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Congratulations to Year 11 and 13 who achieved some really wonderful exam results. Grades which are testament to the hard work, creativity, and passion that our students – and teachers – have put into their subjects. Of course, exams are not the only benchmark of a great education. But we are proud to know that our distinctive style of education – with a focus on independent thinking, imagination, risk taking, and collaboration – actively contributes to exceptional academic outcomes.






Frensham students have been celebrating the culmination of two years of exploration and study in their chosen A level subjects. In true Frensham style, we saw strong results across our broad subject offering with students heading off to an equally diverse array of destinations. Among those opting to head straight to higher education; Rosie will be reading Natural Sciences at Durham University (where she can continue to dominate the rugby field), Beth will continue her passion for Theatre and Film at Bristol University, Sofia will also continue her studies in Film at Westminster University, Isabelle will take Chemistry at Queen Mary’s University of London and Ella will continue excelling in all things creative during a foundation in Graphic Communication at Falmouth.  

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While the majority of our leavers are heading off to university (or a gap year), a set of strong results doesn’t mean university is necessarily the right next step. Among our students heading straight into their chosen fields are Amaryllis with a job secured on a major motion picture film crew in the autumn, Izzy with an apprenticeship at a major global law firm in London and Lara is heading straight to dance school.  

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Head Andrew Fisher commented: "We are very proud of the breadth and range of subjects we offer and delighted that so many choose to combine more traditional academic subjects with arts subjects with fantastic outcomes. The further education offer has evolved and we are proud that we have embraced the future and have students heading for apprenticeships as well as to Russell Group Universities. I'd like to thank all the students, teachers and parents for working together and being part of the team that makes Frensham who we are"

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At a school like Frensham, achievement is so much more than success on results day. Meaningful relationships between teachers and students create a culture, which allows everyone to be themselves and have a voice. Teachers go above and beyond to educate and support students in their studies when it comes to exams, but they are also supported to explore beyond their chosen subjects in so many other ways.




Frensham Heights is delighted to announce another strong year of Year 11 external examination results. The school is understandably very proud of their students who have achieved a 93.8% pass rate in this year's GCSE and BTEC exams - across a wide range of creative and academic subjects. Particular strengths were seen in all Science, Fine Art and Photography GCSEs and the new Performing Arts and Business Studies BTECs.


“We are again celebrating remarkable achievements from our students and the teachers who inspired them” says Head Andrew Fisher. “These strong results are a reflection of our school's commitment to academic success, but ultimately our aim is to prepare our students for more than sitting exams.” He continues, “we want them to have the confidence, resilience and critical thinking to take on not only whatever they face on an exam, but whatever life may throw at them. And to do it with grace and empathy. This cohort has shown yet again that it is possible to achieve academic success while producing well-rounded individuals.”


Frensham Heights actively strives to keep their range of Key Stage 4 qualifications not only as broad as possible but as relevant as they can be to modern life. This year saw the first cohorts finishing Business and Performing Arts BTECs with 93% and 100% L2D*-L2P respectively. Next year will see the completion of the first Esports BTEC course and the launch of new Film and Global Perspectives GCSEs. 


The students’ impressive results this year stand as a testament to the school's unique approach to supporting academic success through championing a richer and more relevant experience. 

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