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  • Great Results Again!

    Teachers were back on site to welcome A-Level and GCSE students into school to collect their results. We are so proud of the strong relationships which develop here between students and teachers and this shows right up to the last day when they can share their successes and wish each other luck on their next adventures. Our Head, Rick and all the academic staff were thrilled that once again, so many Frensham students have gained outstanding results and the opportunity to follow their chosen paths. 100% successfully passed their A Levels with 40% achieving grades A*-A and 67% achieving A*-B. GCSE students were equally pleased with 96.5% successful passing, 23% achieving 9-8 and 42% achieving 9-7. Laura, our Deputy Head (Academic), said “We are so proud of our students and what they have achieved. They have shown great tenacity in the face of a difficult two years of disrupted learning during the pandemic. And their results are a testament to their determination and hard work. Frensham is a community that cherishes each individual and we have no doubt that they will all go on to follow their passions and do great things in their chosen fields.” However, a Frensham education is more than just about exam results and Rick was keen to stress how important it is to remember that no one is defined by their exam results.  “As important as they are as a step towards each student’s next stage, it is the experience along the way that makes the difference.  A school like Frensham prepares young people for the future by instilling values and skills that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives - creative thinking, problem solving, resilience.  I have to thank our amazing teachers who build unique, genuine relationships with each of their students, supporting them not just with their teaching, but with their confidence and spirit. We are hugely proud of all our students, with the results reflecting their diverse interests and strengths. Frensham is a community that cherishes each individual and we have no doubt that they will all go on to follow their passions and do great things in their chosen fields.”


    The Aldridge Theatre at Frensham Heights came alive on Wednesday 9th March to the energetic beat of Taiko drumming. On 9th March, we were so excited to open the Aldridge Theatre doors to the wider Farnham community for the first time since COVID hit. It was to a full audience that Taiko Meantime kicked off the first Surrey and Hampshire Taiko Youth Festival. The performance was partly a culmination of workshops hosted by our Outreach and Enrichment Programme for students and staff from Frensham Heights and Bordon Junior School. We were joined by Taiko Meantime groups from Potter’s Gate and Weydon schools. The workshops began as a way for Frensham to reach out into the community to share the school’s love of performing arts. Lynn Goodburne who heads this outreach project, said “We are very passionate about getting our students involved with the communities around us and sharing our amazing facilities. We feel this is a wonderful way to bring youngsters together, promoting learning across different platforms and most importantly having a lot of fun!” The workshops themselves were run by Mark Alcock from Taiko Meantime who first learned Taiko drumming when living in the Wakayama prefecture in Southern Japan. Taiko is a traditional form of Japanese drumming which comes from the temples and shrines and is performed in theatres and religious festivals. Taiko is an dynamic mix of music, martial arts, performance and drama. This comes through in the energetic workshops and the obvious discipline of the established Potter’s Gate and Weydon groups. After just two hour sessions, the Frensham Heights and Bordon Junior schools were confident and able to perform on the Aldridge stage. “I am really happy to bring the power, discipline, joy and fun of Taiko drumming to schools outside of the immediate Farnham area and to be back at Frensham Heights who have always been hugely supportive.” said Mark. For both, this isn’t just a one-off event, Lynn and Mark see this as just the beginning of an adventure, seeing Farnham grow as a hub for Taiko drumming bringing together schools from Surrey and Hampshire counties to master and celebrate this form of percussion.

  • Back on Stage!

    Despite Covid numbers rapidly rising and finding ourselves without a theatre manager, our incredibly resilient staff and students put on some outstanding performances in the Aldridge Theatre this last term. Although we couldn't have a full audience, and for some no audience at all, it was really uplifting to be back in our beautiful theatre again. Performing Arts are a big part of our curriculum with Nursery through Year 9 students taking music, dance and drama each week. GCSE, BTEC and A-Level options allow those with passion for the Performing Arts to continue as far as they wish. We don’t expect all our students to go on to become professional artists, musicians, dancers – although many do – but the creative-thinking and soft skills which develop best in these subjects are now more crucial than ever. The courage to stand on stage, to paint their dreams, compose their own songs – these are the experiences which will make them stronger, make them individuals and stay with them, no matter what they go on to do. Peter Pan A small group of Years 7 to 9 students created a wonderful production of Peter Pan. Sets and costumes were salvaged to keep the show as environmentally friendly as possible and all proceeds were donated to Great Ormond's Street Hospital. With two shows and careful stewarding, no one had to miss this lovely production. Christmas Dance and Music Concert As one of Frensham's most popular events, even before Covid disruptions, tickets for this event go incredibly quickly. Unfortunately, this time after ticket reservations opened, and had sold out, Covid numbers started climbing quickly and we had to go back and limit the audience to 2 tickets only for families of performers. A huge thank you to all the families who returned tickets to make sure that every performer had at least one person in the audience. The show was recorded and will be made available to all the grandparents, friends and wider community who had to miss the live performance. The students outdid themselves as always and the talent, strength and courage shown on stage was outstanding. The GCSE and A-Level Dance students command the stage with confidenc,e but many of the students performing would not naturally be drawn to the stage. Dance is compulsory at Frensham through Year 9. This is unique and important. It takes us through those awkward, self-conscious, inhibited teenage years. Spend those in an environment where you’re all feeling uncomfortable together – where you’re all told it’s normal, it’s fine, have fun and try not to take it so seriously – and the effect can be not only phenomenal for teenage wellbeing, but life-changing. We had to cancel our music stages at Founders' Day and Fireworks Evening this year, so this was a much needed opportunity for our singers and musicians to perform in front of an audience. Luckily, with Covid restrictions allowing, there is a full line up for the rest of the academic year including informal concerts and Rock & Pop gigs. Junior School Christmas Shows Unfortunately, despite having arranged an outside venue and multiple shows, we ended up having to cancel external audiences for our Junior School Christmas Shows. But although it is wonderful for children to have the chance to perform in front of their families, it is really important, and exciting, for them to have the opportunity to perform on the big stage. The courage to get on stage is encouraged here from an early age as is the ability to watch, listen and appreciate others. So the shows did go ahead on the Aldridge stage with Nursery to Year 3 performing for Years 4 to 6 and vice versa. Nursery to Years 3 put on the funny, uplifting Lights, Camel, Action: The Sequin while Years 4 to 6 shared a wide variety of their own poems, dances and musical pieces. Costumes, lights and sounds were as a live event and the children performed magically. Both shows were videoed for families to enjoy at home. Thank You! A huge thank you for the amazing effort as always from our dedicated staff behind the scenes organising and supporting in so many ways, many going far beyond their day job. A special thank you to Ryan Harris for stepping in at the last minute as theatre technician to make sure these shows could actually happen. Thank you to our incredibly supportive and passionate parents and community (particularly those who gave up tickets for others). And as always, most importantly, thank you to all our amazing students - there literally would be no Frensham without you! Happy New Year and we'll see you for more amazingness in 2022!

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  • November Week 4 2022 | Frensham Heights

    THIS WEEK AT FRENSHAM Friday 25th November, 2022 CLICK TO NAVIGATE SCHOOL MESSAGES SCHOOL EVENTS THIS WEEK AT SCHOOL SPORTS REPORT FRENSHAM KITCHEN NEXT WEEK A MESSAGE FROM RICK Dear Parents I hope you enjoy the footage in today’s newsletter of Nick, Junior School Head, and I engaged in a scooter race with Maya in Year 2. Nick and I received the challenge from Maya a few weeks back, and we have been gathering the courage and necessary stamina to face up to this daunting task, and today was the day of the race. Inevitably, Nick and I were simply not good enough to outshine the amazing Maya and she emerged a worthy winner. Nick and I will now retire to lick our wounds... ​ Next week sees the start of our Christmas countdown with the beginning of December, and the final few weeks will be a wonderfully festive way to end an excellent term. We hope your children enjoy the various events and surprises we have planned for them! ​ I need to end on a serious note with a request for all parents to take much more care when driving on site. We introduced the one-way system to the main car park as a safety measure to ensure that those walking in the car park know which direction cars are coming from. Unfortunately, a minority of parents feel the rules do not apply to them, ignoring one-way signs, speeding and generally driving dangerously. I need to ask all parents to take real care when driving on site – with very young children moving around the site, I don’t need to remind you of the awful consequences if it all goes wrong. There are often staff members positioned in the main car park and drop-off zone to help with the flow of traffic, and I know they would appreciate a positive and constructive approach from all drivers. Thank you for your support with this. ​ Have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes Rick A MESSAGE FROM NICK OT Dear Parents, There is a Christmas buzz brewing in the air at Frensham and this has been royally represented through the great variety of discussions I have had with children, parents and teachers alike. The energy that Junior School parents are putting into the Friends of Frensham's creative plans is wonderful to engage with and support. Please do look out for their ideas and plans coming to fruition over the next few weeks. There will be lots for you and the children to experience. This energy is also transcending into the children who are totally immersed in Xmas practices and full of high spirits. I have loved every session of Emerging Horizons this week where the themes have been focused around ‘Friendships’ and ‘Emotions’. The children have fed back lots of emotionally intelligent ideas and opinions with an authenticity that is great to facilitate. It is this theme of ‘Authenticity’ that has really sat with me this week. Across all the interactions and discussions I have had with children, parents and new parents (who are keen to come and join the adventure), I detect great authenticity. People who are open to honest chats, who thoughtfully share information, who present their ideas with great creativity and people who really have a passion for the space that is Frensham. Good times as we head toward 2023! Next week sees us looking at ‘Communication’ within the school so we can further become more effective and efficient in this area. I have also been plotting a new outreach programme for the Years 4-6 children which I will be sharing with the class reps soon to get their feedback. I plan to launch this with Lynn Goodburne in the New Year and see it becoming an empowering new element of enrichment to the experience of the Junior School. Lots going on and lots to still do! I hope this week has been a good week for you too and that the weekend ahead holds some fun and adventure. Take care and see you all on Monday. Nick O-T SCHOOL NOTICES ALDRIDGE CAFE We realise there has been some issues with students not being able to use their Go henry cards in the café. After looking in to it we have found out it’s because the theatre is a licensed building. However, there is something you can do to allow your child to use their card in the café. Using the Go Henry app, go to card limits and uncheck the bottom box which is the merchant block. We are also in the process of looking at a new barista style coffee machine and new coffee beans. Hopefully we’ll have a date soon so we can do a tasting session and get your feedback. GRAYSHOTT CHRISTMAS MARKET Jasmine, Year 11, will be performing at the Grayshott Christmas Market on Thursday 8 December. There will also be late night shopping, food trucks and stalls please click here for more information. IMMERSIVE THEATRE IN THE STREETS OF FARNHAM There’s Something Going On Here is live in Farnham November 12-27 - with telephone calls, secret messages and immersive theatre in the streets of Farnham. Click here for more information. LOOKING FOR CHILDREN TO PLAY SLEIGH BELLS! Farnham Brass Band are holding an evening of festive music on Saturday 3rd December and they are looking for children who would like to accompany on sleigh bells! Children come free and refreshments are included in the adult ticket price. Please click here for more information. SCL HOLIDAY CLUB SCL will be running a holiday club at Frensham Heights over the Christmas holiday period. Please click here for more information. FREE 20 MINUTE MUSIC TASTER LESSONS! MUSIC TASTER SESSIONS Some of our amazing Visiting Music Teachers are offering free 20 minute taster lessons. If your child would like to try any of the following wonderful musical instruments, then why not get in touch with Sally Clarinet Saxophone Violin Flute Trumpet Trombone POSITIVE FEEDBACK Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link. FRENSHAM HEIGHTS CHRISTMAS CARDS This year we are offering our Christmas Cards for sale. The cards were designed by OF Maisy Binns and all proceeds with be going to Malawi Schools Trust. Each pack of ten will be sold for £7.50. In order to buy a pack, please scan this QR code to take you through to our Stripe payment. Cards can be collected 48 hours after purchase from Main House reception. Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards 1/3 SCHOOL EVENTS STAR WARTS Wednesday 30th November | 7 to 8:30pm A Performance by the Years 6, 7 & 8 Performing Arts ECA. Come along and support the students, they have worked incredibly hard to put this production together and would love to share it with the whole school community. There will also be a charity bar and donations in aid of this year's school charity - Cancer Research UK. BOOK YOUR TICKETS! EVENING OF FESTIVE READING Monday 5th December | 7 to 8:30pm We are planning an evening of cosy Christmas literary readings to get us all in the celebratory spirit all in aid of Malawi Schools Trust, please click below for more information and to book tickets. CLICK FOR MORE INFO BOOK YOUR TICKETS! CHRISTMAS MUSIC & DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA Thursday 8th December | 7 to 9:30pm Come along to our annual breathtaking festive music and dance extravaganza. Book your seat early as it always fills up! BOOK SEATS THIS WEEK AT FRENSHAM MANCHESTER CITY FOOTBALL TOUR 45 Students enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Manchester at the home of the current premier league champions and one of the best footballing institutions in world football. From minute 1 the boys and girls will treated as professionals with high standards expected from the Manchester City coaches as they graced the same changing rooms and pitches as Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland. Day 1 After leaving school on Friday morning we were straight off the coach and were welcomed by an army on Manchester City coaching staff. They welcomed us to the Ethiad Campus, a £200Million purpose build training centre that is home to the first teams, ladies’ teams, disability teams and academy teams. With a 5* hotel on site for players, 19 pitches, a climate controlled indoor facility and 15,000 seat women’s team stadium this really was a once in a lifetime experience. Students changed into ‘city blue’ and experiences a training session focused on ball retention, playing through the middle and playing forwards. The coaches talked a lot about their philosophy and approach to football that is implemented to all teams from the first team to the Under 6s academy team. After the first session we checked into our fantastic hotel, had a delicious supper before heading out for a bowling game that was certainly competitive in the staff lane. If anybody sees David Lloyd around school next week do ask him how he managed to surrender such a lead heading into the final round! Lights out and ready for day 2! Read More Manchester City Manchester City Manchester City 1/2 Manchester Football Trip Manchester Football Trip Manchester Football Trip Manchester Football Trip 1/22 THE BIG SCOOTER RACE It was a big day at Frensham today. Last week, Maya in Year 2 challenged Rick and Nick OT to a scooter race. Both excepted her challenge and today was the big day. The whole Junior School was there to support Maya and a lot of the Senior School joined in as well. It was an experience and atmosphere that only really happens at Frensham! Don't worried if you missed the race - Ted, our roving reporter, was on hand to document the big event. Who will come up with the next challenge?! GUNWHARF QUAYS GEOGRAPHY TRIP On Friday, 11th November, the Year 11 Geographers set out for a field trip to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. As part of their GCSE, Geographers are required to undertake two geographical enquiries involving fieldwork, with this trip completing their human geography fieldwork requirement. The fieldwork linked to the unit on Urban Issues, focusing on regeneration. Former home to the British Navy, HMS Vernon in Portsmouth fell into decline following the decrease in the need for naval vessels after the Second World War, and was officially closed in 1995. The Portsmouth Council decided that the area would be best served by a complete regeneration and the Gunwharf Quays outlet shopping, commercial and residential complex was opened to the public in 2001. It was further developed with the impressive Spinnaker Tower in 2005. To test whether the regeneration had been socially, economically and environmentally successful, the students conducted pedestrian counts, land use surveys, environmental quality surveys and field sketches. Some worked so efficiently they also managed to enjoy the views of Portsmouth harbour and some of the shops and cafes. Our Year 11s will be writing this up in the coming weeks in preparation for their Paper 3 exam this summer. Gunwharf Quays Gunwharf Quays 1/1 LUNCHTIME ACOUSTIC CONCERT This week saw our first informal lunchtime concert of the academic year. As always, it was a real privilege to hear such talented, brave performers in a beautiful intimate venue. Keep an eye out for more informal concerts in the new year, they really celebrate what Frensham is all about. 1/12 TRIP TO SHEPTON MALLET PRISON On Monday, the Human Perspectives Faculty launched a cross-curricular trip, with Year 9 PRE students joining the Sixth Form Sociologists to travel to Shepton Mallet Prison, enhancing their understanding of Crime & Punishment. Students were processed into the prison by the guards, having to change into rather fetching orange jumpsuits after being charged with numerous (& sometimes bizarre!) crimes, ranging from being drunk & disorderly, to cannibalism & the illegal importation of animals… We’ll leave it to you to decide what that says about Frensham students! Once processed, students were sent to their cells where they had to solve puzzles to escape within half an hour, building their teamwork & communication skills. Most of the students managed to successfully break out in the allotted time, but the guards kindly allowed all of them out to leave their cells to take part in the tour & Q&A. shepton prison shepton prison shepton prison shepton prison 1/7 Students learnt about the history of the prison, from being a Victorian ‘house of correction’, to an American military prison, through to the first women’s wing being created, until it was eventually decommissioned in 2013. We covered some gruesome history, which the kids loved, learning about the Victorian use of hard labour such as Oakham Picking, the Crank, and the Treadwheel, as well as the various methods of execution which were carried out there. Students even got to crawl into a tiny original 17th century cell, to walk in the footsteps of prisoners on the ‘dead man’s walk’, to see the trapdoor for the long drop hangings, and even to meet the friendly ghost of a woman who mysteriously died (whilst wearing her wedding dress) the night before her execution – spooky! We were impressed with the questions that many of our students asked, and their fascination with the historic & modern justice systems - we look forward to seeing this translate to their work in the classroom. A huge thank you to Jack, Karen, Jo, Beverley, Lindsay, and Hannah who helped to run the trip on the day, as well as Ruth, Kate, Julia, Susie & the rest of our lovely support staff team – we couldn’t have done it without you! AN INSPECTOR CALLS To support their study of ‘An Inspector Calls’ for GCSE English Literature, a number of Year 11 students headed off to watch the National Theatre’s touring production performance on Wednesday. Stephen Daldry’s stunning set remained timeless and imposing as we watched the Birling family’s cosy life literally and metaphorically be dismantled. The students demonstrated super engagement and knowledge, which was especially gratifying given that mock exams are only just around the corner! theatre trip theatre trip theatre trip theatre trip 1/6 YEAR 4 INTERACTIVE MATHS This week, our Year 4 children had to find the area of their names, then order themselves from the smallest to the greatest area. 1/1 THIS WEEK'S SPORTS REPORT See our write up on the Manchester Football Trip above. NEWS FROM FRENSHAM KITCHEN 1/5 WHAT'S ON NEXT WEEK Monday 28 Nov 16.20 - Year 7 & 8 Drama "Star Warts" Tech Rehearsals (Aldridge Theatre) ​ Tuesday 29 Nov 14.30 - U15 & U14 Football v Boundary Oak (Home) 15.45 - U15 & U14 Netball v Sir William Perkins (Away) 16.15 - Year 12 & 13 CRB Tutor Trip to Winchester Christmas Market 16.20 - Year 6, 7 & 8 Drama "Star Warts" Tech Rehearsals Wednesday 30 Nov 14.30 - U13 & U12 Football v Boundary Oak (Home) 14.30 - U11 & U10 Football v Boundary Oak (Home) 14.30 - U13 & U12 Netball v Boundary Oak (Away) 14.45 - U11 & U10 Netball v St Ed’s (Home) 19.00 – 20.30 - Years 6, 7 & 8 Drama Performance (Star Warts) (Aldridge Theatre) - book your tickets Thursday 1 Dec 12.30 - Junior Informal Music Concert 15.30 - U9 Netball v St Eds (Away) 15.30 - U9 Football v Ditcham (Home) 15.30 - U16 Football v Ditcham (Home) Friday 2 Dec Year 6 Sleepover (in the classroom) 8.15 - Book Look (Junior School) 8.45 - Festive Wake Up (Junior School) 9.30 - Year 7 to Year 13 Morning Talk: Tutor Time in Form rooms 16.30 - Hex @ the National Theatre Saturday 3 Dec 10.00 - GCSE Photography Workshop ​ Sunday 4 Dec 12.00 - Reading Ladies Football match FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook . We also have several Twitter accounts around the school where you can find resources and school info: ​ Main School account - @FrenshamHeights Rick - @rickclarke72 Becks - @becksscullion Business/Economics - @getontheeconbus Careers - @FrenshamCareers Creative Arts - @ArtsFrensham Charity, Outreach and Community - @FrenshamCharity Design & Technology - @FrenshamDT Junior School - @FrenshamJuniors Geography - @FrenshamGeog Maths - @Frensham_Maths Modern Foreign Languages - @Frensham_MFL Music - @FHMusicSchool Outdoor Ed - @Frensham_OE PE & Sport - @Frensham_PE PRE - @FrenshamPRE PSME/PSHE - @FrenshamPSME Science = @FrenshamScience ​

  • Whats On | Frensham Heights

    WHAT'S ON With our amazing facilities, such as the Aldridge Theatre, we are fortunate to be able to put on a wide range of performances, concerts, exhibitions and talks throughout the year. Some are just for students, but many are available for the wider community. Have a look to see what's coming, we'd love for you to join us. 1/1 Whole School Mini Open Morning Wed, 30 Nov Frensham Heights School 30 Nov, 09:00 – 12:00 Frensham Heights School, Frensham Heights Rd, Rowledge, Farnham GU10 4EA, UK Come and see the school in action and hear a few words from our Head. PLEASE ONLY BOOK ONE TOUR TICKET PER FAMILY - choose the lowest year group you're interested in and you will see the rest of the school as well. Share Book Here Star Warts: The Umpire Strikes Back Wed, 30 Nov Aldridge Theatre 30 Nov, 19:00 – 21:00 Aldridge Theatre, Frensham Heights School, Rowledge, Farnham GU10 4EA, UK A Performance by the Years 6, 7 & 8 Performing Arts ECA Share Book Here Festive Literary Readings Mon, 05 Dec Long Gallery 05 Dec, 19:00 – 20:30 Long Gallery, Frensham Heights School, Rowledge, Farnham GU10 4EA, UK An evening of cosy Christmas literary readings to get us all in the celebratory spirit. Cosy up around the roaring fire and twinkling festive tree lights in the Long Gallery. Munch on a mince pie and give the gift of supporting our Malawi charity at the same time. Share Book Here Christmas Music and Dance Extravaganza Thu, 08 Dec Aldridge Theatre 08 Dec, 19:00 – 21:30 Aldridge Theatre, Frensham Heights School, Rowledge, Farnham GU10 4EA, UK An amazing celebration of festive dance and music Share Book Here Whole School Open Morning Sat, 13 May Frensham Heights School 13 May 2023, 09:00 – 13:30 Frensham Heights School, Frensham Heights Rd, Rowledge, Farnham GU10 4EA, UK Come and visit our beautiful school and meet our teachers and students. PLEASE ONLY BOOK ONE TOUR TICKET PER FAMILY - choose the lowest year group you're interested in and you will see the rest of the school as well. Share Book Here 1/1

  • Day And Boarding School | Frensham Heights School | Rowledge

    WHO WE ARE. WHO WE BECOME. A progressive day and boarding school, refreshingly different since 1925. DISCOVER FRENSHAM HEIGHTS The best way to discover Frensham Heights is to come and see us for yourself, but we hope our film and website will give you a strong insight into who we are. ADMISSIONS BOOK A VISIT OUR VISION & MISSION HEAD'S WELCOME GOOD SCHOOLS GUIDE WHO WE ARE When looking at who we are, it’s also really important to look at where we came from. The things that make this school truly different were given to us by our founders almost 100 years ago and have not only stood the test of time, but are arguably more relevant now than ever before. CONTINUE READING JOIN US FOR AN OPEN MORNING OUR APPROACH One of our main goals is to put each student's learning into their own hands. They will learn to learn using the best methods for them – experimenting, exploring and collaborating – trying new things, getting things wrong and trying again. CONTINUE READING OUR BROAD CURRICULUM Our students explore an amazingly diverse timetable made up of mathematical and scientific, creative and performing, linguistic and literary, physical and technological, spiritual, moral, social and cultural subjects - all held in equal importance. CONTINUE READING THE FRENSHAM SPIRIT There is an energy. A feeling of happiness and calmness. It comes from all the children being comfortable in their own skins. With no prefects or head boys and girls, everyone is on a level playing ground. They can be who they are. CONTINUE READING BOARDING In all our boarding houses, great emphasis is placed on the creation of a caring community which shares a philosophy based on mutual respect, enthusiasm and enjoyment of each other’s company and achievements. CONTINUE READING EARLY YEARS Nursery & Reception We provide a rich environment full of interesting things to help stimulate investigation through play and playful teaching. READ MORE JUNIOR SCHOOL Years 1 to 6 A uniquely child-centred education that embodies the refreshingly progressive values of the wider school. READ MORE MIDDLE SCHOOL Years 7 & 8 Providing the opportunity for students to gain the skills they need to tackle every challenge and grab every opportunity. READ MORE SENIOR SCHOOL Years 9 to 11 Our aim is to give our students the knowledge and thinking skills to take on whatever may turn up on exams and also in life beyond. READ MORE SIXTH FORM Years 12 to 13 A lively, vibrant part of the school supporting students through their A-Levels and in choosing their path to the wider world. READ MORE JOINING FRENSHAM We want every parent to be sure that Frensham is the right place for their child to grow. We'd love to help you find out more. READ MORE WHO WE TEACH From 3 to 18 years, we welcome students at all stages of their educational journey. VIEW OUR PROSPECTUS VIEW ONLINE DOWNLOAD REGISTER If you would like your child to take part in our assessment process, please register here. You will also receive invitations to school events throughout the year. REGISTER YOUR CHILD FLORENCE ANDREWS | OLD FRENSHAMIAN "The freedom given at Frensham, perhaps more than at other schools, helps students to be more ambitious and driven rather than the other way round. ​ I think naturally humans want to learn – you look at toddlers and they want to learn to walk, they want to learn to talk – and I don't think that changes. The more regimented and stifling you make an educational environment, the more people resist it and decide they don't like learning. Frensham's really good at spotting what someone loves and what their talent is... and they follow that." HEAR MORE FROM FLORENCE GET IN TOUCH VENUE HIRE We have many facilities available for hire to the local community from our stunning Aldridge Theatre and Recital Room to our astroturf and playing fields. VENUE HIRE ALDRIDGE THEATRE BOX OFFICE Find out what's going on at Frensham, from school events to professional theatre companies and visiting speakers. BOX OFFICE CONTACT US Whether to book a tour or just have a chat about whether Frensham might be right for your family, we're always happy to help. CONTACT US Back to Top

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