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The Students Present Peter Pan at the Aldridge!

This show was all about the creation. The students were involved right from the very beginning, before pencil even touched paper. We took J.M Barrie’s story and made it our own with some wonderful contributions from the whole cast. From scriptwriting and devising to costumes and set this show really did come from our performers. Ideas from the cast for plot and character inspired the scenes written by Charlie and Lynn. Whilst our Year Nine helpers worked with the actors to devise fabulous scenes including the Lost Boy’s Montage, the Crocodile’s Rap, the Pirate’s Sea Shanty and the Mermaid’s Song. The cast worked hard to develop their dance battle moves and they all created their own costumes with the help of our Year 8 costume and set designer. Frensham’s Peter Pan is more than acting, it’s writing and devising and composing and designing all coming together to create a play that is original and individual to each and every one of our students.

A collaborative production from beginning to end it has been a pleasure to see Neverland come to life.

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