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Frensham Sixth Form offers the best of both worlds with the independence of a college mixed with the facilities and diverse extracurricular opportunities of a wider school community. Our more informal setting and smaller class sizes allow our students and teachers to really get to know one another - literally on a first name basis. Teachers can then adapt their lessons to the personalities and interests in front of them allowing for a bespoke education for all.



Frensham Sixth Form life centres around our student hub Roberts House. It is a home from home where students can personalise their study rooms; enjoy each other’s company in our multiple common rooms and make a well-deserved hot drink and slice of toast in one of our kitchens. Students are welcomed into Roberts House by our dedicated houseparent. Our Sixth Form team have their office in Roberts House and the door is always open to students for anything from UCAS mentoring sessions to helping out with day to day academic or pastoral challenges. 

Unlike Sixth Form colleges, students are welcome to stay onsite throughout the school day and can get their important independent study done within the school working hours. Students can also choose to stay on beyond the school day for events such as movie nights, plays, enrichment events and our ever popular social events nights. Being able to house all our Sixth Form in one space gives us a family atmosphere punctuated by laughter and spirited discussions, where the student voice is at the centre of our community. 

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Listen to three former Sixth Formers talk about what makes Frensham Sixth Form different.



Our Sixth Form is one where scientists mix with artists, linguists mix with actors and sports psychologists mix with dancers. What better preparation for higher education can there be? We aim to give every student a broad academic, creative and cultural education while also preparing them for life after school in higher education and work. Students leave Frensham to start a wonderful range of university courses – from neuroscience to music and fashion management to astrophysics. Some have been at Frensham for most or all of their school lives while many joined the school in the Sixth Form but they all have that soft self-confidence and strong respect for others that is so ingrained in the Frensham community.



We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of subjects - with over 25 subjects to choose from, we want to ensure that we can offer each student their perfect subject combination - so that everyone can create their own unique curriculum. 

Our advice is to opt for subjects that inspire - subjects that students really connect with. Our A-Level options process starts early in Year 11 so we can create the timetable around student choice. This means that they are not restricted to choosing subjects from set option blocks - they can create their own unique curriculum. Most students choose to study three A-Levels, although some elect to study Mathematical Studies or an EPQ alongside. 

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Further Mathematics

  • Mathematical Studies

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Creative Industries (RSL)

  • Computer Science

  • Business

  • Economics

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • History

  • Politics

  • 3D Design/Product Design

  • Fine Art

  • Graphic Communication

  • Photography

  • Physical Education (BTEC)

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • French

  • Spanish



In addition to the traditional A-Level subjects, we also offer a selection of courses which provide students the chance to expand their practical skill sets – from leadership to commercial awareness; from creativity to team work - skills employers are seeking.

There are a wide range of courses available such as Cooking, Enterprise, Construction and Theatre Lighting. Each course is one period a week and lasts five or ten weeks, there are 4 five week blocks ending at Easter. At the end of each course, the experience and can be logged on Unifrog - a one stop shop website for careers guidance helping students have a real edge when it comes to entering employment and higher education.

Sixth Form student workin on 3D design project
Sixth Form student in common room


Expanding Horizons is a compulsory subject for all Sixth Formers at Frensham Heights. It’s a dynamic subject that gives students the opportunity to learn about and discuss what is happening in the world today, from global issues to those closer to home.


This course has been created and is delivered by the Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Department with the specific aim to encourage students to think critically about society, to reflect on their own views, and to challenge each other. Ultimately, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge that they will need to play a full and active part in society. 


Higher and Careers Education is an important part of the curriculum at Frensham Heights. Young people are entering a working world that, with advances in technology and automation, is changing exponentially.


Careers information, advice and guidance are designed to equip our students with the tools needed to thrive in this changing world; to help them make the most appropriate choices at 14 to 19 years old and beyond into their working lives.

We offer a 12 week Career Education programme and work with Unifrog, EC Careers and the Education Development Trust to ensure that specialist support is available to students and parents, all in conjunction with day to day support from the school Head of Careers. Unifrog is an online platform where students can write their CVs and Personal Statements and record their key skills. Teachers can also give their students feedback, and write references.

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