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Frensham Heights Parent Voice is different from a PTA or traditional Parents Committee. Parent Voice is a team of elected parent volunteers dedicated to help support new and existing parents and collaborate with the school in an innovative and productive format.  The core responsibility of Parent Voice is to provide a point of contact for feedback, represent wider parent views fairly and without bias or judgement and provide a forum to discuss and explore matters of common interest to parents and the school.

2022/23 Members

  • Chair: Vicki Nixon

  • Vice-Chair: Emma Tweed

  • Secretary: Jo Bushill

  • Nursery & Reception: Manga Tharma

  • Year 1:Claire Karitzis

  • Year 2: Szilvia Varnai

  • Year 3: Natasha Hill

  • Year 4: Nina Maidlow

  • Year 5: Helen Jones

  • Year 6: Ross Atkin & Miro Walker

  • Year 7: Maki Fox

  • Year 8: Helen Davison

  • Year 9: Fiona Turner

  • Year 10: Sandra Laird

  • Year 11: Carina Hamilton & Laura De Mierre

  • Sixth Form: Emma Webb

  • Boarding: Emma Tweed

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