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Welcome to Frensham

Welcome to Frensham. I have been honoured to lead this wonderful school from 2004 to 2018 and again for this academic year. What you will find as you get to know the school is that it is beautiful physically and philosophically, it offers enviable breadth and depth in its curriculum and non-academic pursuits and above all it seeks to share a generosity of spirit between all members of the school.  

If you are looking for a school that will know your child and believe in their dreams or ambitions, where people will really listen and give more time and care than the norm; then Frensham is exceptional. If you want to learn alongside your teacher and aim for the best Universities in the country; then our record is proven. If you want a school with 99 years of history and security but every year is an adventure; then you are in the right place.  

My main role this year is to prepare for my successor Ben McCarey. Ben is currently serving as Headmaster at Holyport College and everyone at Frensham is excited to be working with him.  The parents and students and staff all played a role in his appointment process; so he has the confidence of us all to take this wonderful school into its next centenary.  

If you don’t already know us, please do come and visit us. We would love to welcome you. 

Andrew Fisher 

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