Boarding Specific Information

For New Middle, Senior and Sixth Form Boarders

What to bring and what to expect in the first few days!

The boarding houses
There are three boarding houses at Frensham: Hamilton House (HH) for students in Years 7, 8 and 9, Main House (MH) for students in Years 10 and 11 and Roberts House (RH) for students in the Sixth Form.

Contacting the Head of Boarding or individual House Masters
Becks Scullion, Head of Boarding; Richard Arthur, Head of Roberts House; Will Paskell, Head of Main House; and Sian Owens, Head of Hamilton House, will all be checking their emails periodically over the summer holidays so please feel free to email them directly:

Becks Scullion: [email protected]
Richard Arthur: [email protected]
Will Paskell: [email protected]
Sian Owens: [email protected]

As this is the summer break, they may each be away at some point. So, if your query needs to be answered before mid-August, please copy in [email protected] who may be able to help you in their absence.

Arrival times in September
You will receive an email from Sarah Windsor detailing your arrival times for the start of term in September. Please don’t hesitate to contact Richard, Sian or Will if your child is likely to arrive earlier or later than listed – mainly so that we know when to expect you and make sure there is someone on duty to welcome you.

Overseas arrivals
For airport transfers to the school, we recommend using:
Alan Collins – [email protected]

What to bring

Below is a suggested list. Please make sure that all personal and valuable items, including all clothing, laundry bag and shoes, are clearly named.


School bedding is provided but your child is welcome to bring their own duvet cover and pillowcase (duvets are single in size)


School towels are provided but your child can bring their own

Laundry Bag

Please bring a named laundry bag.


Please make sure your child has a supply of the toiletries they usually use (eg shampoo, soap etc).

Room Decorations

Your child will be able to decorate their room, so they are welcome to bring posters, battery-operated fairy lights, photographs etc. All boarders have their own noticeboard so don’t forget to bring pins and white tac (not blue tac please).

Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop

Don’t forget the chargers! Printers are available for use in the Boarding Houses and the Library.

Kit for the Venture Camps (Years 7, 8 & 9)

You will receive a letter about the Years 7 & 9 camps and the Year 8 venture day. These list the kit required. If you need another copy, please email [email protected]

Sports/Outdoor Ed Kit

PE, swimming, Outdoor Ed and dance kit (see our Essential Kit section)


Your child will have a cupboard in their room for valuables – number padlocks are best, please bring two.


Your child can bring a small amount of snacks, which should be stored in a sealed container.

Smart Outfit

To wear to the Christmas Dinner Dance


Please make sure your child brings a warm, waterproof coat suitable for all winter weather.


Pajamas, dressing gown and slippers


Pencil case, pencils, pens, erasers, colouring pencils, etc

Washing Tablets

Each boarding house has its own laundry area as some students prefer to wash their own clothes rather than using the school laundry.

Required Medications

All medications, including over-the-counter medications, must be handed to the Health Centre or house staff for safe keeping.

School Bag

This should be suitable for students to carry their books to and from school.


What clothes can my child wear?

While we do not have a school uniform, we do have guidelines for what to wear. We rely on students’ growing maturity and sense to dress in a way that respects individuality but does not set a bad example for the rest of the school. Please also ensure that your child has sensible footwear, including waterproof or walking boots and everyday shoes.

Can my child have a bicycle?

Yes – please make sure it is insured and in good working order. All students who have a bicycle at school are asked to sign a Bike Contract, which states the basic expectations on safe and considerate use of bicycles in and around school. Apart from those in the Sixth Form, all students need to wear a bicycle helmet.

Can my child have pocket money?

It is a good idea to leave a sensible amount of cash with house staff to cover your child’s individual requirements during the term. Please check with your child’s housemaster for a guide as to how much. You can also arrange for your child to have a bank account locally – our Accounts Office can help with this if necessary once your child has started in September.

Have I completed all the necessary boarding forms?

If you have not already done so, please can you ensure that you let us have the following completed forms (all of which can be downloaded here):
• The standard weekend arrangement form
• The single consent form
• The taxi form
• Plus any of the other forms included in this booklet that are relevant to your child

What is the Boarders' Weekend?

The Boarders’ Weekend is held on the first weekend of term: from the evening of Friday 10th September through to Sunday 12th September. We do expect all boarders, current and new, to remain in school for this weekend as it has proved an excellent way to help children settle in, make friends and get used to their surroundings. Plans are well under way for a great, busy and exciting weekend! Please email Becks Scullion if you have any queries ([email protected]).

Where can I find a boarding handbook for students?

There are individual booklets for each boarding house which include:
• The boarding principles and practice
• Frensham’s boarding philosophy
• House-specific information

You can find links to the booklets below.

Boarding Handbooks