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Goal of £5000



Monday 29th January - February 2nd February

Our Head, Andrew will be braving the elements to raise money for this year's school charity, The Fountain Centre. Everyday we will release new items that you can sponsor to help Andrew camp that night in different, unusual locations around the site. Your donations will mean he gets to be a bit more comfortable, but more importantly, every penny you spend will be given to The Fountain Centre to aid the amazing work they do for cancer patients and their families.

I'm really relying on your generosity and support to get through this crazy week. What was I thinking! Without your support, I might literally be sleeping outdoors in the clothes I'm wearing. Think of me shivering in the night air, or worse, in a howling gale or downpour! Dig deep, please!

How does it work?

Simple, we have a load of kit ready for Andrew to use, BUT only when and if he reaches his fundraising targets. The list below will show you what he needs to raise in order to have basic kit and upgrades. Every penny goes straight to the Fountain Centre.

Every evening, we will give him the kit that has been sponsored and every morning, he will start from scratch again - with only the clothes he's wearing. So get sponsoring on the link below!

Where is he camping?

Well, some pretty crazy places. We'll give you a few hints during the day as we fundraise for his kit, but to find out where he's camping you need to tune into our Instagram live at 6:30pm every evening. 

What's happening on Friday night?

Andrew would love to have families join him for a camp out on Main House front lawn on Friday 2nd February. There are a limited number of pitches which will be released on Friday morning - minimum donation of £50 per family. We will also offer places just to sit around the campfire for a couple of hours - minimum donation of £20 per family.

Thursday Night!

Thursday night is definitely the craziest! It's not going to be hugely comfortable so Andrew will need all the support he can get. We've added a few more luxury items as he'll definitely be feeling a bit sorry for himself. So please boost his donation total to get him that much needed cooked breakfast! Here's his kit list and the targets he needs to meet to use the items.

thurs kit.png


Wednesday Night!

Wednesday night sees the start of Andrew's two most challenging (and crazy) nights camping. On Wednesday night, he'll be somewhere quite unexpected. He won't be able to have a whisky night cap as there's a fair bit more risk involved, but we've added in a few more comforts to keep him going. Here's his kit list and the targets he needs to meet to use the items.

weds kit.png


Tuesday Night!

Tuesday night, Andrew has chosen somewhere a bit more exposed in hopes that we'll all go and say hello in the morning. It's not the most glamorous, but it's got a great view. Here's his kit list and the targets he needs to meet to use the items.

tues kit.png


Monday Night!

So Monday night kicks it off and Andrew has chosen somewhere dark and damp and off the beaten track. He'll need to be warm, protected from the elements and with a heat and light source. At the very least. Here's his kit list and the targets he needs to meet to use the items.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 22.00.42.png


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tobias-tullius-tz61aIYCTNA-unsplash copy.jpg

The Fountain Centre

The Fountain Centre is an independent charity located on level B within St Luke’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Surrey Hospital. They provide emotional and holistic support, information and signposting, both online and face to face for cancer patients and their families.

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