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Friday 29th September, 2023


Dear parents,  I am keen to keep you all up to date with some of the things keeping me occupied as I seek to continue my influence across the school and parent body. Importantly, I want to update you on some staff matters we are facing and managing.  You may be aware that we currently have a couple of staff on long-term leave - we are sending them our warmest love and best wishes as they get through these tough times. We also want to reassure you, and them, that we do have excellent teaching cover in place to minimise disruption for their students.  I have been working on some other changes within the teaching staff roles. I plan to reappoint a Head of Sixth Form in the coming weeks, this will be an internal process. With the positive increase in numbers in the Sixth Form it felt right, to me, to have a clear lead in Roberts House. The successful candidate will work with Will Paskell as Head of Roberts House (boarding) and with Alison and Pippa as Assistant Heads of Sixth Form.  I have also started the process for appointing a new Deputy Head. This will formalise the appointment as a permanent position, giving continuity through to Ben McCarey’s tenure and also supporting me this year as I prepare for Ben’s start date. We are still waiting for confirmation of his start date and as soon as that is clear I will announce it to the community.  I enjoyed a first meeting with Parent Voice this week where we started brainstorming ideas for the Centenary. There will be opportunities for parents, old Frenshamians and students to contribute their ideas for this milestone in Frensham’s life. We had an exceptional Morning Talk this morning on time, physics, free will and I for one was mind-boggled, but in a good way!  Lastly, I think it is important for the parent body, in particular, and the students to a slightly lesser degree, to be aware that the Board of Governors are underway with planning a long-term strategy for the school, developing it with a view to where Frensham will be in 2035. Central to this will be how we maintain, live and celebrate the school’s ethos and culture. The plans clearly see this remaining at the core of the school right through that period and beyond; because we all recognise that in this troubled world, full of conflict and fears for the environment and struggles with the economy, the world needs the young people coming out of  education to be humane, open minded, creative, flexible and authentic leaders; we need Frenshamians!     I always welcome parents' input and ideas and energy, so if you have anything you wish to raise with me then please do get in touch. Please don't forget to vote below for this year's school charity. Year 10 & 11 families, I look forward to seeing you at the Sixth Form Open Evening and Arts Awards Launch on 18th October. Andrew



Lots of Safeguarding related issues in the news this week. The government's Online Safety Bill has just passed its final parliamentary hearing and is ready to become law. Staying safe online is a huge part of Safeguarding so, if you are able, please join us for the Online Safety Coffee Morning on Thursday next week - more details in the Newsletter below! The first national attendance figures for all schools for this academic year has been published and many schools are recognising the impact of Covid lockdowns on attendance and how EBSNA, Emotionally Based School Non-Attendance is affecting these figures. We will be publishing attendance figures in upcoming reports and want to work with all parents to help your children be in school as much as possible. If this is something you would like more information about please let us know. We hope to see you on Thursday.


A reminder that it is recommended by the NHS that all young people have their eyes tested every 2 years and a dental check up every 6 months (or as directed by your dentist/optician).


Elevate Education will be hosting a free webinar for our parents on time management on 3rd October from 6 to 7pm - register here. 
Elevate works with our students, delivering high-impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series, you’ll learn how you can help support your children at home by reinforcing the skills they’re learning at school. 

Sign up for the session below to learn how you can help your child to balance their priorities and stay on top of their workload.


Please could all outstanding Autumn Term fees be paid without delay. Fees should be paid by the first day of each term with late payments being subject to Late Payment Fees. If you are experiencing any difficulty with your payment, please do get in touch to discuss. Please ensure you quote the name of your child as the payment reference and be sure to pay the correct amount. Please email with any queries.


The obligation to test for Covid-19 was removed some time ago. However, if, your child is unwell, and unable to be in school they are to stay at home and can return to school when they are feeling better. If there is a strong suspicion of covid infection or your child has tested positive for covid, we ask that your child stays at home for 3 days - day of symptoms starting/day of positive test is day zero and your child can return to school on day 4.

DfE Advice: What happens if my child tests positive for COVID-19?

For children and young people aged 18 and under who test positive for COVID-19, the advice is to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for three days. This is because children and young people tend to be infectious to other people for less time than adults.


Inspire Girls Football (IGF) are running their girls football camps again in October and would love for any interested girls from Frensham to attend.  The camp is for all abilities. Click here for more information.


The Army Benevolent Fund are holding their Annual Speakers Dinner on Friday 3rd November. For more information and to sign up, click here.


The Thank a Teacher campaign recognises all staff working in UK schools and colleges; school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, and all support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and cleaners. If you’re feeling shy you can send a card anonymously! Click here to send a thank you. 


Got something amazing to shout about? Click the logo to use our Parent Voice Frensham Heights positive feedback link.




5th October |  8.15am - 9.15am | Aldridge

If you are free please join Jack and Jo for a chance to talk through online safety concerns, current trends to be aware of and how the school teaches about this. It will be an informal chance to chat about these issues, share some ideas and tips and develop an understanding of how we can work together to keep children safe while online while also enabling them to make the most of the opportunities that this offers. 

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14th October |  10am - 1pm | Photography Studio

RSVP to Sarah Farr 


17th October 

We will be sharing a sponsorship form so that they can raise money for our school charity by completing the 8.9 km walk. 

DSCF9795 copy.jpg

18th October | 6.30pm |  Aldridge Theatre

For Year 10 and 11 students considering entry into our Sixth Form. This will be an opportunity to hear about our Sixth Form, see specialist facilities and tour Roberts House. We will also be launching our Sixth Form Arts Awards for 2024.

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Parent Voice (PV) is a team of elected parent volunteers (known as reps) who are passionate about the school and its community. We meet with the school’s Senior Leadership Team once a term to represent wider parent views and feedback and also to collaborate on topics of interest. With at least one member in each year group, we are a useful point of contact for new and existing parents on all school related matters.


It has been a busy start to the term for PV as we not only welcome new parent volunteers to the team but also see Jo Bushill stepping into the PV chair role and Natasha Hill stepping into the secretary role. Emma Tweed remains vice chair, continuing her hard work and support of PV. We are pleased to welcome the following new reps: · Julia Ring, Tom Burford and Beverley Read - Year 11 · Charlotte Henderson and Sally Durcan-Starr - Year 4 · Susanne Andres-Schweizer - Year 2 · Izzy Wood - Early Years. We would like to say thank you and goodbye to reps Sandra Laird and Claire Karitzis for all their hard work and support over the last 3 years. Also a huge thank you to Vicki Nixon, who stepped down as chair at the end of last term. Vicki has been involved with PV for many years and has worked tirelessly in support of the school and its community.


PV will be holding an open coffee morning in the Aldridge Café straight after drop off on Wednesday 4th October to discuss how PV operates, collects feedback and works with Friends of Frensham (FOF) as well as ideas for improvement. We will also be joined by Kerry Guy, Head of Enterprises, who will share her plans for the year ahead. Please do come along to meet the team and find out more about PV. Everyone is welcome! If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the PV rep for your year or Jo directly Jo, Emma and Natasha Lead Reps



Thursday 12th October - FOF Coffee Morning - We do hope that you have the FOF coffee date in the diary so we can get together for an informal catch up. We look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces on the 12th. It is a great way to not only make some connections but find out more about how FOF works and learn about some of the events that are planned for the 2023 / 2024 school year. Hopefully you can join us and meet some of the FOF team. Monday 16th October - Junior School Halloween Activities and Disco – tickets on sale now Monday 16th October – Year 7 Autumn Disco - tickets on sale now Sunday 5th November - Bonfire Night - showcasing the talents of some of our fabulous music students If anyone is wanting to get involved in FOF in any way (either helping out, working at events, organising collections or behind the scenes planning events, work on accounts, media or fundraising) you are always welcome. Please contact




Castle Coombe Race Day – Written by a Greenpower Parent Frensham staff and parents gathered in the early morning at Castle Coombe, (on the outskirts of Bath), for this year's penultimate Greenpower electric car race. Whether we had arrived via tents, B&Bs, motels or long drives, we all felt slightly bedraggled. However, electric car races aren’t for the faint-hearted or slow risers; the trestle table, canopy and all important parents' lounge tents were set up before you could say, "two sausage rolls and a strong black coffee please’" (thankfully there was a cafe on site). The kids know the drill by now and got their electric car ready in super speedy time for scrutineering. It’s an event that requires communal effort, and all the kids take turns driving, pushing, stopping, holding out the pit lane sign and testing microphones. First up, Richie, Ava & Sully took the car out for its initial practice laps. An important stage that allows the team to learn the peculiarities of the course and also size up the competition. In previous races, we had eyes on our arch nemesis ‘Raptor’ from the Priory School. The tactics in these races is not to be the fastest, but to be the most efficient with the base level battery power they start with. Basically, the winning car is the one that gets the most distance completed in the given time, think tortoise, not hare. Success is down to the work the kids (& Giles) have put into designing the car (the gears, the alignment, the tyre size, the aerodynamics of the chassis) combined with on the day racing, comms and organisation skills. A valuable learning experience on lots and lots of levels! There were two races on the day, the first race was started by Maria who managed to secure a strong second place behind ‘Raptor’, no mean feat as it seemed they had gone for a gearing that gave them a much faster car than ours. As the pit lane jammed up, slowing many cars down, the team decided to stay out for longer, a tactic ensuring we could have a quicker driver swap. Next was the turn of Sully to take the wheel. After a number of laps he managed to overtake ‘Raptor’ and take a narrow lead for Frensham. A pit stop later and it was Aragon's turn to take the wheel and again take the lead and cruise the car into first place kit car with just over 20 laps. Back on the trestle table the team got the car ready for the second race. The overall result is based on your best result from either race, and Frensham had just set a leading target. However, they wanted to double down by having as good a second race. The team got the car ready in super speedy time, and our first racer David sat ready in the car for an hour in the pouring rain to ensure team Frensham were first on the grid. As the race started David was looking strong and the team were feeling confident. However, as we lost sight of the cars around the first corner, the pit team's earphones started to crackle, something had gone wrong, and David was informing the team that his car had been in a collision and he was taken out of the race! As the damaged car was towed back to the pits it became obvious that our race was over. Another car had spun out of control on the first corner, and despite David’s heroic efforts to avoid it, our car was clipped and the back axle buckled. No one was hurt but it was a tense wait to see if any of the remaining cars could beat Frensham’s result set in the first race. The second race seemed faster, but as the children consulted the race times live on their phones, it soon dawned on everyone that the cars in the second race had only managed to race 19 full laps and Frensham’s record stood strong… gold medal! We’re all now very excited about the final race of the season in Goodwood on the 8th October.


On Saturday a group of Boarders visited Top Golf Surrey near Woking for an afternoon on the Driving Range playing games where they had to try and hit balls into huge holes dug into the range! The students all enjoyed themselves and special mentions should go to Holly for winning both rounds of the Hamilton House Invitational and also to Pavel for his success in the Roberts House Open. perhaps the most impressive achievement, however, was by Domnita, who made it onto the Top Golf Leaderboard at 6th place out of all female golfers who played there that day! Well done to all of them for taking part and having a go!


In science 7MRF have been looking at specialised cells. In groups they made models of a specialised cell and looked at how the structure of the cell helped with its function.


This week in Morning Talk Colin Stuart, an astronomer and author spoke to the Senior School about how time travel is certainly scientifically possible, paradoxes that come from this and how this then impacts on our free will. Minds were bended, twisted, inspired and enlightened by his talk with lots of students from Years 7 up to 13 all waiting behind to ask him questions and take the conversation further. Thank you to Colin for his excellent talk and to all the students for being so enthusiastic about it.



Luckily this week the weather held out for us and we managed to have our first netball game of the season. It was an away fixture at Ditcham that turned into a triangular tournament with Great Ballard School. On the bus and when we arrived there were a lot of nerves but also a lot of excitement. During the afternoon we played a total of five matches lasting eight minutes. Our first match was against Great Ballard B which was a very even match with some fantastic netball being played. All teams were shooting with the post being on the highest height which we have not practised before, but that did not stop the year 6 team. Our first game we won with two incredible goals being scored by Maela and Charlotte, which gave us the win for our first match. Without a break we were on to the next game which was against our Frensham B. It was great to see both teams working so well as a team. After Frensham B we were playing Ditcham B which was another great game that finished with a win, with Ava scoring a brilliant goal that put us in the lead. In the fourth match which was against Great Ballard A there was some brilliant passing up the court towards our attacking third. The team worked brilliantly together and showed some fantastic movement when they were trying to get away from there defenders. The fourth and final game ended in a draw but overall, I was so proud and impressed by the team's performance as they showed great understanding of the game. I am so looking forward to the season ahead. Well done to everyone that played and onto the next game!


The U13 football team took on Alton School on the field on Monday evening. This was a thoroughly enjoyable fixture and the boys played with a brilliant attitude and energy. Right from the off Frensham controlled possession of the ball with Will and Alfie dictating the play through the centre of the field. This possession led to a string of chances, which were converted with Alfie and Otto both claiming hattricks, with a combination of long range efforts from Alfie and sharp centre forward play from Otto. In defence the boys were calm under pressure and looked comfortable in dealing with the attacking threat. Frensham came away with the victory and a great performance. Well done all.


The U13 football teams were back in action following Monday night’s victory. Frensham entered Two teams in the annual Dunhurst 6-a-side tournament. In the B team tournament, the boys played five games in a league format, with the top 3 going through to the play offs against the second group. The boys started the day strongly with a goalless draw and a win against St Ed’s and Bedales. They then came up tougher opposition in Mayville, West Hill and More House, all of which resulted in losses by a single goal margin in some really tight games. Unfortunately, this meant we finished outside the play off places. Thought out the afternoon everyone gave maximum effort and played with a smile on their face and it was brilliant to be part of. Well done all. The other U13s played really well in the Dunhurst tournament this week. We played 7 matches winning 4 and losing 3. We scored lots of goals throughout the tournament with Alfie and Otto scoring the majority of them. We passed the ball brilliantly throughout all the matches with Ben, and Will creating many chances in midfield. Elijah and Loic defended really well and also created opportunities in midfield both scoring great individual goals. Tomos in goal distributed the ball really well allowing to pass the ball out from the back and he pulled off some amazing saves when one on one with an opponent striker. I was delighted with the boys’ efforts all afternoon.


A great afternoon of netball was had by all. We rotated all of our teams against the one Royal side. Frensham were strong and won most of their games. A very strong performance by the U15 squad who led from the beginning. Our U14 girls worked hard against a predominantly older Royal team, who narrowly lost 1-0. Fantastic to see so many girls enjoying their netball in the sunshine.


Another busy afternoon of netball on our courts. It was amazing to have so many girls choosing to stay after school and play netball. It was wonderful to have so much parental support too. Alton came with two very slick teams. The U13 royal blue team won and fought hard with some strong defending and impressive attacking play into the circle. With so many centre court combinations, it was good to try a few in a competitive environment. There is a lot of versatility and talent in this team. The U13 navy team worked hard and only narrowly lost but with lots of potential to gel as a team. There will be a lot of movement over the coming weeks as we try different combinations of play. Both the U12 teams had their first senior netball games at Frensham. It is great to have so many keen netballers working hard to develop their skills. The U12 yellow team played brilliantly. We are still working out positions within the team and all the girls were happy to try different roles. There were some great passages of play with the ball swiftly moving through the centre court. The girls narrowly lost but this was a great starting point. The U12 black team were equally as keen and versatile to try new positions as they find their netball feet. Another fantastic afternoon of netball had by all, including Sian, Chrissy and Jo!


Year 6 put on an improved performance against Alton and found themselves 1-0 up in the opening five minutes with a well taken goal from Amos.

Frensham looked strong and confident going forward and the first half also saw the defensive back two grow in confidence and a goal keeper making save after save to thwart the Alton strikers.

As the game went on, legs became tired and Alton grew in confidence and, after getting an equaliser, went on to win 4-1. The score was not a fair reflection of the possession that Frensham had and how they played. This performance does however give them a great stepping stone for their next game.


The boys had a tough start to the season at Sherfield last week. The first half was difficult as the boys began to understand how best to play together and deal with a superb player on the other team. The boys work immensely hard but went in at half time 3-0 down. The second half was a complete transformation as we not only closed down the large spaces that were appearing in the first half but also created some opportunities in the final third. We couldn’t quite get the goal we deserved but a much improved second half and a game we can certainly build on.


Great job to those from Years 4, 5 & 6 who swam on Monday! It was lovely to see so many wanting to get involved in the gala and a wonderful turnout of parents too. Some very close races and some students even gave butterfly ago. Well done to the Year 6 swim team who came second in their freestyle relay too!


The U10s played really well in their 5 games against Ditcham and Great Ballard. The tournament allowed the team to try playing in some different positions and refresh their knowledge of the game and rules. Across the 5 games, the team had majority possession and defended well with some great interceptions of the ball. Even when it began to rain, morale remained high and some great teamwork shone through! 

The team communicated well, enabling them to pass effectively and move the ball up court and in one of our games this allowed us to score a goal. Our attacking players all had numerous attempts at shooting, and it was great to see that these were all very close to being goals. 


Week the Golf ECA was a focus on the short game at Blacknest with a PGA professional!

Fixture Calendar 

A reminder that you can see all fixtures  for the half term on the SOCS sport frensham website, team selection activates on Thursdays the week before matches. Website can be found here.  





Sunday 1st October 

Silver DofE Practice - New forest 6pm return 

Boarders – On Site Activities 

Monday 2nd October

13.55 - Year 7&8 Notices (Ballroom) 

13.55 - Year 9 to Year 11 Notices (Aldridge Theatre) 

15.45 - U11/10 Mixed Swimming Vs Dunhurst (Away) 

19.30 - Real Madrid Football Tour Parent Information Evening (via TEAMS) 

19.30 - Malta Tour Parent Information Evening (via TEAMS) 

Tuesday 3rd October

09.00 - Mini Open Morning (Main House & Site Tours) 

13.50 - Year 12 & Year 13 (and some selected Year 11) Senior Maths Challenge 

14.30 - U15/14 Boys Football Vs St Eds (Home) 

14.30 - U15 ISFA Girls Cup v Dunottar (Home) 

16.30 - U15/14 Girls Netball Vs Alton (Home) 

Wednesday 4th October 

08.30 - Parent Voice Open Coffee Morning (Aldridge Cafe) 

14.30 - U13/12 Boys Football Vs St Eds (Home) 

14.30 - U13/12 Girls Netball Vs The Royal (Away) 

14.30 - U11/10 Boys Football Vs St Eds (Home) 

14.30 - U10 Girls Football Vs St Ives (Away) 

Thursday 5th October

08.20 - Safeguarding Senior School Parent Coffee Morning - Topic: Online Safety (Aldridge Theatre) 

14.30 - U16 Boys Football Vs Winchester College (Away) 

14.30 - U18 Girls Football Vs More House (Home) 

15.00 - U9 Boys Football Vs Alton (Home) 

15.15 - U9 Girls Netball Vs Edgebrough (Home) 

16.30 - U18 Girls Netball Vs Alton (Away) 

16.30 - Drama / Musical Rehearsals (Studios) 

19.00 - Sixth Form Social Event (Roberts House) 

Friday 6th October

08.40 - Junior School Assembly (Aldridge Theatre) 

9.15 – 10.25 - Year 7 to Year 13 Morning Talk: Topic – World Mental Health Day (Aldridge Theatre) 

08.30 - Horizons Day (Year 10) (Ballroom) 

17.00 - Boarders Evening Activity - Games night 

Saturday 7th October

09.00 Departure - Bronze DofE Qualifying Expedition (Year 10) South Downs 

Boarders - Market at The Shed 

Sunday 8th October

Bronze DofE Qualifying Expedition (Year 10) South Downs (Return approx. 5pm) 

Greenpower Final (Goodwood) (Dep 6.15am / return approx 7pm) 

Boarders – afternoon tea  


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