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    The Aldridge Theatre at Frensham Heights came alive on Wednesday 9th March to the energetic beat of Taiko drumming. On 9th March, we were so excited to open the Aldridge Theatre doors to the wider Farnham community for the first time since COVID hit. It was to a full audience that Taiko Meantime kicked off the first Surrey and Hampshire Taiko Youth Festival. The performance was partly a culmination of workshops hosted by our Outreach and Enrichment Programme for students and staff from Frensham Heights and Bordon Junior School. We were joined by Taiko Meantime groups from Potter’s Gate and Weydon schools. The workshops began as a way for Frensham to reach out into the community to share the school’s love of performing arts. Lynn Goodburne who heads this outreach project, said “We are very passionate about getting our students involved with the communities around us and sharing our amazing facilities. We feel this is a wonderful way to bring youngsters together, promoting learning across different platforms and most importantly having a lot of fun!” The workshops themselves were run by Mark Alcock from Taiko Meantime who first learned Taiko drumming when living in the Wakayama prefecture in Southern Japan. Taiko is a traditional form of Japanese drumming which comes from the temples and shrines and is performed in theatres and religious festivals. Taiko is an dynamic mix of music, martial arts, performance and drama. This comes through in the energetic workshops and the obvious discipline of the established Potter’s Gate and Weydon groups. After just two hour sessions, the Frensham Heights and Bordon Junior schools were confident and able to perform on the Aldridge stage. “I am really happy to bring the power, discipline, joy and fun of Taiko drumming to schools outside of the immediate Farnham area and to be back at Frensham Heights who have always been hugely supportive.” said Mark. For both, this isn’t just a one-off event, Lynn and Mark see this as just the beginning of an adventure, seeing Farnham grow as a hub for Taiko drumming bringing together schools from Surrey and Hampshire counties to master and celebrate this form of percussion.

  • Back on Stage!

    Despite Covid numbers rapidly rising and finding ourselves without a theatre manager, our incredibly resilient staff and students put on some outstanding performances in the Aldridge Theatre this last term. Although we couldn't have a full audience, and for some no audience at all, it was really uplifting to be back in our beautiful theatre again. Performing Arts are a big part of our curriculum with Nursery through Year 9 students taking music, dance and drama each week. GCSE, BTEC and A-Level options allow those with passion for the Performing Arts to continue as far as they wish. We don’t expect all our students to go on to become professional artists, musicians, dancers – although many do – but the creative-thinking and soft skills which develop best in these subjects are now more crucial than ever. The courage to stand on stage, to paint their dreams, compose their own songs – these are the experiences which will make them stronger, make them individuals and stay with them, no matter what they go on to do. Peter Pan A small group of Years 7 to 9 students created a wonderful production of Peter Pan. Sets and costumes were salvaged to keep the show as environmentally friendly as possible and all proceeds were donated to Great Ormond's Street Hospital. With two shows and careful stewarding, no one had to miss this lovely production. Christmas Dance and Music Concert As one of Frensham's most popular events, even before Covid disruptions, tickets for this event go incredibly quickly. Unfortunately, this time after ticket reservations opened, and had sold out, Covid numbers started climbing quickly and we had to go back and limit the audience to 2 tickets only for families of performers. A huge thank you to all the families who returned tickets to make sure that every performer had at least one person in the audience. The show was recorded and will be made available to all the grandparents, friends and wider community who had to miss the live performance. The students outdid themselves as always and the talent, strength and courage shown on stage was outstanding. The GCSE and A-Level Dance students command the stage with confidenc,e but many of the students performing would not naturally be drawn to the stage. Dance is compulsory at Frensham through Year 9. This is unique and important. It takes us through those awkward, self-conscious, inhibited teenage years. Spend those in an environment where you’re all feeling uncomfortable together – where you’re all told it’s normal, it’s fine, have fun and try not to take it so seriously – and the effect can be not only phenomenal for teenage wellbeing, but life-changing. We had to cancel our music stages at Founders' Day and Fireworks Evening this year, so this was a much needed opportunity for our singers and musicians to perform in front of an audience. Luckily, with Covid restrictions allowing, there is a full line up for the rest of the academic year including informal concerts and Rock & Pop gigs. Junior School Christmas Shows Unfortunately, despite having arranged an outside venue and multiple shows, we ended up having to cancel external audiences for our Junior School Christmas Shows. But although it is wonderful for children to have the chance to perform in front of their families, it is really important, and exciting, for them to have the opportunity to perform on the big stage. The courage to get on stage is encouraged here from an early age as is the ability to watch, listen and appreciate others. So the shows did go ahead on the Aldridge stage with Nursery to Year 3 performing for Years 4 to 6 and vice versa. Nursery to Years 3 put on the funny, uplifting Lights, Camel, Action: The Sequin while Years 4 to 6 shared a wide variety of their own poems, dances and musical pieces. Costumes, lights and sounds were as a live event and the children performed magically. Both shows were videoed for families to enjoy at home. Thank You! A huge thank you for the amazing effort as always from our dedicated staff behind the scenes organising and supporting in so many ways, many going far beyond their day job. A special thank you to Ryan Harris for stepping in at the last minute as theatre technician to make sure these shows could actually happen. Thank you to our incredibly supportive and passionate parents and community (particularly those who gave up tickets for others). And as always, most importantly, thank you to all our amazing students - there literally would be no Frensham without you! Happy New Year and we'll see you for more amazingness in 2022!

  • Championing the Environment at COP26 and at School

    Students at Frensham Heights School, like their peers around the world, are standing up for the environment and their future through their voices and actions at school and beyond. Young people around the world are gathering momentum in their challenge to society and government to do something about the climate crisis. Students at Frensham Heights are acting at school and beyond to make changes and have their voices heard. Two Sixth Form students were selected by UKSSN (Sustainable Schools Network) to take part in COP26 in Glasgow. Costa in Year 12 gained a place to attend the conference, representing both Frensham and Surrey Schools. Costa connected with many likeminded climatarians and took part in a live-streamed webinar panel alongside a nuclear expert discussing innovation in energy, education and the student experience at COP26. “Attending COP26 gave me an amazing opportunity to represent my school and students from across Surrey on an international platform. My highlight was meeting the MP and President of COP26, Alok Sharma. I was able to talk to him about the UKSSN’s approach and how young people at Frensham Heights and across Surrey feel about our current climate situation and what we can do to help solve some of the problems. At COP, I learnt far more about the plight of indigenous people, the important role they play in safeguarding biodiversity and how we can learn from them to live more harmoniously with nature.” - Costa, Year 12 Frensham Heights Student and COP attendee. Sixth Former Issy was also selected as part of the virtual satellite group of students who took part in the conference virtually. Alongside the real event in Glasgow, Frensham Heights also had a seat at the ZeroCarbon Guildford Mock COP on the 20th November - representing Brazil. They gave a bold and informed opening statement to the country delegates at Guildford Council Chambers. Their questions and answers demonstrated excellent preparation and the ability to think on their feet. It was a fantastic opportunity for students from many schools to come together discussing and negotiating their positions. The Frensham Heights students performed admirably and succeeded in establishing early alliances and making reasonable pledges to find a collective solution to the climate crisis. "Being on Team Brazil at Mock COP gave me a deeper understanding of different countries’ situations, the difficulties they’ve faced because of climate change and the complexities of finding a solution upon which everyone can agree. For me, the relevance of the Mock COP26 was the realisation that it instigated. By dedicating ourselves to the research of countries' policies, governments, politicians and economies and by attempting realistic negotiation with other nations, you realise how embedded into corruption and bureaucracy our global 'response' to climate change is. You realise that if we want to achieve relief for our planet, urgent adjustment to our efforts is needed. But rather than filling us with scepticism and worry, it should serve as a motivation for our younger generations and passionate public that we are the change of the future, and we must not rely on current policies to save us. Thank you to ZeroCarbon Guildford for making it possible." Kathleen, Year 13 Frensham Heights Student and Mock COP participant. Back at school, determination and passion are just as high. Eco issues have been introduced across the curriculum, from Year 5 students writing letters to the local MP offering their voices to the climate debate - to Year 10s considering the importance of social responsibility and government policies in Business Studies - to discussions around renewables in Science - to environmental thinking in A-Level Philosophy. Alongside are dedicated Ecodays for Years 7 to 9 that focus on the local environment and the impact the school community has upon it. Even the school production of Peter Pan is showcasing upcycled sets and costumes. EcoHeights, the student-led environmental group, keeps interest high and focused - encouraging all students and staff to consider and change the way they use resources and to respect the environment around them. They hold productive discussions with the Estates and Catering teams about food waste, waste disposal and recycling - always focusing on encouraging manageable student, staff and community change. The message being that every little action can make a difference. As a founding member of SEAS (Surrey Environmental Action in Schools) Frensham Heights have also been working with other local schools to find shared solutions to current climate problems. “It’s been fantastic over the last two years to see our eco initiatives develop and watch our students gain a passion and deeper understanding of the climate crisis we face. As a school, we are passionate about educating our young people about this issue and giving them the understanding and tools to be the changemakers of the future. We want to instil hope in young people who can so often be left despondent, feeling that the climate rhetoric is terrifyingly apocalyptic and another generation’s fault.” - Amanda McCallum, Frensham Heights Head of Faculty of the Physical World.

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  • Day And Boarding School | Frensham Heights School | Rowledge

    WHO WE ARE. WHO WE BECOME. A progressive day and boarding school, refreshingly different since 1925. DISCOVER FRENSHAM HEIGHTS The best way to discover Frensham Heights is to come and see us for yourself, but we hope our film and website will give you a strong insight into who we are. ADMISSIONS BOOK A VISIT OUR VISION & MISSION HEAD'S WELCOME GOOD SCHOOLS GUIDE OUR APPROACH One of our main goals is to put each student's learning into their own hands. They will learn to learn using the best methods for them – experimenting, exploring and collaborating – trying new things, getting things wrong and trying again. CONTINUE READING WHO WE ARE When looking at who we are, it’s also really important to look at where we came from. The things that make this school truly different were given to us by our founders almost 100 years ago and have not only stood the test of time, but are arguably more relevant now than ever before. CONTINUE READING OUR BROAD CURRICULUM Our students explore an amazingly diverse timetable made up of mathematical and scientific, creative and performing, linguistic and literary, physical and technological, spiritual, moral, social and cultural subjects - all held in equal importance. CONTINUE READING THE FRENSHAM SPIRIT There is an energy. A feeling of happiness and calmness. It comes from all the children being comfortable in their own skins. With no prefects or head boys and girls, everyone is on a level playing ground. They can be who they are. CONTINUE READING BOARDING In all our boarding houses, great emphasis is placed on the creation of a caring community which shares a philosophy based on mutual respect, enthusiasm and enjoyment of each other’s company and achievements. CONTINUE READING EARLY YEARS Nursery & Reception We provide a rich environment full of interesting things to help stimulate investigation through play and playful teaching. READ MORE JUNIOR SCHOOL Years 1 to 6 A uniquely child-centred education that embodies the refreshingly progressive values of the wider school. READ MORE MIDDLE SCHOOL Years 7 & 8 Providing the opportunity for students to gain the skills they need to tackle every challenge and grab every opportunity. READ MORE SENIOR SCHOOL Years 9 to 11 Our aim is to give our students the knowledge and thinking skills to take on whatever may turn up on exams and also in life beyond. READ MORE SIXTH FORM Years 12 to 13 A lively, vibrant part of the school supporting students through their A-Levels and in choosing their path to the wider world. READ MORE JOINING FRENSHAM We want every parent to be sure that Frensham is the right place for their child to grow. We'd love to help you find out more. READ MORE WHO WE TEACH From 3 to 18 years, we welcome students at all stages of their educational journey. VIEW OUR PROSPECTUS VIEW ONLINE DOWNLOAD REGISTER If you would like your child to take part in our assessment process, please register here. You will also receive invitations to school events throughout the year. REGISTER YOUR CHILD FLORENCE ANDREWS | OLD FRENSHAMIAN "The freedom given at Frensham, perhaps more than at other schools, helps students to be more ambitious and driven rather than the other way round. ​ I think naturally humans want to learn – you look at toddlers and they want to learn to walk, they want to learn to talk – and I don't think that changes. The more regimented and stifling you make an educational environment, the more people resist it and decide they don't like learning. Frensham's really good at spotting what someone loves and what their talent is... and they follow that." HEAR MORE FROM FLORENCE GET IN TOUCH VENUE HIRE We have many facilities available for hire to the local community from our stunning Aldridge Theatre and Recital Room to our astroturf and playing fields. VENUE HIRE ALDRIDGE THEATRE BOX OFFICE Find out what's going on at Frensham, from school events to professional theatre companies and visiting speakers. BOX OFFICE CONTACT US Whether to book a tour or just have a chat about whether Frensham might be right for your family, we're always happy to help. CONTACT US Back to Top

  • Sixth Form | Frensham Heights

    SIXTH FORM Frensham Sixth Form offers the best of both worlds with the independence of a college mixed with the facilities and diverse extracurricular opportunities of a wider school community. Our more informal setting and smaller class sizes allow our students and teachers to really get to know one another - literally on a first name basis. Teachers can then adapt their lessons to the personalities and interests in front of them allowing for a bespoke education for all. A-Level Photography an A Level photography student holds a camera in the photography classroom A-Level Photography an A Level photography student poses for a photograph against a white background A-Level Science A-Level Chemistry students work on experiments in the science labs A-Level Photography an A Level photography student holds a camera in the photography classroom 1/10 QUICK LINKS ACADEMICS A-LEVELS HIGHER & CAREERS ED ADMISSIONS RESULTS LIFE AT FRENSHAM SIXTH FORM Frensham Sixth Form life centres around our student hub Roberts House. It is a home from home where students can personalise their study rooms; enjoy each other’s company in our multiple common rooms and make a well-deserved hot drink and slice of toast in one of our kitchens. Students are welcomed into Roberts House by our dedicated housemother, Sarah, whose warm and caring nature sets a tone of positivity and support. Hannah, our Head of Sixth Form, has her office in Roberts House and the door is always open to students for anything from UCAS mentoring sessions to helping out with day to day academic or pastoral challenges. ​ Unlike Sixth Form colleges, students are welcome to stay onsite throughout the school day and can get their important independent study done within the school working hours. Students can also choose to stay on beyond the school day for events such as movie nights, plays, enrichment events and our ever popular social events nights. Being able to house all our Sixth Form in one space gives us a family atmosphere punctuated by laughter and spirited discussions, where the student voice is at the centre of our community. HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT TO A SIXTH FORM COLLEGE? Hearing directly from students and teachers can really shed a light on day to day life so we asked some of our amazing Sixth Form students and teachers to help us out with these two insightful videos. TAKE A TOUR OF ROBERTS HOUSE Tour of Roberts House Play Video Frensham Heights Sixth Form Academics Play Video Why Frensham Sixth Form Play Video SIXTH FORM Watch Now Frensham Heights Sixth Form Academics Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share Channel Info Close ACADEMICS IN SIXTH FORM Our Sixth Form is one where scientists mix with artists, linguists mix with actors and sports psychologists mix with dancers. What better preparation for higher education can there be? We aim to give every student a broad academic, creative and cultural education while also preparing them for life after school in higher education and work. Students leave Frensham to start a wonderful range of university courses – from neuroscience to music and fashion management to astrophysics. Some have been at Frensham for most or all of their school lives while many joined the school in the Sixth Form but they all have that soft self-confidence and strong respect for others that is so ingrained in the Frensham community. ​ Frensham Heights Sixth Form Academics Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied CURRENT A-LEVEL CHOICES We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of subjects - with over 25 subjects to choose from, we want to ensure that we can offer each student their perfect subject combination - so that everyone can create their own unique curriculum. ​ Our advice is to opt for subjects that inspire - subjects that students really connect with. Our A-Level options process is created around each student, this means that they are not restricted to choosing subjects from set option blocks - they can create their own unique curriculum. Most students choose to study three A-Levels, although some elect to study Mathematical Studies or an EPQ alongside. Mathematics Further Mathematics Mathematical Studies Dance (BTEC) Drama Music Music Technology Computer Science Business Economics English Literature Geography History Politics 3D Design/Product Design Fine Art Graphic Communication Photography Physical Education Psychology Religious Studies (PRE) Sociology French German Spanish Biology Chemistry Physics FIND OUT MORE OUR PROSPECTUS SIXTH FORM BOOKLET A-LEVEL BOOKLET VISIT US THE EDGE PROGRAMME In addition to the traditional A-Level subjects, we also offer a selection of courses which provide students the chance to expand their practical skill sets – from leadership to commercial awareness; from creativity to team work - skills employers are seeking. ​ There are a wide range of courses available such as Cooking, Enterprise, Construction and Theatre Lighting. Each course is one period a week and lasts five or ten weeks, there are 4 five week blocks ending at Easter. At the end of each course, the experience and can be logged on Unifrog - a one stop shop website for careers guidance helping students have a real edge when it comes to entering employment and higher education. EXPANDING HORIZONS Expanding Horizons is a compulsory subject for all Sixth Formers at Frensham Heights. It’s a dynamic subject that gives students the opportunity to learn about and discuss what is happening in the world today, from global issues to those closer to home. This course has been created and is delivered by the Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Department with the specific aim to encourage students to think critically about society, to reflect on their own views, and to challenge each other. Ultimately, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge that they will need to play a full and active part in society. HIGHER & CAREERS EDUCATION Higher and Careers Education is an important part of the curriculum at Frensham Heights. Young people are entering a working world that, with advances in technology and automation, is changing exponentially. Careers information, advice and guidance are designed to equip our students with the tools needed to thrive in this changing world; to help them make the most appropriate choices at 14 to 19 years old and beyond into their working lives. NEXT STEPS We offer a 12 week Career Education programme and work with Unifrog, EC Careers and the Education Development Trust to ensure that specialist support is available to students and parents, all in conjunction with day to day support from the school Head of Careers. Unifrog is an online platform where students can write their CVs and Personal Statements and record their key skills. Teachers can also give their students feedback, and write references.

  • TRANSPORT | Frensham Heights

    GETTING TO SCHOOL BY BICYCLE Students in Years 7 and above can ride their bikes to school as long as they wear a helmet and ride in a safe and considerate way both on campus and off. Students must make sure their bikes are roadworthy - including working front and back lights - and they must take responsibility for their bike irrespective of who is riding it. B ikes should be parked in the bike racks provided. Junior School: parents are asked to use the Main Car Park, which is clearly signposted as you turn into Frensham Heights Road, and walk with your children to and from the Junior School. Some also take advantage of the café that is run in the Aldridge Theatre Foyer first thing in the morning (to coincide with drop off times) and in the afternoons (to coincide with pick up times). ​ Years 7-13: we operate a one-way system for dropping off and picking up for students. There are a few spaces for limited waiting but please don’t use these for long-term parking. Many parents opt to use the Main Car Park, which is clearly signposted as you turn into Frensham Heights Road. Some also take advantage of the café that is run in the Aldridge Theatre Foyer first thing in the morning (to coincide with drop off times) and in the afternoons (to coincide with pick up times). ​ Please try to use either the drop-off zone or the Main Car Park, rather than driving up to Main House and the Music School or down to the Studios and Art Centre. This is really to keep as many areas as possible free of cars at a time when many children are out and about on site and when staff are trying to park in the allocated staff areas. BY CAR Visitors: please park outside our Main House and head in to the reception to check-in. BY SCHOOL BUS School transport is available to students from Year 7 upwards. Parents need to be aware that the buses are unsupervised and operate much like public transport. ​ The full routes, times and costs can be found below. Places are booked on a termly basis but if there are spaces, you are welcome to enquire about an occasional place. We are always reviewing our bus routes so please do contact us if you are interested in a new route. If you have any queries about the bus routes please contact Ruth Wilde at . ​ Year 5 or 6 children can ride the bus, but only with an older sibling and permission from the Deputy Head, as they will be unchaperoned. If the older sibling is unable to get the bus on one day, the younger sibling will not be able to ride alone. Farnham Bus Farnham Station Frensham Heights Bus Timetable Permission Form Camberley Bus Camberley Fleet Station Church Crookham Crondall Farnham Station Frensham Heights Bus Timetable Permission Form Haslemere Bus Haslemere Hindhead Churt Frensham Heights Bus Timetable Permission Form Guildford Bus Guildford Artington Godalming Milford Elstead Churt More House Frensham Heights Bus Timetable Permission Form Timetable PRICE EACH WAY £10.10 – £17.60 STOPS Waterloo, Wandsworth, Robin Hood Roundabout, Painshill Slip Road, Guildford, Frensham Heights PERMISSION LETTER permission letter Every Friday and Sunday, during term time, we run an accompanied coach service to and from Waterloo Station with several stopping points on the way. This service is not available at the start or at the end of each term. Times and stops are listed below but due to the nature of London traffic times may vary on the day. ​ Students may book journeys by adding their name to the list on the notice board in the exit passageway from the school dining room. Charges are added to the student’s end of term bill. Please note that the school’s standard Terms and Conditions state that the school is not responsible for students’ personal belongings at school or on journeys to and from school. The coach does not run in extreme weather e.g. snow. WEEKLY WATERLOO BUS

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