Nursery Class

Learning in the moment

The wonderful thing about play is that it is intrinsically motivating. It is done for its own sake, and not for external rewards.

Like the rest of Frensham Heights, our nursery class is a very nurturing child-led environment. We have an integrated forest school programme which fosters confidence and creativity. From their first day, our nursery children become an important part of this unique, inspiring school, taking their first steps along a holistic educational path.

In our nursery class, children learn by playing, exploring and being active. They learn together through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside. We provide a rich environment full of interesting things to help stimulate investigation through play and playful teaching. Our learning environments, both the indoor and outdoor classrooms, constantly need to be reviewed and adapted to ensure that every child’s level of involvement in their activity is constantly enriched. Our resources are plentiful and engaging. Our learning is based on capturing the moment of engagement and running with it to make sure the children progress in their own way. This encourages children to pursue their own interests which achieves deeper levels of involvement.

Outdoor Education

Frensham’s Outdoor Education programme begins in our nursery class with Forest Classes, where even the youngest can enjoy the freedom to explore, to investigate, to experience and to take small but significant risks that help them grow into curious and self-aware adults. The adventures on offer are carefully chosen, meticulously prepared and age appropriate. For these littlest members of the school, the adventures will be full of wonder and exploration. As they grow up through the school their experiences will become wider developing confidence, teamwork and responsibility. What makes Outdoor Education so special is that with real adventure the unexpected will always happen and it is in dealing with it that children discover their true strengths and exceed their personal limits.


Children should be three years old at the time of entry (or be due to turn three in the term they join us). We also ask that they are fully toilet trained. Once you have registered, we will invite you to bring your child into the nursery for an informal visit of about an hour. You can either stay with your child or leave him/her – the choice is yours. The transition from our nursery class to our reception and then on into Year 1 is seamless as the children share break and lunchtimes and common outdoor and indoor areas.


  • Pupils in nursery class and reception study the foundation stage curriculum, which comprises:
  • Communication and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Knowledge of the world
  • Creative development

This is complemented by specialist teaching in PE, modern languages, music, Forest Class and, in reception, drama and dance.

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