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It is really important that your child comes to school throughout the term. There may be times when this simply is not possible, or when your child needs to have time off for a medical or dental appointment or for some other personal reason. In this case, please let us know, as outlined below, with as much notice as possible. We would also be grateful if you could let us know about any issues at home that may affect your child’s happiness or wellbeing.



If you think your child is unwell, please do keep them at home where they will be most comfortable and more likely to recover quickly. If they have actually been sick or are suffering from an upset stomach, we do ask that they stay at home for 48 hours to prevent any bug being passed to other children. If you are keeping your child at home, please let the Junior School office know as soon as possible either by telephone or email.

Other Absences

Any requests for children to be absent from school for non- medical reasons should be sent to the Head of Junior School.



If your child is ill or has a medical appointment: please let Reception know by telephone (01252 792561) or email ( Please also keep Reception updated daily if the illness continues.


If your child is late for school: please bring them to Reception as soon as you arrive so they can be signed in.


If your child has an out-of-school appointment during the school day: please remind them that they will need to sign in and out at Reception.

Other Absences

Any requests for children to be absent from school for non- medical reasons should be sent to the Head.



Nursery Opening Times

Morning session only 8.30am-11.30am
Morning session including lunch 8.30am-1.30pm
Full day 8.30am-3.20pm
Lunch including afternoon 11.30am-3.20pm

Reception to Year 6 Class Times

Registration 8.20am
Classes start 8.30am
Morning break 10.25am-10.50am
Lunch 12pm-1.15pm
Classes finish 3.20pm (R – Y3), 3.30pm (Y4 – Y6)


Drop Off

Drop off is from 8.15am:

  • Nursery children - please bring your child to the back door by the outside play area, where Nursery staff will be waiting to meet you. Don’t worry if your child is a little uneasy – you can stay with them and Nursery staff can give you some good strategies for settling them in.

  • Years R to 3 - please take children to the gate by the Junior School Office.

  • Years 4 to 6 -  please drop your child off in the Drop Off Zone with their class teacher. This is a drop and go system, please do not park in the Drop Off Zone. If you wish to accompany your child, please park in the Main Car Park.


The children have a morning break when they can have milk or water and fruit or a savoury snack. This is provided by the school so please don’t send any other snacks in. We are a nut-free zone but if you child has any other special dietary needs, please let your class teacher know and confirm with an email to the Junior School Office. All break times are supervised by a member of staff. 


Early Years children eat together in the Junior School hall. Years 2 upwards go to the Dining Hall for lunch ahead of the older children. 

Pick Up
  • Nursery children - please come to collect your child at the back door by the outside play area.

  • Years R to 3 - please wait in the courtyard at 3.20pm. The children are brought in to the Junior School hall and will be released once we see you.

  • Years 4 to 6 - please wait in the Year 4-6 courtyard at 3.30pm. The children will gather their bags and coats and will come through the rear classroom doors to you. 

If someone else is collecting your child, please let the teacher and the Junior School office know.

After School Care (EDA)

There are a limited number of spaces for after school care from 3.20pm-5.30pm. If you are interested in signing up for this, please contact the Junior School office.





Period 1

8.30am – 09.25am

Period 2

9.30am – 10.25am

Morning break

10.25am – 10.50am


Period 3

10.50am – 11.40am

Period 4

11.45am – 12.35/45

Lunch (Years 7-9)


Lunch (Year 10)


Tutor time


Period 5

2.15pm – 3.10pm

Period 6

3.15pm – 4.10pm

School Finishes/ECAs Begin


After School Study

Students can stay after school to take part in ECAs or they can join the supervised study session in the library from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.


Day students can also stay for dinner in the Dining Hall if they notify Reception in the morning. Dinner is from 6:30pm to 7:00pm.

All day students must be off site by 7pm unless they are participating in a school activity or event. Sixth Form day students must leave campus by 7pm unless other arrangements have been made at Roberts House.

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