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Frensham Heights School puts the Safeguarding of our children at the forefront of all we do and Safeguarding has the highest priority across the school. Our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, updated and ratified by our governing body. Safeguarding our children is the responsibility of all staff at Frensham, all of whom are regularly trained and updated on changes in the Safeguarding landscape, statutory requirements and the best ways to keep our children safe. Online Safety forms a crucial part of our Safeguarding provision, training and support. The children are educated through our Horizons programme throughout their time at Frensham on the many issues related to Safeguarding and given the skills and knowledge to make responsible decisions in order to help them to stay safe.


If you have any concerns about the safety or welfare of a child please contact us at or get in touch by phone or in person with our DSL (Jack Talman) or any of the members of our Safeguarding Team.

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