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2021 Whole School Charity Walk

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Friday 15th October was our Whole School Walk. The whole school took part in one way or other with Years 4 up walking 9K to the beautiful nearby Frensham Pond.

Please help us reach our £8000 goal and really make a difference.

Happy Space UK is a preventative mental wellbeing charity. They provide students with a wellbeing toolkit in order to help protect the minds of a future generation. They achieve this predominantly by delivering guidebooks to students in transitional stages and by providing talks for students. They also partner with other mental health service providers, host events and carry out in-house research.

We believe every child in Malawi should have an education.

MST work carefully in partnership with local communities on projects that make this possible. One school at a time. Learning isn’t really possible if you don’t have enough to eat or drink. Or if you don’t feel safe.

They take a wide view of what it means to support education. If basic needs aren’t being met - especially for children - they look to see if they can be improved. They feel the best and only way to help is through partnerships - working with local people and asking them what they need and want.

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