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Cyberfirst Girls Competition

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

We are really excited that two teams of Frensham girls will be taking part in the National Cyber Security Centre CyberFirst Girls competition. The competition takes place over a ten days and the teams must face a series of challenges aimed at testing their skills in different areas of cyber security, They will be cracking code and working together through logic problems. With less than 15% of the workforce in cyber security being female, the primary objective of the competition is to inspire girls to consider career options they may not have thought about.

Sarah Cull (Frensham Heights Head of IT and Computer Science) has been working alongside a Frensham parent, Paula Page (who is the director of her own Cyber Security company) to inspire the girls and to make them aware of potential exciting career opportunities available to them if they enjoy the competition.

“This is an incredible opportunity for the girls to try something new and I am hoping they will enjoy the challenges the face over the next 10 days and build some resilience and teamwork skills, as well as their technical skills” explained Sarah.

To find out more about the NCSC and what they can offer to all students, visit

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