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Headmaster Rick Clarke looks up at students smiling


Most likely you are looking at Frensham because you’re looking for something different educationally. In fact, that is why I’m here too.

Previously I was at very traditional schools and although they provided a great education, I always felt there was something missing, that there was room for more.

There are many things that make Frensham different. We use first names, we wear our own clothes, but the thing that makes us truly unique is much more subtle. Relationships. Everything we do here is underpinned by relationships – with each other, with ourselves, with our school, with our world. We wholeheartedly believe that we cannot educate the mind until we educate the heart.

We aspire to help young people develop the right heart and mind to go out in the world and change things for the better.


Rick Clarke, Head of Frensham

two students chat with Headmaster Rick Clarke

“I would like all our students to leave as socially-conscious changemakers, determined to make the world a better place – for me there can be no greater goal for education”

Rick Clarke, Head of Frensham

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