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Greenpower International Final

On Sunday 10th October the Frensham Heights Greenpower team raced in the 2021 Final at the prestigious Goodwood Motor Circuit. This was an invite only event based on previous race heats where the team finished 3rd in both races. The competition for the final was strong as the top scratch build and kit cars were present for the days racing.

The car flew through the compulsory scrutineering which takes places before every race event and the Y11 team got out to practice familiarising themselves with the 2.37 mile track. A few minor upgrades had been made to the car since the last race at the top gear test track, which included modifying the gearing to adapt to the Goodwood track and a small aerodynamic improvement.

The format of the day was slightly different from normal times because of Covid restrictions. Instead of two 90minute races there were four 20minute short races, this gave time in-between for safe driver changes. Hopefully next season the two 90minute races will be reinstated as quick pit stops and driver changes play a crucial role in how teams progress overall and make the pits quite an exciting place to be!

The race distances went as follows:

Race 1: 8.7 miles

Race 2: 8.53 miles

Race 3: 8.52 miles

Race 4: 8.09 miles

Total mileage: 33.86 miles.

This was the furthest distance the team managed to cover this season which was a huge achievement. Team FHS finished 8/35 in the kit car category which is a result of the excellent teamwork and determination shown by all involved. There are approximately 1000 kits cars in the UK and the students should be proud of their outstanding achievements. A big well done to team members Hugo L, Isabel C, George S, Molly H, Jonty O, Bea M, Oscar G, Kai J and Sam B in Sixth Form for his input and help throughout the season.

Now the season has come to an end, the car will be stripped back completely and handed over to Year 7 to develop and improve the car further, ready for the 2022 season. More details to follow regarding the Greenpower ECA which will be open to Y7 in the new year.

The Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity with an outstanding track record in kick starting careers in engineering. They help unlock potential and spark enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through the excitement of motorsport.

A big thank you to all our supporters, especially the Friends of Frensham and Saitaku, your help is appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about Greenpower racing at Frensham Heights then contact Giles Rudd who heads up the team. If you have an expertise in this area or feel you’d be able to contribute in any way, please get in touch.


witter: @FrenshamDT

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