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Carbon Offsetting Update

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Frensham has been building a partnership with the Knoydart community in the Western Highlands of Scotland for five years. We are very proud of the community projects that the students have helped build. This year we have been building a fund to carbon offset school trips. This fund will be divided between planting trees on the Frensham Heights site and throughout the Knoydart area.

The trees that are planted must meet Scottish Forestry requirements for native woodland and have to be of a suitable local provenance. A new tree nursery has been started to be able to supplement the tree planting with locally grown trees in the next couple of years. Due to the level of deer on the land all new woodland sites are protected by deer fencing. Planting trees in the Knoydart area increases biodiversity, has community benefit as well as absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. The woodland creation work is supported by Scottish Forestry's Forestry Grant scheme but the Knoydart Forest Trust aim to plant 20% more trees than required by the funding to ensure the woodland thrives given the harsh climate there and therefore any additional support is very much appreciated and needed. Frensham’s first donation will lead to approximately 70 trees being planted. Here's a link to the website.

Photos show the planting in April at Ben's Wood including the team heading off on the "Spanish John", the landing craft, with all the trees and equipment, camp, food and firewood

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