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Each of our boarding houses has its own dedicated residential team and, as the children grow up through the school, there is a natural progression of increased freedom matched with increased responsibility. Boarding at Frensham, like the whole school, is built on a very firm basis of mutual respect. Students are probably given more freedom than in other schools, but with that comes greater responsibility and ultimately a better understanding of how to live and behave beyond the school and home environments.

boarding house bedroom


Within our beautiful environment, Frensham is able to offer the perfect natural balance of home and structure.

During the day, boarders are indistinguishable from day students, sharing the same classrooms, day houses and lunchroom, but as the day ends they head to one of our two boarding houses. Hamilton House provides a cosy base for our boarders in Years 7 to 10. Roberts House brings together more grownup accommodation for the Year 11 boarders along with boarding rooms, day studies and social spaces for Sixth Form students.

Both boarding houses are coeducational. In both houses the boys and girls have separate dormitories with shared social areas. Tech and WIFI are monitored and phones are stored away at night for the younger years. Prep time is set and a huge range of activities are organised from basketball to cooking plus shopping and cinema trips. Weekends, in particular, follow the flow and pattern that is family life with busier Saturdays and lazier Sundays. Throughout all there is a natural progression of what is expected from the youngest through to the oldest – a sliding scale of structure, freedom and responsibility.


Our boarding houses are like big families – full of sisters and brothers, chatter and laughter, excitement and calm. It can’t be home, but it’s as close as you can get without being at home.

In both of our boarding houses, great emphasis is placed on the creation of a caring community which shares a philosophy based on mutual respect, enthusiasm and enjoyment of each other’s company and achievements. We aim to develop tolerant, friendly attitudes and good personal relationships. In school, we try to minimise the distinction between boarding and day students, and we welcome students from around the world.

close up of ornament in boarding house room


As with most things at Frensham, we understand that one size never fits all so we have a few different boarding options to cover whatever works for your family:


Full boarding is what it says on the tin - 7 days a week.


Weekly boarding is Sunday pm to Thursday pm.


Flexi boarding is the same three days every week.


Occasional boarding is adhoc on a first come, first serve basis - 2 days equivalent per week/per term for Years 7-9 and 1 day for Years 10 and up.

common room area in Roberts House Sixth Form house


Our boarding houses include many students from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. We welcome boarders from overseas, and believe that the diversity of ideas, experiences and perspectives they bring enriches our boarding community.


Our experienced house parents get to know all of our residential students really well and they benefit from a very special home-like setting. Our less formal environment also lends itself to making life long friends so students will go home knowing that their Frensham experience will continue well into the future.


Hamilton House is home to our Years 7 to 10 boarders with flexi-boarding, full and weekly boarding available for all. Students and residential staff live, study, socialise and relax together in what feels far more like a family home than a boarding house.


Coeducational, in keeping with our ethos, boys and girls have bedrooms on separate floors. But they share common areas for a wide variety of boarding activities - movie and games nights, cookery, yoga and more - not to mention coming together each evening to get their prep done.

outside of Hamilton House boarding house
kitchen of Hamilton House boarding house
close up of boarding school bedroom
boarding house bedroom


Roberts House is our boarding house for Years 11 - 13 and also our Sixth Form hub. Boarders join Roberts House in Year 11 where they move to a more grown-up style of accommodation which supports their exam prep and their next steps towards Sixth Form.


It is much more than a boarding house as Sixth Form day students also have studies here. Sixth Form notices, social events, study sessions and some classes also take place here. It is somewhere students can go during free periods to study and find a bit of peace and quiet. Male and female students have single rooms on separate sides with common rooms in between. Central to Roberts House is Sarah, the matron, who offers a friendly ear, a comforting hug or just a cup of tea when the students need a bit of emotional support. Sixth Form boarders can take all their meals in the dining hall, but there are also two kitchens in Roberts House which they can use. Sixth Formers have more freedom than the other boarders - which comes with more responsibility.

outside of Roberts House Sixth Form house
study area in Roberts House Sixth Form house
view inside boarding room in Roberts House Sixth Form house
view inside study room at Roberts House Sixth Form house


Boarding life begins when the school day ends. It obviously can’t be fun and games all the time, but evenings and weekends are all about striking the right balance between structured activities, homework and relaxation. Working around prep time and quiet time, evenings and weekends can see boarders really taking advantage of the school site and its facilities.


•  basketball in the sports hall

•  running/walking in the woods

•  cooking and arts and crafts

•  movie and quiz nights

We also sometimes go off site for dinner, bowling or the cinema. We don’t have Saturday school, so there is time for a broad range of activities and trips.


•  shopping trips to London and Guildford

•  trips to leisure centres and water parks

•  supermarket runs to stock up on tuck

•  trips to restaurants and cinemas

•  photography and art workshops

•  sports workshops

•  high ropes and mountain biking

•  movie nights and discos

In our aim to have our boarding life mirror family life as much as possible, we tend to have a fairly busy Saturday followed by a quieter Sunday.


At the beginning of every school year, we hold a Boarders Weekend when all boarders, full and weekly, stay for an activity packed weekend designed so that everyone - boarders and staff - can get to know one another. It is always a really wonderful introduction to the school and our boarding community.

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