Results & Classes

A look at recent results and class composition


At Frensham Heights, we treat results across every subject equally. We celebrate success in a wider context whether it’s strong GCSE or A-Levels results or success on a less traditionally academic pathway. Our students include the highly traditionally academic who achieve top grades across the board and students who are outstanding creatively academic musicians, artists, actors and dancers – not to mention the many who fall across both sides. As you will see from the charts, our results remain consistent year by year.

GCSE: 2019

9 - 8


9 - 7


9 - 6


9 - 5


9 - 4


Detailed results can be seen here. You can read our press release here.

A Level: 2019

A* - A


A* - B


A* - C


A* - D


A* - E


Detailed results can be seen here. You can read our press release here.

Class Sizes

We have one class per year group from Nursery up to Year 3 with small numbers to ensure individual attention. This splits into two classes per year group in Years 4, 5 and 6 with up to 16 per class.

In Years 7 and 8, there are usually three tutor groups per year with 16 or 18 students in each. In Year 9, there are four tutor groups. The GCSE and A Level class sizes vary depending on the popularity of student subject choices.

Mixed-Ability Classes

Up to Year 9, all classes are intentionally mixed-ability, which benefits everyone. Students are encouraged to work together which improves the attainment of less able students whilst simultaneously deepening the understanding of those who are more able.