethos of mutual respect and generosity of spirit. Our small classes and first name basis naturally allow strong relationships to build between students and teachers. Until we can welcome you in for a full open morning on site, we hope that this collection of videos, panels and other resources will give you a strong insight into what makes our school different.

Please scroll down to find videos and resources or use the links on the right to have a look around. Here’s our suggested route below.

Hear from Rick, our Head, and take a tour with Becks, our Deputy Head


Hear from Laura, Katherine, Brendan and Sian


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  • Hear from Rick, our Head,
    and take a tour with
    Becks, our Deputy Head
Teaching and Learning
  • What is a progressive education
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  • GCSE and A Level options
  • Why Frensham Sixth Form?
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Hear from our staff
  • Laura – Our Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Katherine – Our Head of Junior School
  • Sian – Our Head of Middle School
  • Brendan – Our Head of Creative Arts
Listen to Our Recorded Panels
  • Staff and Parent Panel
  • Junior School Student Panel
  • Years 7 to 13 Student Panel
Hear from Old Frenshamians
  • Hear from Old Frenshamians
  • Read ‘Our Frensham’

Take a tour and hear from our staff

A Word from Rick and a Tour with Becks 21:30

Rick Clarke, our Head, will talk to you about Frensham and what makes us different followed by Becks Scullion, our Deputy Head, will take you on a tour of most of our key facilities.

Hear from Laura 7:13

Laura Griffiths, our Deputy Head (Academic), talks about the academic side of studying here at Frensham.

Hear from Brendan 8:24

Brendan Horstead, our Head of Creative Arts, will talk to you about our extensive arts curriculum

Hear from Katherine 3:42

Katherine Bluck, our Head of Junior School, will give you an insight into what happens in our younger years.

Hear from Sian 5:00

Sian Owens, our Head of Middle School, will talk to you about years 7 to 9 – day and boarding

Listen to our student panels

Staff and Parent Panel 1:53:09

Listen to our live panels from the Open Morning on Saturday 15th May

Junior School 12:17

Listen to a prerecorded panel with Katherine and some of our younger students

Years 7 to 13 15:41

Listen to Becks chair a panel of our middle, senior and sixth form students

A Little bit about our approach to Teaching & Learning

We aim high for all our students. We look beyond exams to instill life skills.

Learning at Frensham is unique and goes beyond what happens in the classroom. However, when we do focus on academic learning, there are some exciting programmes that our students become part of to equip them with the tools they need to take control of their own learning. They can achieve their academic potential and much more. We teach them the skills to learn. 

We often assume that students innately know how to learn, of course this is not true and often this assumption can lead to unobtainable expectations and underachievement. At Frensham, we know that it is not enough to be good at taking exams, regurgitating information, churning out papers. We need to be able to think like learners, life-long learners to go beyond exams. 

Each student is different, learns differently. We aim to provide each of them with learning skills and practices that will set them on their individual paths to great careers and, more importantly, great lives

The Progressive Education Network

We are proud to be a member of the global Progressive Education Network. Read about our mission here.

Find out more about our admissions process and book an appointment to chat with staff

Book a tour or a chat

Click the button below to book a tour of our school or to book a chat with Becks (Deputy Head), Laura (Deputy Head (Academic)) or Katherine (Head of Junior School). To book a chat with Rick, our Head, please email [email protected] and a member of our admissions team will get in touch.

Book a tour or a chat

Next Steps

Choosing a school for your child, no matter how old they are, can be daunting and overwhelming. With COVID-19, we recognise it’s even more challenging. Schools themselves are looking a bit different and many in-person chats and visits are needing to be virtual.

We are really happy to help – please get  just get in touch and we’ll answer any questions and guide you through our admissions process. We are pleased to be able to welcome visitors back on to site for personal tours (albeit in a more restricted fashion). We can also offer video calls with our Head and relevant teaching staff.

If you are looking for a place at Frensham from September 2021, places are very limited but please contact Sarah, our Admissions Registrar, on [email protected]

Registrations are now open for 2022 and beyond. We look forward to hearing from you!

Explore a range of  additional information and resources

Aerial Footage 1:27

Watch from a drone flying over our beautiful campus

Our Digital Prospectus

Have a flick through our most recent prospectus

The Frensham Film 25.08

A wonderful glimpse into life at Frensham Heights

Photo Flipbook

Have a look at our beautiful campus and amazing facilities.

Frensham Junior School 3:02

A glimpse into the life of our youngest students

Boarding at Frensham 3:20

Hear about Boarding life at Frensham Heights

Why choose Frensham Sixth Form? 4:23

Current Frensham Sixth Formers explain why they chose Frensham and what makes it unique.

2021/2022 GCSE Options

With sixteen GCSE options available, Frensham students have the opportunity to study a wide breadth of subjects.

2021/2022 A Level Options

Students are encouraged to choose subjects in which they have an interest, passion and ability

Years 7 to 13 Further Information

Further information on curriculum, extracurricular clubs and admissions

Articles and Press Clippings

Articles written by Rick, our Head, plus press releases and clippings

Good Schools Guide

Read about the latest visit to Frensham Heights by the Good Schools Guide

Hear from Old Frenshamians

Duncan Watts 8:30

Old Frenshamian | Industry Manager for Google

Florence Andrews 3:02

Old Frenshamian | Singer & Actress on London’s West End

Andrew Jones 4:36

Old Frenshamian | Doctor in the Royal Navy

Richard Atkinson 3:42

Old Frenshamian | Systems Design Engineer for F1 team

Debbie Black 1:16

Old Frenshamian | Managing Editor at Elle & Cosmo

Our Frensham

Read our most recent copy of Our Frensham, our publication for Old Frenshamians

A glimpse at our amazing Outdoor Education opportunities

Snowboarding 2:08

Mountain Biking 1:43

Leadclimbing 0:43